Leadership Class of 2018 Application

The LEADERship program is for individuals who have reached a significant position in their organizations and demonstrate a keen interest in becoming more effective civic leaders to strengthen Baltimore. In choosing each class, the Selection Committee looks for a wide variety of diversity in areas such as race, gender, age, and industry sector as well as each individual’s background, outside interests, community leadership experience, etc.  Peer learning is an integral part of the experience so we try to include as many voices as possible in each class. 

It is a competitive application process with final selection of the Class made by a the Program Selection Commitee comprised of the LEADERship Board, LEADERship alumni, and staff.

Please read the instructions below carefully. We have made several changes to our process from previous years, so even if you have applied to the program, or have considered applying to the program in the past, please review the details and requirements carefully.

REMINDER: You can start, save and return to your application - log back in at app.reviewr.com.

The application process includes:

1) Attendance at one mandatory Program Information Session
2) Completion of an on-line application form (includes attaching a current resume)
3) Participation in a 60-minute interview with members of the Program Selection Committee
4) Submission of an Employer Sponsorship Form

Applicants must complete all four of these tasks, which are described in more detail below, to be considered for admission into the program. The on-line application and Employer Sponsorship Forms must be submitted by Monday, October 23 at 8:00 AM.

The Program Selection Committee will not consider applications that have not met these requirements.

For your convenience, the DOWNLOADS section below includes

  • 2018 Class Session Calendar
  • Sponsorship Form link
  • Application essay questions

1) Program Information Sessions
We want to be certain that applicants understand the program’s objectives and requirements. Therefore all applicants are required to attend one Program Information Session. During each information session, candidates will have the opportunity to ask questions and to hear from LEADERship alumni, current class members and staff. Candidates need only attend one of the sessions offered and may complete their on-line applications beforehand. If a candidate attended a Program Information session in 2015 or 2016, she or he is not required to attend another one in 2017.  Program Information Sessions will be held on:

  • September 14, 5:00–6:00 pm - REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • October 3, 8:30–9:30 am at Touchpoint Mondawmin, 2401 Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore MD 21214
  • October 10, 1:30–2:30 pm at Betamore City Garage, 101 West Dickman Street, Baltimore, MD  21230
  • October 19, 5:00 –6:00 pm, at the Offices of the Greater Baltimore Committee, 111 South Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

2) On-line Application Form
The on-line application form asks applicants to provide basic information, answer 5 short essay questions and upload both a resume and photograph. For your convenience, a copy of the essay questions can be accessed in the DOWNLOADS section of this page.

3) Interview
After submitting an on-line application form, each applicant will be invited to interview with members of the Program Selection Committee. Interviews will take place between October 23 and November 13 and will be scheduled in the order applications are submitted.  As such, early submission of all application materials is encouraged.

4) Employer Sponsorship Form
Because the LEADERship program demands significant time during the conventional workday, we ask applicants to discuss the program requirements, including the time commitment, with their supervisors before beginning the application process. The Employer Sponsorship Form is our way of ensuring that applicants’ organizations will provide the work release time for participation in the program. If you are the senior ranking person in your organization, you do not need to fill out an Employer Sponsorship Form. Others may access the Employer Sponsorship Form by clicking here 

The on-line application including accompanying resume and photograph and the Employer Sponsorship Form must be submitted by Monday, October 23 at 8:00 AM. Interviews will be scheduled in the order that on-line applications are submitted. Selection for the Class of 2018 will take place after Thanksgiving. Candidates will be notified by December 10.

Once you start your application, you will be able to save your work and come back to it at a later time. Upon submission no further changes can be made. If you have any questions during the application process, please e-mail theleadership@gbc.org or call 443.438.1999.

Class members’ commitments to attend and engage in all aspects of the program are crucial to the program’s success each year. Given the importance of our peer-learning model, the LEADERship Board of Directors has adopted the following Attendance Policy:

  • Every class member must attend the Two-Day Opening, February 15 session, and Spring and Fall Overnight Retreats (noted *** below) in full. These are compulsory sessions from beginning to end. No late arrivals, early departures, or missed time will be allowed. Absence will be cause for dismissal. 
  • Additionally, no more than the accumulated equivalent of one non-mandatory all-class session will be permitted for successful completion of the program.
  • Please note we begin with a two-day opening session. Given the possibility of snow and ice, we ask that you hold January 26 as a potential make-up day in the event that either of our first two days is cancelled. If we need to meet on January 26, it will be considered a mandatory day.

In addition to the full day and retreat sessions listed below, class members are expected to participate in a variety of Field Experiences, Evenings at the Arts, and other Program Events that take place throughout the year and are an integral part of the program experience.

2018 LEADERship All-Class Sessions Calendar

Tuition for the 2018 program is $7,800. Partial scholarships are available to applicants and sponsoring organizations for whom the burden of tuition would be significant. The applicant selection process is need blind; a request for scholarship funds will neither positively nor negatively impact the strength of an application. The LEADERship is committed to ensuring that tuition cost does not serve as an obstacle for selected applicants to participate in the program. Scholarships are awarded once the class has been selected.

Founded through the vision of the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) in 1984, The LEADERship has maintained a close relationship with the GBC ever since. As such, if an applicant from a for-profit company is admitted into the program, participation will be contingent on the applicant’s employer being a member of the GBC for 2018.

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