We create indoor maps based around accessibility and using that data we are creating the first ever accessibility API
As the world progresses towards a primarily digital age, the ability to digitize material is more and more in demand. To create an accessible way to digitize documents, our team has developed a printer/scanner. When the PrintaScan is attached to the apple case, it has an elegant look that would complement any mac laptop. The PrintaScan looks much better than the average large box-like printers that one would see in a house, because we allow the user to create their own "skin" [all external sides of the device]. A competitive advantage is that the device is less than .65-inches thick. No other device in the entire industry can print or scan and be as small as ours. Having a portable printer and scanner would solve any problems someone may encounter while traveling, or if a college student needs space in their dorm. Lastly, we can print and scan notes and convert them automatically to a word document. We need the funding to develop this software and build the product’s hardware.
UW Junior studying Human-Centered Design and Engineering. Lavin Entrepreneurship Club and Husky Robotics member. Interested in improving products to help people, data science, and design.
I am a passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneur. My aim is to get involved and make an impact. I travel regularly and have been to 10+ countries for exposure and a diversity of experience that I can bring to the team. I am a strong believer in learning through pattern recognition and read as many stories of successes and failures to learn from others' lives. I consider myself strong in pattern recognition and foreseeing potential outcomes. I am a team player and advocate for team satisfaction, and I can step into leadership positions if we get stuck.
Current evening MBA student, and work full-time as an Internal Auditor for Expeditors International in downtown Seattle. My undergraduate degree is in economics. I am very familiar with logistics, including trucking & shipping. I'm data-driven, and believe that most business problems can be solved combining data analysis with real-world, rational thinking. Most importantly about myself, I want to join a team of like-minded individuals who have a desire to build, create, or grow one or several ideas. My work experience is in finance, accounting, audit... and my strongest qualities are problem solving and thinking creatively & strategically about issues. I believe anything can be accomplished, but also believe it takes a TEAM to accomplish the greatest things in life. A diverse, driven, and energetic teams will always succeed above one person alone!
A senior majoring in Informatics with concentration in Data Science in University of Washington. I enjoy working on complex projects and coming up with efficient solutions working both in Information Technology and Business fields. Self-motivated, performance driven with deep interest in web technology and business, and with a passion for learning anything new. I have experience both working in a team and individually, enjoy being a project manager mostly because of my good time management and social skills.
Greetings, my name is Kathryn Campos. I was born weighing 1 pound 3 ounces at U of WA Medical Center. I lost my twin brother at birth, received open heart surgery at 3 weeks old with no anesthia, was in Neonatal ICU care for 5 months and was on steroids for over a year. I am just one of millions of babies born to soon. I'm the founder of The Neonatal Womb Foundation. We are interested in gaining team-members with experience in business, nonprofit/social enterprise, marketing, legal, finance, software application development, global/public health, pre-med/medicine, nursing, and community healthcare worker training development/business development. 15 million babies are born early each year, access to care-providers is critical to the prevention and reduction of preterm births and related fatalities. In the USA 1 in 10 infants are born early, and we have an international ranking of a C-grade level. This is an international crisis that demands recognition, acknowledgement and solution building Our mission is to create a Community Healthcare Worker Certified Training Program for premature infants, we seek to develop a pilot project of the program and have it accessible via APP for potential community healthcare workers to gain access to educational training, resources, and support materials. This program is meant to be utilize both domestically and internationally and will contain locally based information pertinent for healthcare workers and what is accessible to them.
Goal - Build or be part of a early stage startup team. Why - Want to understand the process of getting an idea into an actual product/service. Experience - Microsoft Consumer Marketing Intern (Bing, Internet Explorer) (2014) - Concur IT Project Management Intern (2015) - EY Launch Intern (2016) - Apple Finance Intern - This coming summer
I am currently a Master's degree student in the Department of Bioengineering at the UW. My current research is in cancer immunotherapy and in genome engineering with two separate labs at UW South Lake Union/Fred Hutch and at UW Medical Center, respectively. This past year, I was a research scholar at UCLA and led a study to completion in three months, historically projected to take eight months. This included patient trials and was within the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences. Besides my research, I am a classical pianist and enjoy sport bouldering.
