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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)It usually takes a month to make a plan to climb mountains. But we have developed an app that can plan in one minute. To enjoy the beautiful mountain views , we need to collect a lot of information.If you can't stop your car in the parking or you miss the bus, you will not get the best timing. And if you have only one jacket below freezing, you can't enjoy because of the cold, can you?You need to have much time making reliable plan to enjoy the beautiful mountain views. It is "Yama Raku" that is useful.It shows you a necessary plan organizing the scattered information such as a knowledge someone has and posted on the WEB and books. If you use " Yama-Raku" that you can make a fantastic plan easily,you will be able to get a nice climbing experience than ever before. We are the team to compensate for each other. It's half and half that Male to female ratio and our members have a lot of experience . Mutsumi, our Chief Executive Officer loves climbing more than anyone else , she has a passion that wants to tell a lot of people the joy . Genki, our Grows Hacker is familiar with the marketing and he has gained a lot of sales experience . Junya, our Chief Technical Officer can realize the ideas using the latest technology . Yukio, our Engineer is full stack developer who's hooked on algorithms and data structures. Rika, our Desinger is always in the user point of view . she pursues the user value . Reina, our Public Relations Officer has a very high listening force . She is indispensable presence in interview . We are sure that many people can feel the fantastic experience of mountaineering and we can make them happy.