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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)TECH Real time communication and split/second responses are extremely important for smooth experience on Apple Watch, therefore we use FireBase in concert with Meteor.js for our operator/automation dashboard. Payments are done with Apple Pay/Stripe for highest-grade security and convenience. MARKET Our target market are higher-middle class people, usually 'early adopters' that are willing to spend bit extra money for convenience/time-saving on tedious tasks. GO TO MARKET STRATEGY Product will be launched first in London because of high concentration of delivery/service startups that we can integrate with and very good & quick logistics channels that are already in place. London has also high rate of iPhone/Apple Watch adopters. App will be available both for iPhone and Apple Watch (with future integration for Android & Android Wear). First wave of marketing will be focused on Apple Watch with ads/video spots connecting ordering from watch to prestige of Knight Rider & James Bond (which is currently a hot topic, because of latest movie). BUSINESS MODEL Initial revenue should come mostly from fees on each orders (10-20%), but after scaling up and greater customer number, bigger portion of revenue should come from provisions for driving customers to partner platforms. TEAM We have two machine learning experts (Peter and Martin) who focusing on automation platform. Currently we use to do action data extraction, but we want to build our own solution on top of TensorFlow for better recognition rates. CEO (Samuel) is also an iOS developer, currently focusing on deep integration of service with iOS platform. Martina (business) is taking care of partner platforms & negotiations.