The Arete Project is a character development curriculum, the core of which is an intensive eight-day training on a ranch in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. The Project takes as its starting point a Classical ideal of virtue-based excellence, building out a model of hard physical conditioning, honest philosophical study, and deliberate community formation. Admission is selective, with the goal of creating and branding an elite network of moral leaders.
Derecho Company is an online ecosystem connecting technology sales organizations with bleeding-edge, startup Software as a Service companies, providing both with new tools for success. Derecho’s platform provides a sales tools, analytics and access to transformative technology. Our name comes from the weather phenomenon of straight line wind storms. These storms move with speeds of up to 130 MPH, are highly disruptive and are sustained for several days. This disruptive, sustained force is our dictum and will enable our clients to achieve unparalleled competitive advantage.
Based on a simple, but highly impactful technology, ThermalGreen Solutions (TGS) will commercialize a dynamic temperature control system, eliminating over 40% of wasted heating energy in unoccupied buildings by not running the heat when it's not freezing outside. Our solution gives homeowners and property managers peace of mind - knowing that they are not wasting energy, while adding protection against frozen pipes by heating more when it's most needed.
SecūrSpace provides a marketplace to match port-trucking/drayage/intermodal trucking companies in need of parking and storage space for trucks and containers with potential suppliers with unused space on their property, such as in empty lots and open areas of container yards.
Pop-Up Live is a virtual, temporary newsroom that uses a collaborative reporting approach to comprehensively cover events. Events are covered using smart devices and the Evrybit, mobile-first, live storytelling platform. Evrybit allow users to create and edit multimedia stories in real time, collaborate and distribute media, find and engage with attendees, and to monetize content. Stories can be embedded on websites, distributed on mobile devices, shared on social media, and integrated into CMS systems to promote events. Pop-Up Live anticipates adding new technologies (360/VR) for events.
TULIP BRAND is a for-profit, for-good apparel company that produces and sells authentic, high-quality, local items and returns a significant portion of profits to its partners by investing in local community improvement projects. The majority of TULIP BRAND’s apparel items feature a local partner (business or non-profit) that epitomizes the essence of “being local.”
One out of ten patients in America cannot afford prescription drugs. Insurance premiums are unaffordable and continue to rise. Rejected claims are standard. At Watchtower we are patient advocates. We break down barriers that stand between patients and the care they desperately need. Using our unique skill set we work with insurance companies and physicians to ensure that patients needs are met. We get patients what they need, when they need it. Our proven process enhances efficiency, reduces costs, improves coordination of care, and most importantly improves patient outcomes.
College Sponsor is an online platform enabling primarily middle-class students currently overlooked by existing aid systems to crowdfund capital for their tuition costs. The site would host student profiles from schools across the country, allowing donors to find students to support based on a variety of criteria, including university, area of study, academic achievement, and hometown. Students would stay connected to their donors by posting updates throughout the year. College Sponsor helps alleviate student debt and provides a more personal experience for donors.
SVEME diagnostics analyses common bodily fluids, such as urine and blood, for biomarkers that can indicate a cancerous lesion and lead to early diagnosis. This results in earlier disease treatment and increased therapeutic success. The diagnostic system utilizes a patented technology to isolate microvesicles from these bodily fluids which leverages microvesicles' ability to protect biomarkers from degradation and their increased release by cancerous cells which amplifies the disease signal. As a result, SVEME is positioned to become to new standard in disease detection.
Vidlocity is a smartphone application providing baseball and softball pitchers with an affordable and convenient means to improve their pitching through video analysis of their form and the corresponding velocity of the pitch. Vidlocity uses computer vision and machine learning to give pitchers the power to connect video of their form with the velocity of the pitch in one interface, giving them instant feedback they can use to improve their performance.
Promnis will centralize the shopping experience for consumers, allowing shoppers to research products and categories and click through to purchase from countless retailers. Content is created by individuals who write reviews for products from retailers with whom Promnis has an affiliate marketing agreement. Reviewers are paid on a monthly basis a percentage of referral fees tracked to the reviewer with a portion kept by Promnis. Promnis will do to the online marketplace what Yelp did for physical stores, centralizing information and exposing more shoppers to more retailers.
The TayCo Ankle Brace is an innovative over-the-shoe brace that has been used by Notre Dame football players since 2012. Its over-the-shoe fit overcomes many shortcomings of traditional in-shoe braces that are uncomfortable and cumbersome. The TayCo Ankle Brace can help prevent and treat a variety of ankle injuries by providing optimal support and stability of the ankle joint. The TayCo Ankle Brace is patent pending and has the potential for practical use in athletics, the medical field, and within other customer segments.
