Simply Sunflower is an eco-friendly, family-owned business that provides high quality, all-natural sunflower oil from sunflowers grown on our Nebraska farms. We produce, package and sell sunflower oil to grocery stores. We are one of the only vertically integrated sunflower oil producers in the USA.
Ag News is a mobile app that provides quick and easy-to-digest agricultural news for people on the go. Users set their preferences based on their location and topics of interest. The app then presents only the news that is relevant to the user in a written and/or audio format.
Waynesville Soda Jerks handcrafts soda & syrups of the highest quality and with purpose. We reconnect consumers to the source to provide a distinct clarity of ingredients and supply chain, while maximizing local economic impact. The result is what we proudly call: Southern Appalachia in a Bottle™.
Continuum Ag is a consulting and data management company with a focus on soil health. We work with farmers, consultants, and agribusinesses around the world to quantify soil health parameters and implement improvements to nutrient management, soil structure, soil biology, and in turn improve water.
We provide area children with hands on experience through gardening, animal care and sustainability related activities. We hope to inspire and educate children so that they understand the handwork and rewards of nurturing all living things.
Terva is a web-based tool that enables landowners, with no real estate experience, to self-list & market their land for sale or rent. Terva tracks public land sales & notifies users of upcoming sales. Ultimately, Terva is an online marketplace where users connect to buy, sell & rent farmland.
Our company is a craft spirits business producing an apple pie liquor. We are currently developing a process that will allow for faster and more efficient aging of grain whiskies such as bourbons, ryes and malt whiskies.
Broadslab Distillery was the first farm distillery established in North Carolina. We grow the grains to produce the distilled spirits on the farm that has been in the family since the 1840s. We provide educational tours and are in the process of expanding the entire agritourism experience.
At Buzzed Bee Meadery we produce mead, which is an alcoholic beverage made with honey. We use high quality ingredients, with a focus on locally grown produce. Our mission is to provide customers with a unique experience while enjoying a craft beverage.
Feed Manager builds software that makes feeding animals easier. All data is made easily accessible to anyone you want at no extra cost and we charge a flat fee. Integrating with your nutritionists, vendors, and laboratories software we can eliminate almost all of the office work you hate.
We are a teaching farm devoted to introducing children to healthier lifestyle habits now so that they can sustain a healthier lifestyle later. We offer programming in physical activity, nutrition and how to choose healthier food options, and social and emotional learning and awareness.
We are a true farm distillery. We grow all the grain feedstocks that are then fermented and distilled on our farm to produce award winning craft spirits - focused on bourbon, rye whiskey and vodka. In addition we are becoming renowned for using different grain varieties for flavor differentiation.
A wine grape vineyard, producing some of the most popular and sought after Kansas grapes. These will be produced and sold to Kansas farm wineries to produce Kansas wine for sale within the state. Our goal is to be a grower and an agritourism destination to teach others about viticulture.
We are planning to provide a healthy alternative food by working side-by-side with local farmers. This community has given so much to us, and we would like to return that goodwill by growing together to feed the whole world using our local ingredients.
LocalzOwn is a company and software application that connects local farmers and food producers to buyers. Innovative technology and a quick and easy user experience help farmers sell their products, and enable buyers to easily find and buy local, quality food that they are looking for.
Hawk Knob is dedicated to the revitalization of the heritage place based business of making high quality hard cider. It is furthermore dedicated to the development of farmer/producer networking that will ultimately culminate in the recognition of the region as one of cider and calvados production.
Vineyard, farmer’s table, gardens, ag educational and event venue, situated on an 85-acre sustainable farm that produces varies types of foods, raises animals and honey, and grows flowers using techniques that protect the environment and help foster the development of healthy living.
We are a web application thats mission is to change the way purchasing is done. We believe a customer should be able to place an order in thirty seconds or less. Our tool will save business owners valuable time and money by taking calling and emailing out of the bidding process for inventory.
Kornecopia Farm provides edible perennial plants for the homeowner who wants more from their land than ornamentals. The cultivars we carry are uniquely suited to our Appalachian climate. Our selection of trees, shrubs, and perennial vegetables will both delight and nourish you and your family.
Our award winning Vodka and Gin are available for purchase now. Our premier products include Whiskey, Rye and Bourbon that are barrel aging for release beginning 2017 holiday season. We are beginning to distribute outside of NC and pursue exporting. We were just awarded NC Distillery of the Year.
Bull City Ciderworks is focused on the production and distribution of high quality modern american ciders. Using different ingredients and yeast strains we have created a portfolio of distinctive ciders that appeal to beer, wine and cider enthusiasts.
Named "The can opener for seed boxes" by Shark Tank's Daymond John; Seed Slide is changing the status quo and saving lives in the process. By eliminating the need for farmers to climb up slippery wagons to unload seed, we make farming operations safer and more efficient.
