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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)GOLD DIGGER (GD) is: -a platform where gurus share their deep insights on places around the world for non-gurus to enjoy. -a supplement to the mainstream Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor. -an idea base more extensive yet friendlier to navigate than Instagram and Pinterest. WHAT YOU'LL FIND: -Retro underground bar, crowded with gurus around the world, at the end of a sketchy alleyway (Kyoto) -Bar with no lights, a few candles, and sick house music on 4th floor of an old hospital with no signs (Kyoto) -Lounge you need to unlock via a keypad, upon which will light up the entrance through thick, metal doors (Tokyo) -Hidden bar with no sign on Main Street with gorgeous French interior and top notch cocktails (Hong Kong) -Not the Italian restaurant on the guidebook, but where all those chefs go after their shifts to sing over their favorite drinks (Milan) WHAT ENSURES QUALITY: Source of information is key - the wide range and quality of listings can be maintained by tapping into the right resources in town: -Local taxi drivers who know the ins and outs of the urban maze and where all the young and fashionable gather. -Bar owners who know where real deep music is at. -Student DJs, triggering all the new hot buzz where college kids are flocking to. WHY IT WORKS (THE MODEL): People generally want to share what they’re passionate about, especially when they can help out others and feel appreciated. GD intensifies the incentive to share by tying quality of information to financial and gamified rewards. Users of GOLD can provide positive feedback by clicking ‘DEEP'. More DEEPs means the GOLD is appreciated and increasing in popularity. Gurus become ‘DEEPER’ and advance through a virtual dungeon game, created by GD, to unlock financial rewards and status badges like ‘THE DEEPEST GURU of TOKYO’. The GD ecosystem also thrives for its nature of listings: the less mainstream, the better. Unlike other rankings, where once contents reach the top, they stay and make the rankings static and useless, a popular GOLD will rise up the rankings and become irrelevant. This makes bottom of the list always full of fresh and high-growth potential GOLDs, monetizable via freemuim and ads.