MentourU is a web-based service that creates a network of college students, allowing high school seniors moving onto higher education to connect with this network to ask for genuine advice, information regarding their major, or simply about life on the campus. Our service matches a high school student to a college student where they can then schedule meetings with each other online via Skype, e-mail, or other means of communication.Through the use of existing technology, we are creating a convenient platform allowing high school seniors equal opportunities in gathering information to make an informed decision about attending college, a choice that will impact their higher education and ultimately their futures.
“Do it for Bunica” is a website in which migrant workers from Moldova can find and pay local youth helpers to assist their elderly parents with household chores. Youth sign up and create a profile on our website for free. Migrant workers who need someone to assist their parents can utilize the platform to find the perfect youth helper and through the platform they can hire the youth helper. The money is transferred to the youth helper and we keep 10% in order to maintain our website and expand our service to a larger audience. Think of “Do it for Bunica” as AirbnbTM, but instead of finding apartments you find local youth helpers! We also use a percentage of our profits in order to pay youth helpers to visit socially vulnerable families.
506 compiles financial concepts students should learn before graduating from high school, as well as budgeting instructions and tips that can be applied to every young person’s lifestyle. With all of these tools in one place, high school students can easily gather information crucial for financial literacy. literacy. As a result, these students can proactively prevent debt and growing worry upon graduating from college. Within the website, we created the Five Step program, aimed at promoting personal financial literacy in a linear manner, giving teenagers a path instead of an encyclopedia. We are hosting our school's inaugural financial literacy week in order to introduce and motivate students to become financially literate.
Heads Up seeks to increase access to college among students of color by providing personalized college reviews and mentors of color. Through Heads Up high school students of color will be able to identify universities that would be a good match to them academically and culturally. High school students can visit the Heads Up website to not only compare colleges based on their test scores and selectivity, but also solicit the information directly from students of color enrolled at those colleges. College students, on the other hand, can sign up for the Heads Up site, rate their experiences at their colleges, provide written reviews for colleges they attend, and connect with interested high school students of color.
The STEM Day Challenge, is a non-profit STEM-based competition with a goal to increase STEM interest at the middle school level and to help fund STEM programs. Hosted at a middle school that does not receive adequate funding for STEM programs, the STEM Day Challenge is a competition that consists of a variety of STEM-based activities with a unique approach, bringing together local high school students interested in STEM and public middle schoolers. The competition will be based upon teams of three high school students and three middle school students, paired together to compete with other teams in challenges that include a global problem-solving event with circuits, a STEM knowledge quiz show, a tower building challenge, and Scratch coding.
StoryShare connects writers who complement each other, allowing them to collaborate on writing stories using their respective strengths.
Frisson is a social venture business concept that involves adolescents in the community by constructing a place for teenagers to ‘hang-out,’ for social and educational purposes. The business strives to make students feel comfortable expressing themselves by providing opportunities for each individual to engage in activities that interest them. Frisson works in cooperation with the local technical school so that they may utilize the available resources to renovate and maintain the company's condition. As they provide services- such as a game room, commons area, home theater, and library-and work with teenagers within the community, Frisson's mission remains in understanding, involving, and transforming the students involved in the company.
Fresquiticos is a social venture that provides short and long term solutions to the economical and social disadvantages of Fraijanes and other unprivileged regions around the globe, as it provides employment to those in need, while directing its earnings towards social projects. By investing in a needy region in our community and increasing the income of its citizens, the economy reactivates and the multiplier effect is promoted. Moreover, the idea of changing the perspective of a soda by introducing Fresquiticos will have positive health and environmental impacts in society. Blending healthy ingredients such as fruits and agave nectar provides the costumer a soda that exploits the benefits and avoids the disadvantages of traditional sodas.
Live2Give is a service that connects volunteers with people in need --primarily elderly people-- and organizations. Think TaskRabbit for volunteers. People who need help with tasks could post to our website, and their posts would stream to the newsfeed of nearby volunteers. A volunteer could accept the task and the person who posted it would get notified that they will receive help. We want to make volunteering easier, more practical, more personal. Our goal is to create a community-minded ecosystem where organizations, people in need, and volunteers can all connect with each other in order to preserve and improve everybody's well-being.
Type 1 diabetes affects 200,000 kids around the world, but many people don’t know that these kids face daily social and emotional challenges, in addition to serious medical risks. The stressful and uncomfortable process of using an infusion set, or insulin pump, certainly doesn't help. ExpressionMed Diabetic Infusion Set Stickers seek to improve this process with fun and expressive adhesives that spark happiness and protect kids by enhancing the functionality of the set. Through our product, and the community we have created dedicated to fighting all effects of diabetes, we help medically affected children between the ages of 3 and 12 live safe and socially unaffected lives, and hope to put a smile on every diabetic child’s face.