Search engine for Ayurveda type of products like herbs, plants and others with artificial intelligence on common deceases. User can use search engine with knowledge graph for specific plant or tree and how it can be used in medicine. In the same type user can search for illness and result will show complementary or alternative medicine for it. Few examples are fever, cough, consumption, diarrhea, dropsy, abscesses, seizures, leprosy, angina, diabetes, hypertension, stones etc. Although laboratory experiments suggest it is possible that some substances in Ayurveda might be developed into effective treatments, there is no evidence that any are effective. One of the instances for Ayurveda treatment can be Sattvic diet - regimen that places emphasis on seasonal foods, fruits, dairy products, nuts, seeds, oils, ripe vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and non-meat based protein.
I am an individual, Not a student, I am looking for team members with app development skills. I have 2 MBA students on my student team. I work with people with dementia and have discovered that many of their needs could be met with a wearable device that could keep track of them and remind them of things they have forgotten. I would like to develop this in conjunction with a team of students from the UW. I have collaborated with Dr. Rhoads of the UW Medicine Memory and Brain Wellness Center and we think this device could be revolutionary in the treatment of Alzheimer's. I think this can win the health innovation challenge. I have a work history of Marketing, Customer Relations, Accounting and ran a business flipping houses. I have never developed a product, that is where I need help. But I could help and inspire a team to make a much needed innovation for this challenged population and their overworked caregivers.
Hello! My name is Kenneth and I am an Evening MBA student at Foster School of Business (UW. I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from UW (Class 2007) and have experience designing and program managing Boeing 767, 777, and 787 cabin interiors, with my most recent experience working directly with airline design teams and cabin crew to improve usability and increase functionality of bars and galleys. I am currently working as a business developer for a start-up marketing agency with emphasis on creating targeted sales strategy using customer relationship management (CRM). I have owned two small businesses related to music instruction, and project consulting, which was for a customer survey mobile app company. I'd like to learn more about developing business plans and working with other technical and business-mindset entrepreneurs who are interested bringing to market a product or service that brings value to people and communities (returning in growing market share and top line revenue growth).
I'm building a prototype and applying to Amazon Catalyst for funding to build the product . And , I look forward forming a team to work on business side of the project, as well as, additional engineering team members. The project is on map-based social mediaapp which can track and display events in real time. The event icon appearing on the map can inform users information about general description, current number of people , live stream videos , posts about the event. Users will have a better decision if they want to join or not. The definition of events here includes festivals, demonstrations, marching, football games, start-up kiosks, dangerous events ( terrorism, bank robbery, disasters, etc.), SOS, traffic jam .etc. A well-developed map-based social media has a huge potential for residents to use their own urban infrastructure , and for government to administrate cities effectively. Business model is based on advertisements which we can explore and exploit during the app development.
Moo Young Baek is currently in her final year of her Master of Health Administration (MHA) program in the Department of Health Services in the School of Public Health. She is currently an Administrative Intern with Group Health working on projects that include repatriating specialty services by building communication toolkits for providers and increasing patient experience survey scores through the use of nationally recognized communication tools. Before joining the MHA program, she was a team coordinator for the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance where she coordinated care for hematology oncology patients and served as a super user for the Computerized Provider Order Entry electronic health record implementation. She has experiences with workflow layouts, strategy, and change management. Baek's interests are in health informatics, population management strategies, and combating the rising costs of healthcare. She enjoys the outdoors and cooking.
I am a senior majoring in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. I am looking to get more involved on campus before I graduate this spring. I have good presentation skills and a great work ethic and feel that I would be a good supporting asset to a team.
