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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)Whether people realize it or not, art is part of their everyday lives. Have you ever paid attention to the logo on your drive-thru coffee cup? Guess what – an artist created that. How about that header on your company’s website? Yep – artists created that, too. While logos are creative, they are not a valid representation of the true spirit and passion that inspires a masterpiece. People go to museums all the time to take in artwork created by historical masters. But, whose “present” artwork will inspire future artists the way we look at a historical piece by Michelangelo? What happens when today’s artists are unable to develop their craft because society pushes them to pursue “successful” careers outside of their interests? What happens when those artists become uninspired because no matter what they do, their work is perpetually overlooked and undervalued? This is why SYLA was developed. We want to help motivate and cultivate today’s future masters of art through developing a network for this generation’s hopeful and potential DaVincis and Warhols. In doing so, we hope to remind the community of the value of our artists and to bring art back to our local communities. As indicated at the end of our presentation at Start-Up Weekend (Pittsburgh), when old buildings with old murals are torn down in our community, we want to not only replace that old building with a new one – but also remember to replace the art that was such a strong part of the community for so many years.