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The Most Innovative Teams From Around the World!

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Housmand Safar finds betters and suggest the the most appropriate itinerary to meat your budget and interest. Have Fun!
We design, deploy headphones that can detect when someone is asleep or awake. We use sensors to detect the position of a user's head is in and based on that we lower or increase the volume. There are several applications for this for example this can be used by night drivers. Right now our focus market is students. Students want a vibrating headphone that can keep them awake.
The bridal network is a new social network platform in which brides-to-be can communicate, share and interact, in order to plan their weddings. It also connects them with wedding vendors to give them the best wedding experience, all under one roof.
Kids Hope Network - Crowdsourcing the search for Missing Children. As a parent whose child was missing for 13 years, I understand the pain of the parents of missing children. This web, Android and iPad/iPhone set of apps, will show pictures of missing children to a volunteer network, who will look for the children during their daily activities. We are looking for Angels to look out for these lost kids, and the wear the Angel buttons, to give hope to the parents and family of missing children.
El equipo Electron Solutions está enfocado en el estudio, producción e implementación de tecnología enfocada en ciudades inteligentes, su trayectoria ha sido destacada en participaciones del HackTegucigalpa y StarUpWeekend mega en San pedro Sula, ideando y mostrando soluciones inteligentes tales como la alarma silenciosa y el aparato electrón el cual monitoriza de forma remota el mantenimiento y producción en una empresa. Nuestras soluciones se basan en la innovación y creación de productos.
We are a group of awkward yet motivated Asians stranded together trying to solve a common social issue that is plaguing our world today. We trust in our experience and hope to use our knowledge to help you ask the right questions and find the right partner for your relationship. We come from a dynamic background spanning from new media, communications, engineering and finance. If you’re interested, do check us out and give us a shout out!
Ever experienced a painful surge on Uber? Opened your favorite taxi app and no cabs were around? We did, and that's why we created Caleche. Caleche is a unique app that allows you to access all cab services around. Just put the destination you would like to go, and we will algo-handpick for you the cheapest and the closest cab around, as well as some funkier stuff...
Have you ever went to swipe into the subway to find that you have insufficient funds as you watch your train leave? You go to try and quickly refill your card at the machine only to be hit with a massive line of people as you realize you will now wait another 30 minutes for the next train... We are creating a mobile application where someone can update their metro card anytime and anywhere, never again will you miss a train or bus with uGO!
We're a mobile application that virtually holds your place without you having to stand in line.
RiffSquare is a six people group who has in common the passion for music and arts. Nicola is the leading ideator and the programmer of the app. Annalisa is the grafic designer and creative director. Gabriele is the Social media manager with skills in commercial comunication. Clara is the crowdfunding responsable. Responsable to find the main competitors. Samuel is the music manager and talent scout. Paolo is the project market manager for lobbying and key partners.
P2P (Peer-to-peer) platforms have exploded in recent times. Airbnb has disrupted the accommodation industry without owning any property. Uber has disrupted the transport industry without owning any taxis. What if we could disrupt the financial industry without giving out loans? From this epiphany, we created Rosca; a peer-to-peer financial platform that enables users to borrow or invest disposable amounts of cash ($50-250) instantly.
Campfire is a platform that provides an immersive experience around language, learning, and play, while getting screens OUT of the way. As the user reads a story, Campfire listens to what the they say, and pulls the atmosphere and elements from the story into their room, using bluetooth lights and speakers placed around them. We are introducing an entirely new content format, allowing authors and publishers a new revenue stream, which they can self-publish using our simple web tool.
TechJet is creating a marketplace to connect small and medium sized businesses to local I.T. wizards for on demand tech support. Just as uber changed the landscape for catching a ride, TechJet is bringing you tech support on the fly.
Meet ARkube. A team of ten youngsters coming from the planet of entrepreneurs. Fueled by challenges we set out to solve problems and create a better universe. Our shared values are what keeps us together and the passion that we have for our work is what enables our success.
Albergo diffuso is a new kind of accommodation for tourists. It is a hotel spread across different buildings, located in a town which can be up to 300m from the central property, the hotel reception. We would like to create a network among all Albergo diffuso (spread hotel) all over the world and we call it: ALDY! Promoting Spread hotel to all potenti al users, we increase customers number and incentivize low season travel. These hotels pay to join the network.
ArtSmartPDX is a tinder style app that lets artists upload and price their work in app, and lets users in each city swipe left or right on affordable art pieces. If the art is in the user's price range, "It's a match!" This app will launch in Portland, Oregon where the local art scene drives our city's culture, yet many talented artists go undiscovered. ArtSmartPDX gamifies the art scene while exposing people to local art and matching them to art they can afford.
jobtalk is a community-curated marketplace of reviewed mentors and those seeking career advice or interview prep for various stages in their career. Seekers are able to request a time slot with people they deem would be helpful based on mentor profiles, reviews and the fee that the mentor sets for themselves. The mentor could find this to be a way to advise while being compensated for their time, or can elect to put that money to an educational charity partnered with our company.
We go by the name Guia, and we are from Mozambique, recently we won the First Startup Weekend in Maputo. Our Team is composed by 5members, 2 Programmers, 2 Business Advisers and 1 Graphic Designer, and thanks to our Team Work and the Idea we won. Hurray for Guia
SYLA (Support Your Local Artists) is a unique, non-profit service that increases visibility of local artists to the community. We do this by providing a platform for local artists to showcase their work through not only our website and mobile app, but also promotional events together with local businesses. For example, our service would create an event for a sculptor to perform his or her craft live at a local coffee shop, which will generate increased interest and exposure for the sculptor.
Mallsafe/Mallstream is a developing product under C4G innovations. C4G stands for 'change 4 good' We value moving technology in a positive direction.. Our platform is to innovate and foster growth in lifestyle products that provide convenience, ease and safety, a 'hassle-free' lifestyle is what we are aiming to deliver. Mallsafe/Mallstream is a mobile app that provides a safe and convenient shopping enviorment coupled with a shopping rewards program.
TUDEX - Finding You The Missing Piece, is developing a marketplace platform for tutoring, to help tutors, students and parents who have troubles with finding the right match, by enabling them to go through only a few clicks and find the right one! We strongly believe that finding the right tutor is like finding a right soul mate! Our team is a perfect combination of educator, designer, developer, and marketers. We are creative, customer-oriented, sincere, and self-motivated.
Closet Campaigns changes the way we make clothing donations. Instead of dropping off your donation to the local option to be sold for pennies on the dollar, donors can support a charity they truly care about. We allow any non-profit organization to organize a clothing drive and monetize donations with out having to collect, store, or sell any item. We give donors the option to use their billions of dollars in clothing donations to benefit the charity of their choice.
Invimma is an instant video mobile messaging application that allows a user to send a video right after a missed call. Gone are the days of having to sit through a long greeting to leave a voicemail. With Invimma you can instantly send a video and receive a notification when it is received. With built in analytics, Invimma can help your company shine by showing who is really interested in what you have to say. For families, it provides a greater way to connect. Join Invimma today!
BaBy Book on the go is an easy to use application that allows parents to create, store and securely share all the precious moments of their child's life. It serves as a reminder of upcoming moments like the first bath or the first steps.
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