Through a groundbreaking program with Orcam Inc., The Chicago Lighthouse is working to prove that employees who are blind or visually impaired can be as productive as their non-disabled peers. As is evidenced by the launch of similar initiatives in other markets, our work is laying the foundation to help people who are blind or visually impaired throughout the world.
These founders have created a wholly unique platform that helps small independent filmmakers get financial compensation and access to broader distribution of their work. Their platform also brings about real change in organizations through generating in-depth discussions on hard issues that are productive and result in greater empathy and compassion for others while simplifying the HR tracking process.
Since it’s 2001 Chicago founding, Kin + Carta has multiplied client offerings and capabilities, elevated the focus on employee growth opportunities, and impacted local communities and the world’s largest brands alike. Kin + Carta is committed to the equity of resources and transformation within the local Chicago community — everything becomes available to those around us to ensure that, as an industry, we continue to move forward together.
Cash reliance is an unfortunate reality for most cannabis businesses as they have been left behind by traditional payments and technology companies. Digital payments can help fill that void and AeroPay is leading the way as a disruptor in the financial technology space with their suite of compliant digital payments solutions for cannabis businesses.
In less than a year, and with under 1M in funding, BUNDLAR has created a revolutionary, proprietary, and practical AR creation platform that is ready to license, sell, and distribute to companies and organizations now. AR experiences can now be created, edited, and published instantly and on a global scale by anyone, anywhere, making this the first repeatable and scalable AR platform in the market set to be a $72.2 billion industry by 2024.
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