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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)Gift planning can be tough - we hit the streets of Chicago and interviewed 70 people and learned that gifting is often long, painful, costly and ultimately unsuccessful. We heard concerns about gifts being repeated and not knowing what to get. We built an app that connects the gift giver with the people who know the recipient best. In addition, our virtual concierge, Sally, helps start conversations by making suggestions on gifts and provides deals from retailers. Customers will use Giftr for the unique social, planning, and savings value we add. Optional premium services will include concierge services such as gift wrapping & hand-written notes, along with exclusive super deal access for premium members. Retailers will partner with Giftr to reach customers with a high purchase intention, and pay for improved consumer data insights. This is monetized through affiliate sales, upselling from registries, and more. By hitting the streets, we’ve already signed up 70 users to try our beta version. As we develop the app, every user we attract will generate at least three more users through Giftr circles. We estimate acquiring 25,000 users in our first year through creative marketing campaigns. These campaigns include ideas such as "Give a gift..get a Gift from Giftr", curated gift suggestions based on occasions and seasons, and trendy Giftr swag (think - ugly holiday sweaters). We plan on retaining users through continuously improving our gift idea engine and virtual concierge, "Sally." In the long run, our aspiration is to becomes frictionless, allowing users to gift on an platform. We are a diverse team both demographically and professionally. Our technical team is 3 full- stack female developers and our broader team is global. The Giftr team has backgrounds in consulting, finance, retail, operations, data science and design. We are excited to take on this venture and help bring back the joy to gifting!