We are developing Artificial intelligent web based tools for small and medium sized businesses to help them manage their businesses more efficiently. Our current primary offering is a tool to transform any old website into a new website using AI data mining in just few clicks. We are also working towards creating AI chatbots to be integrated with these websites. These chatbots will be able to answer most of the user questions. Additionally, we plan to offer AI assistant like Siri specifically focused on professions such as Dentist or SPA owners to help them manage their businesses.
Dark Horse Sports Recruiting is a service that helps high school athletes get recruited by college sports programs while also preparing them to be successful academically. Students have a mentor with experience in their sport and personal relationships with coaches around the country. This mentor will identify the student’s target level of play, market the student to coaches, and help them secure an offer to play. Meanwhile, the company will help the students understand what they need to do to improve their academic candidacy, identify scholarships, and build out their admissions application.
Relax & Revel delivers fully planned and personalized celebrations to your door. Celebrations come complete with invitations and stationary, décor, instructions for set-up, online music playlist, recipes, games and activities, and anything else you need to host a great celebration. After you take a short “celebration quiz”, Relax & Revel consultants, with the help of predictive analytics (coming in the future), put together a personalized party from a selection of curated party elements. Consultants are also available for add-on party planning services including arranging caterers, florists, etc. We take the hours of surfing Pinterest and running around the city for party supplies out of the planning. Let us do the work. You Relax & Revel.
Social deficits are typical characteristics of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Positive social exposures can be beneficial to the development of the child, while negative social exposures can lead to developmental challenges. However, there are no tools available to monitor the social exposure of a child with ASD. Our venture will commercialize a wearable device that continuously monitors a child’s social activities and emotions, thereby providing parents with valuable information about positive/negative experiences and empowering them to control future social events.
Our mission is to provide Syrian refugee women with a dignified path to self-empowerment and cultural integration through traditional crafts. We enable the disadvantaged through the training of transferable skills while furnishing an ethical workplace, fair compensation, and fulfilling employment. Through a partnership with Woven Legends, a premier industry partner, the Anka Cooperative will deliver exceptional products that preserve tradition while spreading social awareness. All proceeds are used to further this mission and provide health and educational assistance to refugee families.
Figuro3D provides proprietary scanning technology that produces photorealistic 3D models by combining high resolution pictures with 3D point cloud data. Fusing sensor technology and an advanced software algorithm allows our customer to capture more data more quickly than current methods. Our initial commercial product, the Tofi™ Scanner, will allow our customers to scan complex objects as easily as taking a picture.
Spawn Camp is a proposed "eSports bar," where video gaming enthusiasts can enjoy their passion with like-minded fans in a venue similar to a traditional sports bar. eSports is a growth industry with millions of fans worldwide, yet the majority of content is viewed online from one's own home because there are virtually no "sports bars" for competitive video gaming. Spawn Camp seeks to solve that problem by providing not only a physical location (with potential for nationwide expansion), but also through curated events and an online multimedia presence. Not just a bar, but a community.
Need a ride to space? Galaxial Spacelines, Inc. partners with the world’s leading launch service providers to bring you seamless access to the best secondary payload launch opportunities for small satellite orbital deployment. Contact us with your requirements, select a launch, and schedule payload pickup. We launch and you celebrate. We handle all technical aspects so you can focus exclusively on readying your payload for its important mission in space.
The BUmi Smart sensor allows you to manage your garden and monitor its health in real time. The sensor provides important information like soil moisture level and ambient light levels for your plants. The smartphone app alerts the user to maintain optimum conditions to increase plant life, it also employs machine learning and predictive suggestions to provide a complete garden management system. Whether it’s a small backyard vegetable garden, a full scale organic farm or a greenhouse BUmi aims at creating a connected garden and helping gardeners around the world.
Our company mission is to provide a platform to preserve family history in real time for future generations by encouraging users to create video interviews with family members. Customer will be able to store these videos and photos in their "vault", have the ability to share with family members who are connected in their "family tree" and they can make these items visible to the public. Lineage gives people the power to proactively preserve their family history in a secure location.
FanMasque is a face paint that functions like a spa facial. It was developed as a solution to the fact that traditional face paints can be toxic, known to cause skin irritation, breakouts, and staining. Many people refrain from super fan activities because of the negative effects on their skin. FanMasque is all natural/organic. Each ingredient was chosen for its known benefits to the skin. It is water resistant and won't run in the rain, yet washes off easily with soap and water. It even contains a natural sunscreen. Available in 18 team-inspired colors, it is a win for your skin!
Elephant in the Room is an anonymous online mental health forum restricted to students at their own universities where they may post questions and receive responses regarding any type of mental health concerns.
CODEinCLASS prepares children for the future by making it easier for elementary schools to incorporate a computer science curriculum. We assemble the best available public resources into a classroom-ready package for both teachers who will deliver the program and administrators who create a vision for their entire elementary school. We also add professional development and in-person training that teachers and administrators desperately need.
