My bears are grief bears. I will take a piece of your loved ones clothing and turn it into a memory you can hug. Any piece of clothing can be turned into a hold-able, hug-gable memory you can treasure forever.
The First-ever Climate controlled dog house! Innovative curved design with installed AC and Heating that Keeps your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
JUNO "Enjoy the journey" Despite the monumental feats of progress we have made in the last few decades, humanity still remains binary in one way… backpacks. We are Juno and we have set out to change this bland world of personal storage. Our goal is to turn your backpack into one with a variety of options that can be changed and will never grow old. The days of compromising style for functionality… are over. Our design consists of the base of the backpack and a set of straps. From there on, each additional piece is interchangeable, with its own unique functions to serve your daily needs. The Juno bag empowers the user with unprecedented flexibility throughout their day, from work or school, to the mountains and back. By Matt Tomicek and Kieran Binkley
Up to Earth aims to build affordable, self-sufficient, environmentally sustainable homes in west Texas by using Earthen building methods and modular design.
Campus Live exists to inform and engage College fan bases of the great things happening at the schools and communities they love. Our innovative approach to media connects and engages with the campus communities.
Folkways Press is an independent book publishing company dedicated to the unconventional, the extraordinary, and the voices that have been buried within the margins for far too long. We also aim to promote literacy, donate to charitable causes, and empower our authors and readers through various genres such as poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and more. Join us in creating a new pace for publishing today!
The mission of Engaged Fitness is to develop both mental and physical fitness. Our first product is focused on mental fitness, being a Nootropic. Our Nootropic is aimed at students for a healthier alternative to energy drinks and non-prescribed adderall abuse. We plan on expanding into other clinically backed, effective, and transparent supplements, CBD, and eventually commercial gyms. All proceeds from the competition will go towards developing the product. Learn more about Nootropics:
Krabby is a chrome browser extension that tracks the prices of online shopping items for you and notifies you when there is a price drop. The main motive of this project is to ease the online shopping process and make it more money efficient.
Atlas Apparel is an e-commerce and media startup selling ethically sourced, dystopian themed faith-based streetwear. Be Bold. Be Atlas.
I have an idea of chewable straw which can be made up apple and starch. It will have nutritional benefits as well as its environmental friendly.
The Space Ranch is an innovative approach to research involving the whole community. Ideas and solutions presented and accepted at the Ranch will create virtual community bank, which will lead to local project development, resulting in the efficient and open sharing of information throughout the industrial and scientific communities to solve local problems.
A construction management software to ease the head aches of paperwork. Simple, easy to use, software focusing on submittals and change orders.
Bloom is a digital solution for children in Mental Health therapy to keep track of their daily assignments, events, and situations. Bloom also provides a web portal for parents and therapists where they can track the activity in real-time rather than relying on journals and paper forms. Bloom will also use the data entered by the child or therapist to complete the required insurance forms needed to approve therapy hours.
On the Go Auto does basic maintenance on your vehicle at your location.
My idea is the formation of a CPR device to help patients suffering from cardiac arrest. Many people have not taken CPR classes and are not aware of how to perform the heimlich maneuver. This device will be strapped onto the person suffering from cardiac arrest and perform correct pumping techniques to the chest area to revive the patient. This device will have a monitor on it which shows instructions on how to use, compressions per minute, and current heart rate. Just as an AED medical device is placed in almost every building, I am hoping that this device can be placed in buildings and homes to help save lives for those unaware of how to do CPR.
We often underestimate the importance of public safety and crime surveillance in our society. If we are aware of the crime before it happens, we can stop or reduce the consequences drastically. The solution requires automation in the process of camera recording in instances of crime that could alert the officer in case of danger, meanwhile recording the data on a safe cloud platform to prevent any interference with evidence. Copture is an intelligent police Body camera assistant that creates a danger index based on different factors to trigger the camera so that cops can actually focus on real action instead of worrying about the camera on their body.
My idea is to provide a stronger, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and bio-degradable skeet all through use of gypsum and birdseed. The Skeets will utilize waste fruit and vegetable seeds that would be otherwise thrown away or used as fed for livestock. The skeets will be lime green to separate us from the competition and we will also offer a bright purple skeet for people who suffer from color blindness. According to our customer discovery of 40 people we were able to narrow our focus on the durability of the skeet and box, color varity, bio-degradable, and an environmentally friendly option. I believe all of the issues have been addressed through our product and I have begun making prototypes due for field test soon! Thanks for your interest in BlackSheep Skeets!
