A carpooling app that uses location tracking and Facebook to pair people that share similar commutes. The app offers solutions to the three main reasons people don't currently carpool. First, it uses location tracking to record your schedule for you and then match you with other's sharing your commute. That way you don't have to spend countless hours trying to explain and match up your schedule with different people. Second, the app uses Facebook to pair you with only your friends. That way you don't have to deal with the "awkward silence" in the car, and your safe! And third, there's a backup On-Demand ride feature to ensure you aren't stranded if your carpool leaves without you. All these features are put in place to make sure there is no excuse for people to not carpool. Also, think of it as socially saving the environment!
The problem that we're looking to solve is how can we get more homeowners/business owners to adopt existing technologies that reduce their water footprint and reliance on grid water. We are building an interactive web tool to precisely evaluate the suitability and financial payback of a particularly technology in their building. After a building owner uses the tool, we would like to provide them an internet-connected water meter to measure actual savings and gamify this progress - people can compete against their neighbors, allocate water bill savings towards their personal financial goals, and visualize the actual environmental benefit.
Glimpse Wearables is a brand of activity-based wearable devices that let users look up at the world around them, not down at their screens. We launched our first product in January on Kickstarter and raised $25,000 in 25 days, with 180 pre-orders at $130 each. Our next product in the works, Glimpse Cam, is a concert based wearable that will enable users to capture their experience without staring at a screen. Expected launch is May 2018. Check out the kickstarter at bit.ly/glimpsewearables_kai
I'm a MBA candidate at evening MBA 2020 program at Foster School of Business. I work as a Sr. Systems Analyst with T-Mobile in the IT side of consumer finance team. Prior to that i have worked with Accenture for 7 years as a consultant in various capacities across different industries and domains. Originally, i was born and brought up in India, and pursued B.Tech. in Electronics Engineering from India. Since i started working in IT, i have had the chance to travel to Europe and visit a few countries in EU. I came to the states 5 years ago for best buy client and have been fascinated by the work culture, enthusiasm and diversity here in states. I want to start my own firm some day in future, and be very happy to participate and hone my entrepreneurship skills here at Foster and part of this great community.
I have years of professional full-scale and full-cycle digital marketing experience. I am working as a Digital Marketing Assistant for the University of Washington. I helped the team to transition from Convio to Marketo. I have work experience in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and Python. I can help the team to build up marketing strategy from ground zero. I also have academic experience of Content Strategy, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, and UX Research. If you are looking for someone who can scale up the marketing effort or build up from zero, I may be the person you are looking for.
This project is to build a platform that local photographer can demonstrate one's talent to promote sales of their works. There are so many talented amateur photographers around us. Unfortunately, most of their talents just end up as a 'hobby'. Their pictures can be the great artwork to decorate one's space, from house to business space. In this project, we will develop subscription-based business that delivers the picture that customers picked from the catalog for leasing, so they can test if they are going to order it or try different pictures.
Repay is a mobile payment app that allows pay for anything anywhere.
Do you remember picking up an educational video game only to have your expectations met with mediocrity? We do too. Adie Studios wants to change that. We believe that education and video games can and should have a lot in common. Both are chances to achieve excellence through challenges and rewards. Our product, Project Acolyte is an old school RPG style game that teaches players write code as they explore a detailed universe of legacy, mystery, political intrigue, and rediscovery. Adie Studios is in the process of creating our first software product that is foremost an engaging game with driven story line in a detailed universe. And second, a curiosity-driven educational experience.
Hi, my name is Yui and I am from Japan. I studied ecnomics in Japan and now I am studying global business in UW. I am interested in starting business and want to learn how. I don't really have specific idea so hope I can meet someone who has idea to share!
I am a first year MPA - Environmental Studies/Natural Resource Management candidate at the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance. Work experience includes: two years in non-profit fundraising and two years teaching high school math as a Teach for America corps member. I am interested in translating my fundraising skills - strategic planning, major donors, corporate relations, government partnerships - into helping connect a start-up with potential investors. I am a passionate storyteller, driven connector, and strong partnership builder. Am interested in joining any team, but especially interested in: education technology and environmental sustainability related projects.