Resource Central is an app that connects college students to alumni, giving them access to valuable resources, advice, and connections that they otherwise would not have been able to find in an efficient and effective manner. It includes a variety of aspects including job postings, question forums, mentor pairing, success stories, and many other features. Revenue would be generated through subscriptions, advertisements, and cross-server opportunities. The multi-facet design of this product creates many individual benefactors, while also strengthening a university’s sense of community.
Eligo is a twofold solution that seeks to revolutionize the food and beverage industry by meeting customers’ engagement expectations and providing transparency regarding what we eat. At Eligo’s core is the desire to retain the experience of going out to a restaurant or bar, while understanding how modern consumers want to interact with businesses. Our online platform allows small and large businesses to digitize their menus and create an interactive dining experience. Users will then be able to use our mobile application to conveniently browse, order, and pay at their favorite local spots.
PhotoU is redefining collegiate football fan memories. We offer a professional photo experience that extends beyond just a picture. From the scenic Notre Dame setting to the ubiquitous ND leprechaun, PhotoU reproduces the authenticity of the collegiate football experience in an extremely personal and professional way across multiple campuses. PhotoU has campus specific divisions that will operate under campus specific names. For example, the PhotoU division at Notre Dame is called The Fighting Photographers.
Fintus improves people’s financial health while lowering banks’ customer acquisition and transaction costs through gamified digital literacy training and mobile banking. Fintus is a mobile app that gamifies app-literacy education and mobile banking onboarding.
Mentor Funding, LLC is an online FinTech company that refinances the student loans of recent college graduates and provides them career-progression mentorship by connecting them to a network of Alumni literally invested in their futures. Mentor Funding is developing a data-driven Internet portal integrated with cloud-based collaboration and Trusted Access platforms to provide a secure student loan refinancing solution; coupling lower interest rates and flexible repayment terms with unmatched career-progression mentorship.
WindE is a wind turbine manufacturing company whose product utilizes its patented technology of Low Velocity Wind Turbine. Unlike regular wind turbines, WindE’s products could generate electricity from as low velocity as 0.3m/s from any direction–compared with conventional wind turbines that could only generate electricity from 3.5m/s at a certain direction–which allows for the first distributed generation of wind power that could be used by an individual household.
There is beauty in innovation and potential in everyone. Our goal is to encourage curiosity by merging fashion and technology to education women and girls about computer science, coding and other STEM related disciplines. We provide beautiful accessories that are designed to ignite an interest in computer science and technology development. The accessories have strings of code on them. The user enters in the code to and it will unlock training modules on how to code.
Safetap is a mobile and web application that serves to connect professional psychotherapists to potential clients, leveraging secure telehealth communications and other technologies.
Talent Development Insourcing is built to disrupt the recruiting industry and find Perfect Fit Candidates in record time while reducing fees by as much as 50%. We provide dedicated resources by committing a minimum number of hours per week to fill our clients search needs. Our clients have access to a real time report detailing the work performed and we share the candidate list. The 360 Candidate Profile and Interview Scorecard defines the ideal candidate profile before any search begins. By eliminating success fees and billing an hourly rate we are on average 50% less than typical search firm
RePortables Inc. will provide restaurants with reusable containers for take-out and delivery food. We will combat the twin consequences of our society’s runaway use of disposable take-out containers: the tremendous consumption of petroleum and natural gas to produce the requisite polystyrene and other plastics (US plastic production requires 330 million barrels of petroleum annually); the sheer tonnage of waste piling into our landfills afterward (Americans discard 25 billion polystyrene coffee cups alone every year). Our solution is to provide a true alternative and remedy.
To address the issues of a lack of safe and comfortable housing for cancer patients receiving outpatient care at Uganda Cancer Institute and the inability for patients to participate in paying jobs during treatment, I would like to design and build a home on the grounds of the hospital where patients can sleep, receive proper nutrition, attend counseling and education sessions, and participate in a meaningful and paying job. And most importantly, the patients will be a part of a community of love and healing that will allow them more effectively battle the evils of cancer.
SignaCure offers software intended to be built into existing systems which handle sensitive user information that increases the security of users's information. Our software consists of an unobtrusive and user friendly secondary method of user authentication to be used in conjunction with typical user generated passwords.
“Pass the Aux” is an app designed to address current issues in the music streaming industry. With many platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and TIDAL to choose from, it is difficult for users to create cohesive libraries and playlists. Pass the Aux allows users to briefly combine and stream from different apps, whether on the user’s phone or on other users' phones in close proximity. Pass the Aux will be popular among young adults seeking simplicity in sharing and listening to music with friends, while artists and platforms will be able to target a broader audience.
We will create a secure network that inmates will use through tablets in order to connect with the vast amount of free educational resources found online. We also intend to link our users with outside companies, in order to give them the opportunity to be hired and perform tasks like data entry, interview transcribing, and many others.
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