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Tactile Eyesight
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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)Imagine.. What would be your World without images? Try to close your eyes and imagine sunlight over the meadow. Green grass, blue skies or the bright summer colours - that could be perhaps first visual coming to your mind? There are 285 million people in the world who might see the black blank page instead - that's, how WCH says, the number of visually impaired living on our planet who do not see things to imagine... Tactile: information and interpretations derived from the sense of touch. The tactile system is the largest sensory system and it plays a vital role in human behaviour. Blind depend on touch to learn about the world. Tactile solution is best yet created to enhance their imagination. We see, there is an opportunity in applying rising 3D printing technology and utilize it to mass-production of tactile books and thus making them more available. Unfortunately - there is no practice to produce large scale / high volume titles. Reason for that - high costs (currently tactile books for blind are made by hand like artworks, usually in few copies, it takes too much time to create one and it costs too much to produce them and for community centres or libraries to buy them). Tactile Eyesight - community that formed during GSB / SW event in Latvia (RIGA, 20-22.11.2015) is thriving to provide easy & affordable way to support blind communities, by giving them easy access to 3D digital tactile layouts. Our solution is digital layout for 3d tactile books, pre-customisation of 2D > 3D in cooperation with education experts to make designs suitable for blind children's education in different stages of tactile learning. WE BELIEVE IN: SAVING WORLD OF DREAMS & SHAPING THE FUTURE OF IMAGINATION