Hydrosphere is a non profit idea formed by four graduate students, Christiana Wittmaack (Ph.D. student), Naveen Kumar (Post doc), Daniela Bernot Simon (M.S. student), and Edgar Becerril (Ph.D. student). We have all witnessed a lack of multidisciplinary collaboration in the marine sciences, and believe that a company based off of collaboration is called for. The idea is to create a laboratory where researchers from multiple disciplines from around the world can come together, share ideas, and collaborate on international research. This endeavor will also involve communities through internship opportunities for underrepresented groups, short field trip courses for school age children, and input from the community. The script is written by Christiana, the audio taken by Naveen, the video of wildlife by Edgar, and graphics by Daniela. Represented countries of the four founding members are the US, India, and Mexico.
After 15 minutes in the tub, your bathwater gets cold again. Do you cut your bathtime short, or do you drain and refill, wasting your water and precious bath products? With TranquilityTub, you don't have to choose one or the other. TranquilityTub works by suctioning the bathwater from the foot or side of the tub into a heating chamber and then back into your bath through a soft and serene waterfall effect. Interchangeable parts allow the user to fit onto the faucet or the side of the tub, adjusting for width and height as necessary. Temperature control buttons and a display screen allow the user to select and adjust their desired temperature easily and effectively. Because of its non-intrusive pumping and temperature control system, all water is safely transported, heated, and redistributed into the tub without any worry. Paired with automatic shut-off at the sensation of falling, this product is 100% safe for all of its users. Get the most out of your bath with TranquilityTub.
ThowNot is nylon made reusable and recyclable trash bags. It is strong and durable, you can use it for 1-3 years without any damage to the bag. This means you are decreasing the use of single-use plastic trash bags by almost 99% per month. It prevents rips and tears and is designed to handle the heaviest of loads.
Currently, textbooks and video lectures are the predominant modalities employed in medical education. Being forced to rely on these outdated learning methods to absorb mountains of information leaves many medical students feeling overwhelmed and burnt-out. VxMED aims to translate textbook and lecture medical knowledge into an interactive and enjoyable virtual learning experience. Utilizing the latest VR technology, VxMED will create interactive clinical patient encounters, each of which will feature a unique 3D patient exhibiting the life-like symptoms of important diseases for medical students to master. As students interact with each virtual patient–identifying symptoms, ordering tests, suggesting treatment, etc.–their medical knowledge will expand, and their ability to care for patients will improve. The inspiration to advance medical education through a “learn by doing” virtual reality experience was born as cofounders Anthony and Nathan studied together for their medical licensing exams.
Hi my name is Joyous Njoku and I would to to introduce you to Captivist: the app that makes caring easing. So what's the problem? There are too many problems! It seems like the world is being destroyed and there's nothing we, as consumers, can do about it. Things like: Climate Change Food Waste Landfills Homelessness Labor abuse Water Shortages and a bunch of others. Captivist is like weight watchers but for the capitalist activist. When you scan a product on Captivist, you get to quickly see easy-to-understand information about the impact product had on our planet and throughout the entire process to create whats in your hand now. This app will empower the average consumer to change their purchasing habits to promote a sustainable effort for our bodies, our planet, and our fellow humans. Every dollar is a vote for what you want to see in the world. Join me in making a change, one scan at a time.
Pods for your shower loofah. Get the perfect amount of soap every time for an enjoyable shower experience!
ClubDeck will serve as the link between the digital world and real world that will allow users to find people to share their passions with. ClubDeck will also serve as the tool to give these communities purpose, grow, and strive to achieve more. ClubDeck is an all-in-one platform that aims to bring the things that most groups need to the table, so that we can gather all the communities to one place. Then, people will not only be able to find the groups they are looking for, but with a tap of the screen, communities they didn’t even know they belong to. So what do we need to be the go-to for clubs to use? In our customer discovery, we found the most important things customers are looking for are: reliability, ease of use, and a way to separate important information from regular chats. Using these features as a focal point, and combining them with key features of the other apps currently being used, we found the formula for ClubDeck that will make it the go-to for any community. Discovery- ClubDeck will allow you to search and find the groups that you are look for, and discover new communities to join in your area. Organization- ClubDeck will feature an advanced chatting system with notification control and productivity tools we call T-Cards that separate things like polls, announcements, meeting times, and events that sync right to your calendar. Growth- ClubDeck will use social media to allow clubs to share their achievements with their followers and a point system to incentivize them to be the best they can be. Points will aid in gaining renown and attract sponsorship from businesses large and local.
Bra and panty with flip-top pockets to conceal and discretely carry feminine hygiene products to avoid embarrassing situations. The panty also has a leak-proof guard in the front and rear past the pad coverage to conceal leaks within the garment and avoid embarrassing moments.
Software that scans fine print and other documents and then pulls the most important info for the user, putting said info in laymen's terms.