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Alerta UV
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Submission DivisionLatam and Caribbean
Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)We are an innovative Bolivian company, offering or product with excellent technology, designed to protect the health of people and encouraging prevent dermatological and eye diseases, improving the quality of using a custom handle which has the ability to measure UV Radiation is vital for life, unfortunately contains a percentage of ultra violet radiation that can develop in the human body skin cancer can you do about humanity? TO PREVENT!. THhis global problem has motivated us to develop UV Alert handle, this product is able to warn peopke when they are at risk for skin lesions, depending on the time of exposure consists of a handle and interconnected mobile application. The handle which will be attached to people, contains an electronic system capable of measuring the solar ultraviolet radiation in real time and give youa warnig by vhanging color according to skin type and exposure time mobile or wireless device obtains data one or more handles, prepares them for the user to display and report this information is sent in a web database as a historical record in later stages,word with strategic parners, such as: health organizations in campaigns against skin cancer, companies doing outdoor activities, including the additional plus of entrepreneurship lies in selling subscriptions to specialist dermatologists and research institutes to access our databases for scientific y research. Members of the company: Kaleb Irahola microcontroller programing manager of the handle. Student career Ing. Mechatronics Bolivian Catholic University “San Pablo”. Pablo Eduardo Irahola, Tarija Regional manager handle hardware and electronic components, student Career Ing. Mechatronics of the Bolivian Catholic University “San Pablo” Regional Tarija. Mary Luz Vargas G. Charge of Marketing and Adverting at the handle, Student Career Ing. Commercial of the Bolivian Catholic University “San Pablo” Regional Tarija. Melisa Karen Nieto A. Sales and Marketing Manager of the handle, student Career Ing. Commercial in Bolivian Catholic University “San Pablo” Regional Tarija. Magaly Flores P. in charge of the finance area, student Career Ing. Finance in the Bolivian Catholic University “San