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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)On Demand Cars is a booming market, which appeared in 2009 with the creation of Uber. Following this well-known unicorn, this market is estimated to be worth 80 billions USD worldwide. In the last five years, multiple differentiated players have come into the marketplace, with a specific geographic offer. The market growth is staggering with an overall value more than doubling every year; whistle having a penetration rate of only 10% of smartphone owners in western markets, and at 2% in emerging ones. How Caleche aims to disrupt this market? Caleche is a global search engine that enables people to instantly compare taxi providers for a given ride. Working on top of taxi providers API, we create a marketplace where users can pick the best ride for them, based on price, waiting time or quality of the experience. We simplify drastically the user journey, and give them transparency and choice. Our business model? Our service is free for the users and monetization comes from the ride providers, via a fix fee for each ride (10cts). This revenue sharing model is well spread among the metasearch services - Skyscanner, Wanderu, Kayak. What about these partners? At the moment, up to 65% of their costs are marketing ones, in order to acquire customers. Our value proposition to them is straight forward: we take care of the acquisition costs, they keep 95% of their margin. First discussions with them have revealed a huge interest in our approach, as it allows them to focus on their core business: logistic - and increase margins. How do we want to grow in the coming months? At the moment, our team is looking into two main challenges: strengthening our mobile app, moving from a prototype to a tremendous app people will love to use and integrating payment solutions ; as well as increasing the number of direct partnerships with taxi providers. Our team is composed of ambitious people from multiple background, from young rockstar mobile developer (Adrian & Rod still @school), to design guru (Lionel - Google), backend master (Sara - BBC), product wizard (Theo - Amazon) and sales machine (Flo - Dataiku). Our mojo? Go fast, Build things and break status-quo! Caleche Team