Neomega's mission is innovation, sustainability and health through food! We make innovative and clean avocado oils in NC. We show 100% transparency in our sourcing and manufacturing process. Our goal is to be a known and trusted brand for accessible and heart healthy culinary oils and ingredients.
We provide our guests the opportunity to experience old Florida by way of horse-drawn wagon. Guests venture into the native habitat of Florida and view everything from cattle to Spanish moss. We end each adventure with a delicious home-cooked meal or sweet treat around a campfire.
A full service truffle company starting with brokering trees and development of truffle orchards, expanding into community outreach and education, formation of a truffle growing association, and ultimately marketing and distribution of locally grown California Truffles.
DTE Materials manufactures a patent-pending, hemp-derived, high performance, nontoxic and sustainable building insulation material for residential and commercial projects. DTE's mission is to innovate sustainable building materials sustainably from plant to home.
We produce cassava for animal feed in cooperation with Ulupono Initiative, and are starting a second business in value-added cassava products, namely chips and fries. We also are in the beginning stages of developing an agritourism business, with farm tours weddings and food service already started.
We will provide a place for local rural residents to market produce, crafts, and trade to other local residents along with bringing in people to the area from other communities. We hope to provide a daily spot for lunches specializing in local fresh produce and other locally grown consumables.
Wild Work Farm envisions a new way of doing business in Upstate New York. We provide meaningful employment to those on society's margins while producing organic fruits and vegetables for the community and stewarding a piece of land critical to the area's food production.
Due to the success of our Maze here on the farm, I have decided to open our farm as a year-round agritourism venue offering affordable family fun and creating memories that last a life time.Open for field trips, birthday parties, reunions, and events. Faith, Family and Farming is our mot
Hopshire Farm & Brewery is a brewery dedicated to serving a local community with high quality beer made from local ingredients. Using local ingredients leverages the sale of our product to support other local agricultural businesses. We are also committed to sharing knowledge with our customers.
Three Brothers is a Destination Farm Distillery that makes pre-Prohibition styled spirits using locally sourced products. We combined a traditional copper pot still with modern business practices to produce market-differentiated spirits such as a Silk Jacket, a unique 114 proof Naval Strength Gin.
My company is being built on a passion for agriculture. We bring awareness to how important agriculture is by teaching what we know. Our visitors can pet, feed, learn and ask questions about farm animals, equipment and activities.
DustUp is a user exchange marketplace for livestock producers and buyers that is seeking to disrupt how the meat you eat actually gets to your table. We've made an ecosystem that will change how protein is produced, marketed, and purchased along the global food value chain.
At JRCBC we plan to pasteurize and package the milk from Chaney Farm and sell to the general public in the form of whole, low-fat, chocolate milk, cheeses and yogurts. Lastly we will provide the ice cream mix for Chaney's Dairy Barn that they then make, freeze & sell through their store on farm.
Birch Boys Chaga is a rapidly growing company owned by Garrett Kopp, a student at Clarkson University. Birch Boys' mission is to expand the knowledge and use of one of our world’s potent holistic marvels: Chaga mushroom. Chaga is a great source of nutrients and antioxidants. Chaga has multiple uses.
Our company is a family operated two generation farm that produces and sells natural food products direct to consumers. We produce value added natural products for health conscious consumers.
Live Advantage Bait started in May 2013 with an R&D and proof-of-concept facility. We have developed technology and techniques as well as sales contracts, to enable our company to move out of proof-of-concept into a full-scale farm in 2017. We have located property, started the permitting steps, and are designing and pricing build-out.
Sankofa Farms LLC is a multifaceted agricultural entity that seeks to assist changing the food intake habits of those living in and affected by food deserts. Currently our business offers dehydrated chips, incubated eggs, farm fresh eggs, farm goods, and a summer agricultural program.
Autryville's Buzz is a hydroponic company providing pesticide free lettuce and micro greens, while practicing sustainable growing procedures. Caring for our environment by using 90% less water than conventional farming, we grow indoors with LED lighting and climate control to produce year round.
Tough as a Farmer is a company that develops competitions that promote awareness to challenges farmers may expect on any given day. This “Ninja Warrior” style event focuses on strength, speed, and endurance while completing real life agricultural related tasks as efficiently as possible.
Urban Valley Farms' goal is to provide organic food solutions of the highest quality that are nutrient dense, economical, and sustainable, limiting humanity's footprint on the environment by utilizing insect powders. These food products can be utilized for humans and livestock (aquaculture) use.
Re-imagining the distillation process, we have provided new services to the craft beverage industry, allowing rural farms access to expansive markets. Our distillation process goes beyond just hops, this system has the capacity to process a vast spectrum of plants, many of which are locally grown.
McDowell & Dellinger LLC is a small family business with family involvement. We designed and manufacture in-house a cost effective solution that will make rural seed dealerships safer and more efficient. We publicly launched in 2017 and our sales are growing faster than we can build them.
We are a wholesome farm focused on providing quality, organic, nutrient-dense food and education to local consumers through sustainable, closed-loop systems. Our goal is to build a successful model to serve our community that can be customized for communities and farmers across the country.
