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Yorozuya Koakinai
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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)The goal of this project is “Let’s create Manazuru together, where everyone can achieve their own lifestyle and working style.” Manazuru is a small town 100km (62 miles) away from Tokyo with population size of 7,500, located just next to famous Hakone, hot spring resort near Mt. Fuji. Manazuru is very famous for its “Ordinance of Beauty” formulated by themselves in 1994, in which diversity of individual resident is highly respected by “The Code of Beauty.” There are many unused houses in Manazuru. We will renovate them, and create a website, where small business owners can input their preferred space/time and customers can find event/shop information. There will be various types of businesses in one house; for example, café, mini concert, yoga lesson, and hand craft shop. There are three good points for small businesses by sharing one house with others. Firstly, they can collaborate with one another. For example, café owner can collaborate with a musician and hold mini concert at cafe. Secondly, they only pay limited rent, because it’s not mandatory to continuously pay a monthly rent for whole one house. Thirdly, they can choose the spaces and timeslots they want from several options. On top of that, the number of the small business owners in Japan has been increasing. There were approximately 1 million small businesses in 2002, but had increased to 3.8 million in 2013. Small business is the future of Japan. It’s high time Japan should break away from the traditional mindset in favor of a giant company, trying to expand and survive intensified global competition. It’s time to shift gear to sustainable small business, not aiming for expansion and profit, but can strengthen bond of people and make everybody happy. We will capture this as a good opportunity, and will respect Manazuru residents’ opinions first, and meet their needs on website. Also, we will suggest new value to them. It’s not difficult to recover investment, because cost is low. Manazuru residents will be happy through various exciting small businesses.