Amount delivers technology for financial institutions that seamlessly integrates with their existing infrastructure to transform the digital consumer experience in months. Amount works with many of the world’s largest banks, including HSBC, Barclays and TD Bank, which collectively manage $2T in US assets and service 50 million customers.
Tovala is a time-saving smart oven-paired subscription meal service. The Tovala Smart Oven scans, steams, broils and bakes chef-crafted meals based on a custom QR code. Tovala provides fresh meals without the time commitment or prep typically involved, delivering the experience of a home-cooked meal without actually cooking.
Ascent is the platform that automates regulatory change management and helps customers achieve end-to-end compliance. Powered by Regulation AI, Ascent is the market's leading compliance automation solution that helps financial services firms reduce regulatory and reputational risk.
LiveEquipd is a web-based platform for organizations to streamline their equipment procurement process while creating a robust resource to promote healthy outcomes. LiveEquipd simplifies equipment procurement for healthcare professionals and their patients with paralysis related disabilities.
Mycocycle is a waste-to-resource process that uses fungi via mycoremediation to remove toxins out of waste resulting in material reuse and a more circular process. Joanne Rodriguez, Mycocycle's Founder and CEO, has more than 30 years of industry experience and has been a national leader in issues related to sustainability in the built environment.