Combining elements of rock, funk, and indie, The Thing with Feathers is a band that provides a listening experience considered by most to be an anomaly. Starting out life as a simple, no frills garage rock outfit, founding member and front man David Welcsh set out to forge a different sound that was more energetic and hard-hitting than what was considered the norm in the Nashville music scene. Soon the project grew, and after several different changes in the line-up, the core of the band was cemented, with bassist Sean Carroll, guitarist Alex Hendricks, drummer Chris Roussell, and keyboardist Tristan “Fingers” Ferner. The band set about developing their signature sound, blending different elements and genres to provide their audience with a more distinct, unique musical experience, distancing themselves from a sound prevalent with many of their contemporaries. In February 2019, the band released their debut single, “Song of the Nighttime”, noted for its infectious, sing along chorus that has become a favorite at every show. They quickly followed it up with another infectious track, “Figure It Out”, that has helped establish a loyal fanbase through playlisting and fans sharing the track. Now the band is back in the studio, working with producer Blake Ruby on yet more songs, fulfilling their goal of multiple single releases over a twelve-month period, helping to reach a wider national audience.
For over a decade, the 2-piece indie-pop band Charlie Belle has been performing on the best stages in their hometown, Austin TX. Jendayi's [vox, rhythm guitar] songwriting comes from deep within and often reflects a personal journey with memorable, upbeat melodies and relatable storytelling. Gyasi [drums] is the heartbeat and energy of the band, lending his incredible drum skills and backing vocals. On stage the band is a cohesive 4-member unit with Lauren Cianci on Keys and Matt Ryan on bass guitar who round out the groove that fans have come to love. Charlie Belle has received positive press from the likes of NPR Music, Billboard Magazine, Vice Noisey, Buzzfeed, Nylon Magazine, The Guardian, MTV Iggy, AfroPunk, and many more.
Lonely Vacations is the indie pop creative outlet of Belmont Students Baily Smith and Thomas Cummings. With songs about old cars, chronic fatigue, and kleptomania this group of college rockers can make you laugh, dance, and cry all in one show. Brutally honest but never taking themselves too seriously, Lonely Vacations makes music that speaks to anyone who has ever experienced anything ever.
Jungle Tooth is an American alt-pop group led by songwriter, producer and singer Adam Riekstins backed by his bandmates Nate Dooley, Joey Corso and Jaxon Cannon. The group released their first single, "The Man", on July 2nd, 2019. Jungle Tooth takes inspiration from bands such as Alt J, Glass Animals, The Arctic Monkeys and Gorillaz. With bass driven lines decorated in jangly keys and elusive guitar riffs, Jungle Tooth delivers a powerfully energetic and inviting performance.
Juke of June is a five piece alt/rock band from Nashville, TN. Members Jackson Kilburn (Guitarist) and Jackson Hahn (lead singer) met in the fall of 2017 and began to collaborate until they gathered the final pieces they needed in Ben Ballard (Guitarist), Zach McCoy (Drums), and Bradley Crow (Keys). The band infuses genres such as rock, indie and soul to produce the sounds created in their music.
Secondhand Sound is a young Indie Rock band who’s looks and sounds are turning heads. Combining influences from the East and West coast members Sawyer Estok, Collin Plank, Cam Schmidt and Teagan Proctor are aiming to create something that is truly bigger than themselves.
McCall Chapin and Katareen Mohammed are two singer/songwriters that make up the acoustic duo, McCall and Katareen. After connecting in their high school chorus class, they discovered they share the same passion for music and began their musical journey together. Playing catchy originals and covers old and new, their harmonies and musicality is appreciated by all who hear. With influences from artists of the country world like Dolly Parton, Chris Stapleton and Kacey Musgraves, to the best of folk, like Mumford and Sons and The Head and the Heart, and even influences from pop music artists such as Julia Micheals and Adele, their music captures true emotional story telling that people of all ages can relate to. Since 2016, McCall and Katareen have performed over 100 gigs in the Florida Panhandle area, playing alongside artists such as Blind Joe from the Voice, The Currys, Grace Pettis, Passerine, Brightside, The Lessers, Dylan LeBlanc, Randall Bramblett, The Mulligan Brothers, and so many more regional and national acts. Collectively, they have won two regional Battle of the Bands competitions, and they have collaborated with numerous local acts, broadening their musical abilities and interests. In 2017 they released their debut EP, Looking for Love, featuring four of their original songs. In 2018 the duo made their move to Nashville, TN to study at Belmont University and grow their artistry and sound. During their freshman year, they participated in the 2018 Battle of the Belmont Bands, performed at various campus functions, and ventured out into the city to get a taste for the music scene. A new city, new people, and new experiences have led them to write some of their most personal songs yet. These songs have made their way onto their upcoming album, titled Sweet Darling that will be out in the fall. As they head into their sophomore year of college, the two hope to grow even more as individuals and as artists.
Our Brother George is the musical project of South Carolina-born, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Henry Long. Drawing from the folk, rock, and soul music of their childhood, Our Brother George strives to keep one foot in the past and the other foot somewhere new with each new release. The brotherly band of Long, Tommy Culley, Kevin Buete, Tim Miller, and Andrew Lambie are currently hard at work writing and releasing music while playing shows all over Nashville, including the 2019 Belmont University Rock Showcase. Their most recent single "Patio Bar" is out now, but be on the lookout for the next one "Blame the TV" coming soon.