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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)Honeybees are critical to our eco system, but they’re in trouble. Commercial beekeepers have been reporting hive losses of 30-90%. WIthout honeybees, gone are the days of blueberries in your yogurt and limes in your margaritas. The issue? Commercial keepers emloy damaging practices that poison and stress our bees. The answer lies in urban and small scale beekeeping, where we can utilize natual beekeeping practices. I own a honey company, and I offer hive tours to my customers. I’ve seen an overwhelming number of folks that want to keep bees, but most fail to follow through due to the steep learning curve and the chances that a hive may fail in the first year. We want to ease the transition to honeybee ownership through our HOneyHomes program. In exchange for a monthly subscription fee, our HoneyHome Owners will receive 2 hives installed in their backyard. We provide the setup, all maintenance, and equipment the first 18 months.. Along the way, they receive workshops and hands-on learning in bee biology, maintenance, and honey harvesting. At the end of the 18 months, we turn over the robust, healthy hives to our HomeOwners, who are now fully equipped to maintain the hives and harvest their own honey. Thanks to our time at Startup Weekend Austin, Market analysis and surveys found an overwhelming interest in this offering, and we launched a website and have already have folks apply to the program. We offer our customers a unique opportunity for a social good and the ability to harvest their own products from the hive. Just like a colony of honeybees, we need a strong community working together in this movement to save our bees.