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Fashion Ghost
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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)Fashion Ghost is the winner of Auckland Startup Weekend 2015. Our members hail from very different backgrounds, a valuable asset as we pooled our extensive resources and skills to create the best solution to the problems we identified. Some of us are passionate about fashion, others about digital, others about business. All are passionate about innovation and delivering what our customers want. Together we have created a product we are proud of. Founder: Mahnoosh is an architect working for Jasmax. She has had a passion for fashion and style from a young age. She has always helped her friends with styling and outfit decisions, empowering them to feel confident with their choices. When she realized the positive effect this had, she began thinking about a solution for a wider community. Mahnoosh pitched her idea at Startup Weekend and is motivated to make her dream come true. Team: Ben, Wenchong and Sunil are developers. Their goals were to express their skills within the mobile app industry. The unique values integrated into the solution have been a rewarding challenge. Erica is the team accountant, a student who showed great ability to challenge herself by building up a viable revenue model for Fashion Ghost. She aims to continue attending Startup Weekends to build on her experience and knowledge base. The youngest member of the team is also a student. Shu Sin learnt about communication and pushing boundaries. David, the designer pulled together the team’s ideas, validation and business model into a convincing pitch deck. Haroun, an architect at HBO+EMTB, joined Startup Weekend to create a different network and learn about business. He has been closely working with Mahnoosh to take this business idea further and expand their community globally. The Fashion Ghost team has only just begun their journey. We look forward to taking the next steps to build our startup and help our customers look and feel their best. Please vote for us to make this dream come true.