Our unwavering mission is to empower and guide our customers through digital transformation and innovation which will propel successful leaders in their industry to have a positive impact on the world.
We started Truman's because nobody needs a gazillion cleaning products with harsh chemicals cluttering their cabinets, and our planet certainly doesn’t need the plastic empties. That’s why we offer just 4 cleaners with refill cartridges — all non-toxic — that safely and effectively clean virtually all of your home's hard surfaces. That's Truman's. Cleaning glass and taking names.
We are an award-winning brewery — brewing, serving and shipping our beers to the DC and Mid Atlantic market. We brew an exciting lineup of year round brews, as well as an innovative slate of seasonal and occasional beers.
KDM Engineering strives to become a preferred, multi-faceted, engineering firm in the power and utility industries. Our reach will eventually include the renewable energy sector of both wind and solar. One of our primary future goals includes assisting in providing low cost energy options to those dark areas of the world without proper infrastructure. KDM is also altering the face of the male-dominated engineering field by increasing awareness in the STEM fields for women and minorities by continuing to mentor and speak to youth about their endless opportunities in math and science through our non-profit organization, Calculated Genius, LLC.
Our mission is the responsible stewardship of client-entrusted resources including money, time, and personnel safety in the environmental, energy, utilities, manufacturing, and infrastructure sectors. We seek to become a company of significance by hiring exceptional people, empowering them to earn customer trust, and investing the time, talent, and treasure of our business in the communities where we live and work.
Soupergirl is on a mission to change the world, one bowl of soup at a time. We are providing consumers with the tools to overhaul their approach to food, health, and the world.
To provide a home-from-home for our client's four legged friends, and peace of mind for our clients, by operating in a fully transparent, honest, safe and caring environment.
To provide those who step into our doors a sensation of curious excitement by providing high quality, hip, trendy, fun, and unique hand-picked home accessories and gifts capitulated by the highest level of customer service.
Expert Maintenance and Construction Services is a fully licensed commercial contractor and civil engineering firm located in Prairieville. We specialize in dirt work, cement finishing and subsurface drainage
To provide exceptional service to our customers and great value to our corporate partners, while creating meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for our Nation's heroes - Sustaining a Legacy of Service!
To create an organization continuously focused on: *Responsiveness to client needs *Quality products and services *Innovative Solutions *Accountability for results *Relentless pursuit of excellence
We help the world’s most interesting brands to identify opportunity, create change, and accelerate growth.
SimpliPhi’s mission is to create universal access to reliable, safe and affordable energy. By continuing to innovate high performance energy storage solutions, we empower people, communities and enterprises around the world to generate, store and utilize power on their terms to achieve their highest potential.
All are welcome; break bread, break hate.
Brands. Deals. Inspiration. Bringing together brand designers and boutique retailers through a subscription box that delivers it all. btqBOX is market delivered to the boutique doorstep.
Blue Ocean Brain is on a mission to help organizations develop a world-class continuous learning culture, offering high-value experiences that inspire each employee to achieve their full potential. At our core, we believe companies can achieve amazing success when their people have opportunities to learn and grow daily. That’s why we are dedicated to designing and delivering the best possible microlearning experiences. Every single day.
To become THE veteran powered American manufacturing company that delivers world class products while living its commitment to remembering, employing, and empowering our heroes every day.
Intuitive Digital seeks to Cultivate Happiness for our clients (we call them partners) by delivering quality work to help them grow their business and for our employees by creating a healthy work-life balance in a supportive company culture that encourages growth and experimentation. We do this by obsessively following our 4 core values: Doing what’s right, Creating fun, Continuous improvement, and Creating long-term relationships.
Coonhound Camping was formed around the idea that, even for experts, camping takes too much time to prepare for, set up, and clean up. At least a third of anyone's weekend is spent getting food, setting up the tent, and so on instead of doing what you came to do - enjoy family, friends, and nature. As a result, many forego the wonderful outdoors. ​ Since 2017, the Coonhound Camping team has made the Smokies more accessible for those without equipment or knowledge and more convenient for those with little time and many distractions. Relax, bond, and become one with nature - Coonhound has the rest covered.