By day I work at Amazon building a B2B software marketplace, by night I am getting my MBA at the Foster School of Business. I have a deep marketing background, with a specific focus on website UX, analytics, and traffic. I transitioned into a Senior Business Development role and am managing a team that works through contract negotiations, API integrations, and marketing programs to grow integrated partners. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, running, and sports.
My name's Carl, and I'm a 2nd year Evening MBA student at Foster with a passion for sustainability, environmental stewardship, and clean energy. During the day, I work at a nonprofit that invests in entrepreneurs that can't get bank financing. And here at Foster, I'm interested in general management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and finance. Craft3 (www.craft3.org) is a nonprofit loan fund with about $200 million under management in Oregon and Washington. We make business loans from $50,000 to $10 million, generally to businesses or projects that aren't bankable today, but will be in 3 to 5 years. Because we're unregulated (unlike a bank), we have a greater deal of lending flexibility and can finance emerging industries (including clean energy), startups, and in situations where there is limited/no collateral, storied credit, or external factors that have negatively impacted the business. For Craft3, I handle external/government affairs, media relations, communications, and marketing. Because we're a mission-aligned nonprofit, we focus our investments on businesses and projects that make the greatest impacts in the community we serve. Prior to Craft3, I worked for seven years for U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell in Washington, DC managing small business, transportation, and federal appropriations policy.
I am an exchange student from Japan. My major in my University is International Business. I am a junior. I was working by using a web programming. I take Economics, Accounting, Computer Science and Informatics in UW. I learn Rails, ruby, Java, Java Script, SQL and python. I will do best if you let me in your group. Thank you.
Hello! My name is Alfred Mugho and my goal is to major in Business Administration at the Michael G. Foster School of Business. I am a charismatic leader and confident individual who believes that I make my own luck - nothing will be handed to me. Having lived in 3 countries, my life has been full of diversity. I have persevered through hardships and difficulties to achieve the success I have today. I am passionate about everything I put my mind to and have extremely high expectations for myself and my work. I am looking to network with people who share the same drive and commitment to excellence just as I do myself. I truly want to grow my outreach and my expand my goals.
I am a learner who is open- minded and original. I am passionate about helping people live a balanced lifestyle. I am interested in the factors contributing to holistic health on mental, physical and spiritual levels. I aspire to work in innovative fields to create communities for positive changes.
Hi there! I’m a PhD student in marketing at UW Foster School of Business and I have a world-changing business idea. We are developing a revolutionary brand of soap that will help people determine when their hands are *actually* clean. Most people don't wash their hands long enough (15-20 seconds as suggested by the NIH and the Mayo Clinic) and improperly washed hands are a NUMBER ONE reason of infections in hospitals and spread of disease. People die from germs on their hands! This soap would help them not to ;) and would help the rest of us stay healthy. Being a marketer by trade, I already have a wealth of research supporting just how awesome (read - "profit potential") this idea really is. If you join my team, you will be a part of this product from the start - from creating an exciting brand (including choosing a new name!) to being a part in the research and development process, creating a successful pitch, and presenting it to potential investors. I will share more info with potential teammates, including how this soap works, but let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!
I'm a junior at the University of Washington majoring in Business Administration with a focus in marketing and information systems. I was born in Michigan, but spent most of my life in Taiwan. I'm seeking a career in data science and have held past internships in multiple marketing analytics positions in companies such as KPMG.
I'm currently in the Technology Management MBA program at the Foster School of Business. My background is in product management & design. I'm passionate about solving real-world issues and innovating to make people's lives better.
Common Good Property Management brings together two trends in property management, the shift towards community-centered design and the conversion to cooperative ownership to counter displacement and build rooted ownership in urban communities.