In his 13-year tenure with Zebra, Anders has tripled the size of Zebra and pivoted the company’s reputation from “a printer company” to an innovator with end-to-end solutions to enable every asset and worker to be visible, connected and fully optimized. Anders has demonstrated his commitment to the employees and partners who enable Zebra to deliver a performance edge to its customers on the front line of business through an inclusive culture of innovation.
Since it’s 2001 Chicago founding, Kin + Carta has multiplied client offerings and capabilities, elevated the focus on employee growth opportunities, and impacted local communities and the world’s largest brands alike. Kin + Carta is committed to the equity of resources and transformation within the local Chicago community — everything becomes available to those around us to ensure that, as an industry, we continue to move forward together.
Cash reliance is an unfortunate reality for most cannabis businesses as they have been left behind by traditional payments and technology companies. Digital payments can help fill that void and AeroPay is leading the way as a disruptor in the financial technology space with their suite of compliant digital payments solutions for cannabis businesses.
Cyber Pop-up is bringing the gig-economy to the cybersecurity industry in a way that is trustworthy, safe and efficient for businesses of all sizes. The startup is also building a much needed global next-generation talent pipeline that will put a dent in the 3.5 million cyber expert talent shortage and continually build the future of cybersecurity professionals.
Stephanie Klein is a venerable force within the Chicago technology community whose track record speaks for itself. She is unafraid to challenge the status quo, constantly pushing the limits on how technology can be used to transform financial services and passionate about paying it forward for her growing team at Braviant and the Chicago startup community as a whole.
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