is a full-service professional recording studio that can be accessed from anywhere.
At NativeNow, we reverse-engineer language-learning and utilize emerging technologies to engage all your senses and give you the most authentic, immersive experience possible: digital cultural immersion.
A High Fashion, High Comfort, and High Social Impact Company.
We propose a material (Polymer Derived Ceramic Composite) that withstands ultra-high temperatures and pressures at a lower cost and easier manufacturing
Security for your vehicle the instant you need it.
The mission of EsportsEDU’s program is to provide competitive, community, and academic programs for high school youth passionate about video-games. delivers innovative training capabilities to the Modeling and Simulation community by leveraging game engine technology to introduce competition and give the government more choices in the simulation visualization market.
Yaupon Brothers Tea is a company focused on producing and distributing tea from the Yaupon Holly. Yapon is a Florida Native plant rich in anti-oxidants and North America's only native caffeinated plant.
taking unsustainably fit foods and recreating them into an alternative that is both fruitful, delicious, and nourishing for our bodies.
We are an aerospace company that, through the usage of innovative technology, will increase efficiency and introduce universal solutions in multiple industries to improve society as a whole.
Social discovery and networking for people that share the same leisure interests
Innovative, all-inclusive career placement company, that helps discover students' passions and aligns them with a fulfilling career.
myLoop is a smart engagement platform that enables high value professional associations to mobilize their community so that they can drive, engage and retain members.
Let’s C is an online platform for real-time English language tutoring between tutors from English-speaking universities and students in Hong Kong. We differentiate ourselves through focused curriculum and mutually beneficial university partnerships.
Esports Stadium will be a destination for the rising 1.5 Billion dollar industry of Esports which will rival that of the NFL by creating an iconic stadium, die hard, and memorable commentators .
We are a real-time, gps location based events app that has entertaining features and is geared towards students.