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Click Remote
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Business/Team Twitter Handle#clickremote
Submission DivisionAPAC
Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)The originator of the idea, Artur, has worked as a business development manager in a research company that specializes in Media research. Artur has pas experience in design and business management and is now pursuing a international certification in project management, which is exactly what he contributes to the team. The app developer, Delgerdorj, has created dozens of apps working in a Japanese software company, and a quite a few as a hobby. He is passionate about physics and everything scientific and always contributes extraordinary ideas on how the technical solution would better be handled. The web developer, Dulguuntur, has 5 years of experience in algorithms and mostly handles back-end of websites. He is passionate about all things mystical, he contributes his knowledge and experience of doing websites so tidy, you can't find a single glitch in it. Our marketer, Munguntulga, has the ability to convince people of anything. He's the people person of our team. He has been in dance industry for 7 years and is the Head of BOD of the Dance Association, from which comes all sorts of talent and possibilities to grow business. Our designer, Munhuu, is a quite guy with the most imaginative mind we've ever seen. He is a self-taught multi-media designer with the speed that even Flash can't outrun, and he's not stopping there. Now, he's learning how to code. Can you believe that! Well that's roughly who we are, but there's so much we would like to tell you about ourselves and about our lives in Mongolia. And we hope you'll support us in changing how people will watch TV.