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Allergy Managers
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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)We are a team of students and professionals who joined forces and won the Swansea Startup Weekend 2015. 21 million adults in the UK alone suffer from allergies and £68million per annum is the cost of hospital admissions due to allergy. The first step for allergy sufferers is prevention. With these users in mind, we have created Allergy Manager: a multi platform app that helps people with food allergies shop and eat with peace of mind. Allergy Manager allows users to select the allergies they suffer from, scan the barcode on the food package and be alerted of the presence of the ingredients they are allergic to. AM also features a forum. We aim to build a strong community of users that will affect change in the food industry, pushing manufacturers to start providing clearer ingredients information and to improve best practices in the industry by taking into account the allergy sufferers’ needs. During the Startup weekend we managed to present a working prototype of the app, which we aim to refine and release in the next few weeks. The free version of the app allows the users to scan up to 5 products a day and includes targeted ads. By subscribing at the cost of £4.99/month, £12.50/quarter or £35/year, they will be able to enjoy unlimited scans and an ad-free interface. Our customer base is not only growing every year, according to stats from EAACI, but can also include: people with food intolerances, parents, friends and family members of people affected by the allergies, as well as people who just want to manage their diets by excluding certain ingredients. We have approached local businesses for partnership opportunities as they have a better control on their supply chains and can tell their customers exactly what is in their products. Also, we plan to contact national leaders and influencers in the field to explore sponsorship options. In future, we aspire to expand the app to include EPI pen locator, restaurants locator, recipe ideas and diet plans formulated in collaboration with doctors and dieticians.