Analytical MBA student with a background in engineering. Previous work centered around cleantech/energy sectors. Focusing on applying data analytics to improve the built environment. Consulted across a wide range of industries from healthcare/biotech to education.
Math major at the University of Washington. Know some coding.
Please check out my personal website for more information: https://justinwangth.com Thank You!
I am a driven student who is currently a freshman at University of Washington Seattle. I plan to major in business administration and plan to become an entrepreneur. I am a hard worker and look forward to joining an entrepreneurial team and doing my best to contribute to the team.
As a bioengineering major student, I have experience in various fields. I am an expert in CAD design and Matlab programming, and I also have some experience in Java, Python, as well as C++. I always have passion about new technology, and at the same time I also quite enjoy talking with people. With many experience in teaching and public speaking, I could communicate technology efficiently and clearly with people from various fields.
Hello! My name is Alfred Mugho. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, backed by cultivating cultural experiences after living in 3 different countries throughout my life. I am a freshmen and recent admit to Lavin and my goal is to major in Business Administration with a focus in Supply Chain Information Systems. I am a charismatic leader and confident individual who believes in the power of learning and tenacity. I am passionate about everything I put my mind to and have extremely high expectations for myself and my work.
I am a second year Master of Public Administration student interested in social entrepreneurship and technology. I am a student at the Evans School focusing on finance and international development and I am also pursuing the Foster School Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship. I am a motivated leader and I enjoy working on diverse teams. My professional background is in business and operations management along with international development.
I am currently a dual-degree MD/PhD student working on my PhD in Molecular & Cell Biology. My current work largely computational in nature and involves the design of algorithms for genome assembly; I have extensive laboratory experience with genomics. I am also in the Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate Program at the Foster School of Business and will have completed the TEC program by Dec. 2016. In addition to my research, I am the Clinic Manager at a free medical clinic for the urban underserved in the Seattle area and I am a Science Communication Fellow at the Pacific Science Center. I also work at UW CoMotion as a Technology Licensing Fellow (I help evaluate early-stage UW innovations from commercialization and technology readiness perspectives). Before coming to Seattle, I got undergraduate degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and I have experience working in both academic and industrial laboratories.
IssueCounsel is an existing website I founded in the Fall of 2016: www.issuecounsel.com. Please have a look. It is focused on aggregating the world's public debates and counseling clients through their most important issues with innovative Issue Reports, competitive intelligence, decision-support tools, and communications and consulting services. It is a sequel to Debatepedia.org, a website I founded in 2006 and worked on full-time for five years. IssueCounsel aims to improve on Debatepedia, apply argument-visualization and competitive intelligence as a for-profit venture, and leverage technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to achieve these goals. One of its missions is to solve a problem in the public debate: arguments and quotes on any given issue are always scattered across dozens or sometimes hundreds of sources. This makes it impossible for citizens and leaders to full deliberate or frame their own decision-making. IssueCounsel solves this by centralizing and framing ALL the main arguments and quotes in any topic into comprehensive Issue Reports. See for example the Issue Report on the Sound Transit Three debate here in Seattle: https://issuecounsel.com/issue-report/seattle-sound-transit-3-referendum/ These have value to citizens who want to deliberate, advocate, and vote. They also have value to companies who want to gather competitive intelligence on the arguments their competitors are making. For other target segments, see website.
I am an Engineering Manager at Boeing working on 777X Primary Flight Control Laws. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering and am now halfway through my evening MBA degree. I have many years of experience designing, developing, and testing complex technical products for market. I also have a strong interest in team development and organizational behavior.
I am a junior mechanical engineering student, interested in startup culture, ideas, and making a positive chance first-hand. I am looking to join a team and apply my skills and education to something tangible. I am in it for the experience and the chance to make a real difference.
We want to democratize the early venture investment process by offering seed funding of new startups for small investors.
We are building a platform that supports proximity media that will lead to advancements in social automation and Artificial intelligence. Our conservative interpretation of internetworking systems can be viewed as an internet of places. This network of physical locals will allow our users to interact with one another through an AR supported Social media.
