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Sexy Life
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Submission DivisionUS Central and East
Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)The Sexy Life team is composed of developers, designers, technicians, and tastemakers. CEO Chris Ortman is a technology developer by day and idea man by night. Jay Cooper is a freelance Web designer and video producer that has taken charge of the Sexy Life Web presence. Chizom Ekpunobi is a student at The University of Iowa that has a knack for sales and improving relationships. Evan Lehrman is a data specialist at a small company in eastern Iowa that specializes in educational software and an entrepreneur at heart. Talya Miller is a social media maven who works for a public relations group based in eastern Iowa while managing our social media presence. David Miessler-Kubanek is a visual storyteller who works in both print and digital media and mentors budding entrepreneurs throughout Iowa.