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Entaro Crowdsourcing Tourism
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Business/Team Twitter HandleEntarojapan
Submission DivisionAPAC
Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)What do you want when you travel? Information about your destination and things to do there. Travel has become more about having the "Experience." Entaro was created to give people an outlet to share their knowledge about places tourists and visitors want to learn more about. The number of travelers is growing and so is their desire for up to date and detailed information about their destinations. Entaro becomes a platform to share knowledge. Create your own tourism guides, add to others, and join a community of people who have pride in their community. Entaro will create content in different languages too. Becoming a member of the Entaro community allows you to take an active part in the promotion of you town, business, or tourist destination. And creates a community in which we allow you to create, add to, or even change the information about an area, event, or activity. Entaro seeks to become the most detailed tourist guide by levereging the knowledge of locals. Travelers use Entaro to gain insight and suggestions about activities, tours, and things to do. Entaro is a sustainable business. 1. By leveraging the content that we aggregate we can help businesses and services target potential customers. Integrated Content Advertising. 2. Tour creators and even a local with a good idea can use Entaro as a platform for connecting with travelers. Entaro handles payment and takes a small fee. 3. We can help destinations and services create their own targeted content. We have a team of international developers and tourism professionals. We offer the service of creating content in the language of your choice. The Entaro team hopes to empower locals and enrich travel around the world.