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Modern History
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Please enter an extended description of your team below (2000 characters-with spaces-or less, or roughly 500 words)Modern History was created as a solution to a distinct problem that is present throughout the entire American education system. Kate and Emilie observed recurring themes shared between the dates they were memorizing for history class and the pressing issues that plague our modern world. They noted connections that their classmates missed and decided that unless students learned to reference history and evaluate the effectiveness of measures taken in the past, they would be unequipped to implement successful means of change in the future. Extensive consumer validation confirmed the team’s hypotheses: teachers are struggling to find easy, effective methods for revealing the connections between current events and historic ones. Modern History aims to make revenue from 4 primary sources. Its first avenue for profit is to advertise scholarly resources, current news content, and educational products such as textbooks or videos. It will also charge teachers for access to individualized lesson plans substantiated by relevant current events. The third method for acquiring revenue is requiring subscriptions for access to premium data, which include scholarly or scientific data sources. Finally, the site would provide classroom packages, entailing classroom-discussion and forum-like tools for teachers to provide engagement for their students. Our marketing strategy is 4-fold. We aim to partner with the National Teacher of the Year Program to leverage teachers as firestarters and market directly to via FaceBook ads determined by who uses our site. Additionally, we will work from the “top down” and from the “bottom up”. We will begin by marketing to schools, districts, and unions, and later work with student ambassadors who can champion to the site for their teachers. Modern History encourages teachers to engage the future leaders of our world so that they can develop necessary critical-thinking and decision-making skills to solve problems and change the world.