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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)With all the distractions of modern day devices and our busy schedules, kids and parents are prioritizing reading less and less. Which is unacceptable because story time is the key to literacy, language development, and deepening one’s sense of empathy. That time reading together forms stronger human bonds, and too much screen time leads to depression, anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, added risk of obesity and more. Which is why we created Campfire. Campfire is a platform that provides an immersive experience around language, learning, and play, while getting screens OUT of the way. And it’s an entirely new content format that allows authors and publishers a new revenue stream for their stories. This weekend, our team built and validated Campfire’s MVP with a number of families and publishers. Including Vicky and her 4 year old daughter Charlotte. The second it finished, Charlotte blurted out “Let’s do it again! AGAIN!”.. Vicky says she doesn’t respond to her other books like that. After Adam and Ruby finished, Adam said he wanted ALL of Ruby's book as Campfire experiences, happy to pay $5 per book. We talked to the CEO of, the largest indie publishing platform, and she was thrilled, wanting to experiment with their 17,000+ children's books. There are three components to our platform, the mobile app, the web publishing tool, and the light/sound hardware we are calling, "AtmoSpheres". (Users can also connect to other bluetooth lights and speakers on the market.) With the mobile app, you launch directly into Campfire’s library of all your favorite books. If you don’t already have the Campfire version, purchase from within the app. In the background, your phone pairs with bluetooth light and speakers placed around the room. Then put the app to the side and just read the book like normal. The phone listens to the reader speak, using their words to trigger the experience along with the story. The revenue model is really straight forward, consumers pay for content and hardware, and publishers or authors can pay us to transcribe their books in the Campfire format, otherwise we let them create their own experience for free with our web tool.