Our old Austin landmarks are disappearing, and Peter Pan Mini Golf is one of but a handful of old-time business remaining, especially downtown. The same family of native Austinites that founded Peter Pan Mini Golf still lives here and continues to manage it after 72 years. Having been featured in local, national, and international publications, Peter Pan Mini Golf regularly places in the top things to do in Austin, and video and television shoots have taken place here. Peter Pan Mini Golf is a family-friendly business, hosting children’s birthday parties, first dates, and marriage proposals on our iconic grounds. We are an Austin landmark that has kept its quaint charm and appeal for “kids” of all ages. We never grow up here, and that feeling is infectious!
Austin is made up of many different communities, and APIE embraces the willingness of so many Austinites – both newcomers and long-time residents – to give back to young people who most need extra support. APIE engages volunteers from a variety of different professions and cultural backgrounds and is empowering students – the next generation of Austinites – by connecting them with the current generation of business people, professionals, and community members who want to support and share their expertise in some way with students in Austin ISD. In addition to being laser-focused on student outcomes, we’re also flexible. Each year, APIE adapts to meet the unique needs and priorities of the school district and the Chamber of Commerce. Adapting to the needs of the school and business community keeps our organization keyed into what makes our community uniquely Austin.
Even now with almost 100 stores spanning across Texas, the Jabour family and Twin Liquors team hasn’t forgotten their roots. Co-owner David Jabour has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of Texas homegrown spirits, giving under-the-radar distillers a platform to establish their brands on local, regional and national levels, including renowned Austin brand, Tito's Vodka. Additionally, David is responsible for early conversations with Clayton Christopher, co-founder of Austin’s Deep Eddy Vodka, on the origins of its Ruby Red Vodka. He was also involved in the growth of other popular Austin-area brands, such as Treaty Oak Distilling Co., Paula's Texas Spirits and Dripping Springs Vodka. But most importantly, Twin Liquors is “uniquely Austin” because of their outlook on serving their customers and their community. “We believe that helping communities is an essential component of fulfilling the needs of our customers,” said David Jabour. With that philosophy, Twin Liquors supports over 500 charitable events annually using passion as their driving force.
ABC is uniquely Austin because there is no one else that does what we do and is part of Austin the way we are. We are a unique business offering a wide breadth of services that has expanded as we listened to the Austin community’s wants and needs. Bobby Jenkins is the second generation in the business, with succession plans for the 3rd generation. Beyond the Jenkins family, 40% of employees at ABC have family members who work at ABC. Every employee is treated like family, which is why the average tenure is 24 years for the senior management team. When there is a chance to help out the community that supports our business on a daily basis, ABC always steps up. From donating a portion of our sales to the Central Texas Food Bank during the COVID-19 pandemic, to helping put on the AHA Heart Walk each year, to keeping the Kite Festival running year after year – the Austin community knows they can count on ABC to help out.
We are uniquely Austin in that we are an amalgam of different cultures, backgrounds, skillsets, and points of view. We believe in honesty, transparency, and doing what is right, no matter the cost. We are built on a foundation of values that will not waver, and we work to support others who share those same goals. When we say, “Drink Like you Give a Damn,” we mean choose spirits that align with what you care about. For us, that’s environmental sustainability, social responsibility, quality ingredients, and masterful attention to detail. When COVID-19 threw us a curveball, we saw that our neighbors needed a safe, contactless option for food and sundries and the demand for sanitizer was high. We immediately pivoted to convert our whiskey and gin operation into an FDA-approved sanitizer production facility, and our restaurant became a marketplace with to-go meals, groceries, and necessary items. Once again, we dug deep to create a new normal with nothing but grit and confidence that we could overcome. Like the mighty Treaty Oak tree, we bend when the wind blows, we are resilient in the face of adversity, and we will keep on growing and providing what the people need, whatever that may be.
Austin is home to the nation’s first ReStore. With the city's culture of innovation and heart for sustainability, Austin residents embraced and fostered the concept of the ReStore, allowing us to become a nationwide model for other Habitat for Humanity affiliates. Now, over 900 ReStores operate throughout the United States providing additional funding for the creation of affordable homes, increasing access to low-cost building materials and home goods, and diverting reusable materials from the landfill. The Austin ReStore has also been recognized as the country’s top-performing ReStore for two consecutive years (2018 and 2019). As the original ReStore in the country, we owe all of our success and accomplishments to the Austin community for embracing our mission way back in 1992. Together we’ve helped Austin Habitat for Humanity build homes, communities, and hope.
Set on the shores of the Live Music Capital of the World, no other building represents Austin’s creative spirit quite like the Long Center. From its beginnings as the Municipal Auditorium to today’s world-class facility, our iconic architecture and exceptional park space welcomes all Austinites to be part of the creativity that defines our city. Our staff, our programs, and our vision are based upon the tenet that the Long Center exists to represent the creative soul of Austin. We welcome everyone and serve as the community gathering place for our city. The Long Center is open, and we invite all to pull up a chair.