A sophomore in electrical engineering with EIC experience and skill set on marketing and research.
My professional concentration area is regenerative medicine and biomaterials, with knowledge in medical sciences, and some knowledge in economics too(as the second degree). I have prototyping skills, and am able to build 3D models using AutoCAD and print it out. I am also able to do laser cutting and engraving on different kinds of materials.
Healthy Roots is a plant-based meal service which seeks to improve the quality of life of individuals across all communities. The health of the individual and the environment is paramount to the mission of the company. The company wishes to address the harmful effects of foods deserts, pharmaceutical dependents, and an excessive American diet. Healthy Roots wishes to provide an alternative diet which is both affordable and accessible. By providing a plant-based alternative the general well-being of people can be improved. Also, dependance on drugs and medical interventions will be decreased. Another long-term goal of the company is to address food deserts by providing the service to disadvantaged communities at a discount cost. Additionally, environmental concerns are attended to, as switching people to a plant-based diet would have a significant impact on decreasing the human footprint on the planet.
Remember eating Otter-pops when you were a kid? What if there were otter pops for adults? Well, there are! North Polez are alcoholic Otter-pops for adults. You might not think alcohol can freeze but believe it or not there are several ways to "freeze" alcohol. In fact, 3 North Polez (57ml tubes) would contain as much as 1 shot of 100 proof liquor. Google search "Alcoholic Ice Cream" and you'll find several companies selling pints of alcoholic ice cream. However, most of these products either contain very low concentrations of alcohol or are expensive. Otter-pops, on the other hand, are cheap and come in bulk boxes. Staying true to this business model, North Polez would come in bulk boxes, be cheap, and targeted towards young adults. Step aside Jell-O shots, North Polez are here.
I am Karthika Sundaresan, a software developer with 5 years of Industry experience in product development. I have expertise in building system and application software. I have also worked as Technology consultant in PwC . Currently working in big data analytics in a startup firm and pursuing my graduate studies in Data science and Cybersecurity.
Semi-normal guy. Big speaker and plays well with others. Recently left the military (Army) after 10 years as an officer. Experience across GIS analysis, cultural and psychological operations, and communications. I am a current Tech. Management MBA student and corporate consultant in human capital and process development. My skills are primarily in marketing, project management, and operations. My entrepreneurial endeavours include consulting, import/export, and product design. Undergraduate degree in business with a minor in design. In my spare time, I refurbish vintage golf clubs, skateboard, fly fish, and collect type writers. Go Huskies!
I am an engineering student who is really interested in applying my engineering skills in solving sustainable problems. I have experience in k-12 education, designing concrete canoe,and have taken sustainability and technology courses online. Really looking forward to make some changes!
I am highly involved in software development and love solving problems faced on a day to day life.
Driven MBA student with a background in human resources and finance. United States Navy veteran with strong leadership and public speaking/presentation abilities and international experience in Asia and Europe. Representative of Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club and close relationship with Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship. Bonus 1: Will be working inside venture capital firm during Winter/Spring quarters. Bonus 2: Certificated paralegal with intellectual property experience.
I am an engineer with a broad range of skills, and I have just started an MBA program at foster. I am not joining a team this year for BPC because I am acting as MBA co-chair, but I can't wait to see all of the ideas this year!
Hi there! My name is Eric. I'm a senior studying Finance, Information Systems, and Human Resources at the UW Foster School of Business. I have additional coursework in Marketing and Leadership Development. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to flex my skills to assist a team in a entrepreneurship competition. One of my greatest strengths is my organization--and that can range from anything (scheduling, coordinating, and following-up). I also describe myself as multi-skilled, both quantitatively and qualitatively. I've had the opportunity to work on various Excel models throughout my internships but also synthesize information to compile into a PowerPoint presentation. Thanks for reading! You can feel free to send me a message at (408) 564-2098 or ericch3n@uw.edu.
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