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The Most Innovative Teams From Around the World!

These teams need your votes and support!

We design, deploy headphones that can detect when someone is asleep or awake. We make use of sensors to detect the position of a user's head is in and based on that we lower or increase the volume. There are several applications for this example this can be used by night drivers. Right now our focus market is students. Students want a vibrating headphone that can keep them awake.
We intend to do for Hobby Board Games what Kindle did for books. An industry aproaching $1B, Hobby Gaming has a year on year growth average of over 15%. Almost every Hobby Gamer that we interviewed said that the main reason they play games is to have fun with their friends, but the analog board & pieces mean that too much time is spent learning the rules, setting up, & putting away games. Further, Game Makers are missing valuable customer insights, & don't have data on usage or exposure.
A sports bra with phone case start around the core. I better description is in our championship track. We did not estimate the time of the Youtube video upload therefore I didn't have enough time to give a better response.
We create detachable cutlery that can detect allergens, toxins, and nutritional content. Our aim is to produce health-conscious, eco-friendly, and innovative cutlery to correspond with modern, advancing lifestyles.
We are 9 people in the team: 1- CEO -> Carlos Gallego Galán 2- Dessiner -> Daniel Sanchez Casares 3- Desarrolladores -> Sergio Yamuza Alvarez y Juan Martos Caceres 4- Business -> Pablo Gallego Galán y Javier Navero Tapiador 5- No Tecnic -> Carlos López Villén, Ángel Martos Caceres y Maria Jose Romero Aceituno
Have a crazy idea but feel like you’re alone with it? Don’t kill it. Record it, post it on CHAL, nominate your friends and watch it conquer the world by using our interactive maps and infographics. CHAL is the world’s first social platform that turns small challenges into powerful movements by gamifying the user experience. How about you, are you up for a CHAL?
Sportrip is a platform that connects travelers to locals there are willing to rent or to put your equipment to be rent by others. The application enables fellow travelers through geo-locatization, to see where they can practice your sport as well where they can rent(through the app) from people the equipment to do so. Our team is a very heterogeneous group compose by 3 great developers, 2 sensitive designers, 2 tourism experts and 2 entrepreneurs.
jobtalk is a community-curated marketplace of reviewed mentors and those seeking career advice or interview prep for various stages in their career. Seekers are able to request a time slot with people they deem would be helpful based on mentor profiles, reviews and the fee that the mentor sets for themselves. The mentor could find this to be a way to advise while being compensated for their time, or can elect to put that money to an educational charity partnered with our company.
Were a rock solid team whose passionate about changing the world to make it better. We strive hard to do our best on satisfying our clients. We do believe that IOT is the future that's why we focus our technology on IOT bases. Yet we have a minor problem we often yield at each other if ever something is not that great because were perfectionist and we watch each others back for success.
RUCKSACK is a web and mobile travel platform where meaningful, authentic, extra-ordinary experience is made easy for you through our travel packages that will let you immerse, appreciate, and promote Ilonggo culture and natural biodiversity. Not only you can have the best time of your life but you can also help local tour guides gain income as we connect every travelers to the local tour guide community.
Do Process is a mobile app that empowers workers to handle challenges like discrimination, sexual harassment, and work injuries. The Pittsburgh based @DoProcessTeam has three players. Kevin Tucker is a labor law attorney and identifies the legal areas in which workers need the most support. James Tiu, a registered patent and trademark attorney, defends the proprietary interests of Do Process. Jeff Ritter is a college professor and helps shape the app's educational and do-it-yourself platforms.
More than 40 million women in the United States are living in poverty and do not have the funds to purchase basic feminine hygiene products. Aunt Flow addresses this problem with a buy one, give one business model. Women can sign up for a monthly subscription to receive a combination of 30 tampons and pads right to their doors. For every “flow pack” she receives, a “flow pack" is given to a woman in need. Taking care of your flow, takes care of her flow.
Boogie is camera located in the windshield of the car and it records everything on the road. Why is it necessary? To have proofs in case of an accident We want to make a product which doesn’t look like a camera, to be unnoticed. We want to offer more than the Chinese models. Focused on quality, support and super easy use. Also to make a Brand concept that doesn’t exist nowadays.
FastER Care is a system solution to accelerate the patient registration and triage process for emergency departments. It allows you to give a report of current symptoms, past medical history, medications, and much more to the ER Triage nurse on your way to the emergency department. This system utilizes mobile application and web-based features to integrate with the hospital electronic medical record system.
There are many situations where mobile communication is made incredibly difficult due to nonexistent cellular infrastructure. Dawdle is an application that solves this problem by allowing users to communicate and find each other even without cell service or internet connection using a technology already installed on almost all phones called Wi-Fi Direct. This creates a mesh network or a peer-to-peer network that works by creating a direct phone to phone connection to send data and messaging.
Invimma is an instant video mobile messaging application that allows a user to send a video right after a missed call. Gone are the days of having to sit through a long greeting to leave a voicemail. With Invimma you can instantly send a video and receive a notification when it is received. With built in analytics, Invimma can help your company shine by showing who is really interested in what you have to say. For families, it provides a greater way to connect. Join Invimma today!
We have a diverse team of experienced entrepreneurs from six countries, including a community builder, health and well-being happiness coaches, an artificial intelligence developer, an illustrator and a marketing expert. Our mission is to help millions of people connect, do something, and feel better.
We're Kelly and Aaron. Acquaintances who ended up on a 2-person team at startup weekend. Journey Box provides a pre-planned adventure created by locals in the area. Boxes come complete with full itinerary and recommends along with gear to go along with the adventure (i.e. stainless steel water bottle for a hike to a hidden waterfall). Each box also sponsors relief aid to Syrian refugees. Boxes are $45 (option of subscription). 1 box per season. Adventure Categories: Outdoor, Day Trip, Foodie.
GoYoga is an app that crowdsources guided meditation and yoga lessons from studios/instructors and helps users connect. Our app helps people find moments of solitude throughout the day, take a minute to breathe, and manage their stress. Our app is free for users and we charge studios a monthly fee and allow them to target users with cost-per-click advertising.
Interio is Augmented Reality Based Interior Design Application for Mobile & Windows Application. The app lets users virtually place multiple life-size models of Interiors to visualize their entire living room and select multiple color and seating options without having to involve any physical furniture. The app aims at making the interactions natural and the Interior design takes into account imperfections of the real world like wrinkled cushions and fabric folding at the edges making the user
Black is a collective of creative, talented minds who like to build awesome stuff because we can.
movable is Sudanese company that produces intelligent artificial limbs with low cost and suitable good quality directed to the Sudanese and African market.
AlumniXchange is opening doors in new places, communities and City’s across the world. We connect Students and Alumni from the same academic institution to provide a mutually beneficial relationship. Users AlumniXchange simplifies the process of finding and exploring a new job in the desired community you want to move to. We do this by connecting a job seeker with a host Alumni in a similar field who offers cost effective accommodation.
Brainbuild helps students prepare for tests using the routine-based training strategies professional athletes develop to maximize their game-day performance. On the web app, students will be able to receive advice about caffeine, sleep, diet, hydration, and exercise, then plan out a specific routine for the days leading up to the event to ensure consistent neurocognitive performance on test day. Feedback about mental/physical state will help improve users’ baseline routines with each iteration.
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