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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)We are Yasu-Kuu. “Yasu” means “cheaply” and “Kuu” means “eat”, so “Yasu-Kuu” means “you can eat food cheaply.” Our company developed a new application. This application service will reduce the amount of food loss. A third of foods produced by human to consume are thrown away, and the amount of it accounts for 1.3 billion tons per year. In other words, there is a vast amount of waste of foods. In addition, according to our questionnaire to consumers, there are a lot of demands for eating food cheaply. Business registers soon-to-expire foods with our application and consumers get food information by making use of location information. On the Internet, consumers choose products, decide how many products they purchase and pay the charge. After that, they will go to the shop to receive the product they bought on the Internet. Business will not only get profit by selling their products which are originally going to be refuse, but also make use of our service as the way of getting new customers. Consumers will purchase foods cheaply. That is to say, it is one of the business matching services between business and consumers.