SeaBrooks Family Naturals is dedicated to improving the health of the state of NC. In addition, SeaBrooks Family Naturals plans to create jobs in our local community.
yellowDog : creative is a unique breed of creative animal. Our pedigree includes years of experience in design, copywriting, advertising, and marketing communications. We work with clients large and small to solve design challenges, create and expand brands and reach new audiences and ambassadors.
We will offer only NC grown and produced foods & services. The products will be offered without the customer having to go to the business work site.
Whether its sourcing an ingredient, featuring an artist, supporting a cause or doing a beer collaboration, it’s important to cultivate connections within the community. Our partnerships with local farmers, chefs, artists and businesses aren’t just to make better beer, but to build a better community
Bull City Farmstead Cheese will be in Rougemont , NC. The creamery will be owned and operated by husband and wife team, Samantha, Scott and their three children who currently own and operate Bull City Farm which sells grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture raised pork and free-range eggs.
SaleRing is the world's most powerful technology for online livestock auctions. The first to market with innovative features like fully integrated videos, user feedback, delivery options and more--SaleRing allows users to bid, buy and sell from the palm of their hand with just a swipe of a thumb.
Preparedness Systems Intl., Inc. (PSI) creates, designs, develops, tests, demonstrates, manufactures, and sells innovative products to meet special needs for agriculture such as the continuation of poultry production under threats from bird flu and/or bio-terrorism. Other products are related.
We are a web based advertising company, specializing in herd sires for cattle producers. We advertise on the bases of breed, EPD's (expected progeny difference),location and selling terms. We serve our customers by taking video/pictures of sires, posting them with searchable EPD's & contact info.
Reeves Home Place Farm is a family run farm that has been in operation since 1840. Our farm has always strived to provide high quality, locally grown farm products to our neighbors and consumers in our region. Currently we are on the seventh generation that has farmed on the same land.
Excess crops result in a waste of time and money spent on production and harvest activities. By partnering with small, local farmers, Farmented solves this major problem of wasted food through the use of fermentation and keeps agricultural products local.
Connecting consumers with the product and process. Repurposing an agricultural property to remain a working farm, while taking into consideration the consumer’s hospitality expectations for an educational connection to the farm to glass experience.
Nebullam is an Iowa LLC, manufacturing custom-built High Pressure Aeroponics units, powered by machine learning. Nebullam's mission is to create the art of future food. Now.
We are a company who cares about the health of the American people and who desires to facilitate increased vim and vigor – through increased good health – to everyone we can reach.
We own and operate a goat farm where we raise and harvest goats for meat for the immigrant community in northern Vermont. We manage a herd of between 250 and 350 animals sourced from goat dairies around the state, resolving a serious concern for the dairies that have no use for young male goats.
Revival Bison will raise bison in the most natural form and provide a local food source. The farms focus is meeting the needs of the bison while incorporating outside interests. Each bison harvested will provide meat, leather goods, and decor. The farm will also provide educative opportunities.
Hickory Creek Farm is a NC Century Farm dedicated to providing Christmas trees, decorations, poinsettias and a good old fashioned farm experience to families during the Christmas season. We are a place to relax and truly enjoy the meaning of Christmas away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
We're a craft brewery in Hastings, NE. Our mission is simple; make good beer for good people. We’re inspired by the honest, hard-working folks that fill their glasses on Saturday and do right by their neighbor on Sunday. Our goal is to bring a unique venue and quality craft beer to Hastings.
We offer high-quality, organically and biodynamically-certified herbs for medicinal use to national and international nutritional supplement companies. We also offer our line of pre-packaged dried herbs and teas to retail merchants, and we sell directly to customers online and at farmers’ markets.
We are a small family company working on the family ranch. Wild Valley Farms creates all-natural, innovative, soils and fertilizers. We believe a healthy garden leads to a healthy life.
The Naked Pig Meat Co. raises hogs and sells the pork, without added antibiotics, hormones, & artificial enhancements. Our animals are healthy & happy, being raised outdoors. In order produce the finest tasting meats, we start with the best breeds & raise them according to humane standards.
Blawesome is a socially responsible enterprise that supports the vocational and social growth of a young man with autism. By providing opportunities to cultivate and deliver flowers, this entrepreneur experiences a full range of work diversity while connecting to the community in a positive way.
Sweetgrass Natural Foods creates all natural food products that are distributed throughout our region. We currently manufacture two product lines, Sweetgrass Southern Granola and EllieFinn’s Go Snacks, and run "Micropackers,", a low-minimum copacking service.
We grow healthy, local food in a way that helps the earth, our community, and endangered heritage plants and animals. We want to bring back the taste of the heritage plants and animals that built America, starting with our rare Beveren rabbits.
Persistence Data Mining sourced the best intellect, hardware and software available to solve a very specific agricultural need; farmers need more precise, actionable, soil nutrient information to make important decisions.
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