Hi! I am Stefana Ciustea, a current Sophomore at the University of Washington. I consider myself a well-rounded person with many passions, ranging from medicine to engineering to atmospheric sciences to neuroscience to dancing, and beyond. I believe that all fields of knowledge are connected, and the most successful inventions are ones that combine ideas and skills from different fields on knowledge. I would love to use my creativity and my varying skills in a team filled with people that hold different passions, in order for my team and I to come up with an innovative product or service that will help the environment.
Before coming back to school to pursue my Masters, I spent four years in Daimler Trucks North America. A Michigan native, my first job was as a forensic metallurgist in the warranty claims division of Detroit Diesel, Daimler's engine facility. I then decided to take a life adventure by moving to Portland where I worked as a Liaison in the Western Star truck manufacturing plant. I have numerous contacts in the trucking and automotive industries. I'm on this website looking to network with other students in the business and economics disciplines. A primary motivator for attending UW was to change career trajectories to sustainable and clean-tech industries.
Interested in bioengineering, environmental engineering, or medicine-related projects. I have some experience in R, java, python and app development.
A senior majoring in Informatics with concentration in Data Science in University of Washington. I enjoy working on complex projects and coming up with efficient solutions working both in Information Technology and Business fields. Self-motivated, performance driven with deep interest in web technology and business, and with a passion for learning anything new. I have experience both working in a team and individually, enjoy being a project manager mostly because of my good time management and social skills.
Our project creates a living indoor commercial growing system to feed urbanites, replacing vast amounts of the land, water, fuel, and waste found in traditional farming and food transport systems. The current system for growing food in North America uses vast amounts of land, creates tons of waste, and burns millions of barrels of fossil fuels transporting food from farms to supermarkets. Traditional farming uses millions of gallons of water, an increasingly precious resource. Also, this system is vulnerable to weather that cannot be controlled but has the power to destroy a season of crops in a short period. Our solution is to move some crops much closer to the source of consumption, using far less space to do so, by creating an indoor hydroponic vertical growing system that is not dependent on soil or sunlight, is not subjected to weather changes, and requires little or no transport. Because our system keeps the crops alive until they are consumed, there is little waste because, for example, a head of lettuce that’s not eaten today simply grows for another day, staying fresh rather than spoiling. We can grow eight or more heads of lettuce per square foot of horizontal space using highly concentrated, energy-efficient LED lights to deliver the exact spectrum of lights required for green leafy vegetables, and not wasting energy by producing other unused kinds of light. Also, our system also uses just 10% as much water as traditional growing methods.
We aim to provide a sustainable, profitable solution to retail food waste by converting it to a natural fish feed for the aquaculture industry and developing software to formulate optimal animal feeds based on user input of their food waste at hand. Our project addresses two environmental problems: large amounts of retail food waste end up in landfills, and the primary basis of fish feed is currently small species of fish whose populations are threatened.
Remember eating Otter-pops when you were a kid? What if there were otter pops for adults? Well, there are! North Polez are alcoholic Otter-pops for adults. You might not think alcohol can freeze but believe it or not there are several ways to "freeze" alcohol. In fact, 3 North Polez (57ml tubes) would contain as much as 1 shot of 100 proof liquor. Google search "Alcoholic Ice Cream" and you'll find several companies selling pints of alcoholic ice cream. However, most of these products either contain very low concentrations of alcohol or are expensive. Otter-pops, on the other hand, are cheap and come in bulk boxes. Staying true to this business model, North Polez would come in bulk boxes, be cheap, and targeted towards young adults. Step aside Jell-O shots, North Polez are here.
I have over 14 years of work experience in in the tech industry working on scalable services and security and patient management software. I have degrees in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering and I am currently pursuing an MBA at UW.
IssueCounsel is disrupting the world of argumentation and industries depending on it. It is doing so by using AI and Machine Learning to aggregate the world’s arguments and quotes into the most effective pro/con visual framework to break echo chambers and bolster PR, public affairs, lobbying, litigation, and deliberations. IssueCounsel.com is a new, up-and-running, for-profit website and business. It marries the most sophisticated framework for aggregating and visually framing pro and con arguments and quotes (innovated by the Founder over the last decade) with now-mature AI and natural language processing technology. This marriage enables the vast scaling of the model via the automatic aggregation and framing of arguments and quotes involved in millions of international, national, state, and local issues. IssueCounsel dramatically improves how arguments and quotes are framed, digested, and acted upon by centralizing them into a single, comprehensive, pro/con visual framework to make more efficient and effective corporate decision-making, public-relations messaging, lobbying advocacy, litigation case-making, and governmental & public deliberations. To get a better sense of our core product (Issue Reports) see the image to right, our Sound Transit 3 Issue Report, or our collection of over three-hundred more.
Senior with a passion for entrepreneurship and marketing for technical products, especially in biotech.
Hello. I have a passion for startups. The dedication to creating innovative products by throwing out the status quo to achieve big goals intrigues me. I've been learning all I can on the business end from finance and marketing to innovation theory. My goal is to apply these skills to help a team who needs a business guy to turn their technology idea into a real organization.
Entrepreneurial-minded Engineer turned MBA student; background in Electrical Engineering (M.S.) and 11 years of industry experience at Boeing and in telecom. Future-oriented, idea-generating and big picture seeking, analytical, quantitative, collaborative, dedicated to teamwork. Experience as a project manager bringing together team resources to solve an undefined, complex technical and business challenge.
Tongmoun Farang is a traditional homemade artisan cookie company from Scandinavian and Asian origin. The owner discovered this specialty cookie during her visit to Norway and is passionate about bringing it to wider audience in Seattle who enjoy experiencing new delicacies from different parts of the world. Tongmoun Farang brings the cultural value and an authentic dessert experience to mainstream diners and coffee drinkers. Initially, the target market will be Farmers Markets and boutique coffee/tea shops in the Seattle metro area. The business presents a viable financial opportunity that projects to become cash flow positive within the first year and predicting about more than 51% profit from year 3 and onwards.
Hello! My name is Nicholas Jooste and I am a senior at the University of Washington, pursuing a Bachelor's in Biology. I am dedicated and driven, with focuses in Biological Sciences, Ecology, Conservation, Physiology, and Medicine. Alongside these areas, I strive to be a versatile and valuable contributor to any team environment, with skills ranging from research and design to professional organization and communication. I also have experience with competitive presentation and team leadership. I work best with a variety of tasks and love using my creativity to adapt to new roles as needed. I am very excited to work as a part of this competition!
Consumer cell preservation for future diagnostics and therapies - and using these cells to build your personalized medicine platform.
I am a passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneur. My aim is to get involved and make an impact. I travel regularly and have been to 10+ countries for exposure and a diversity of experience that I can bring to the team. I am a strong believer in learning through pattern recognition and read as many stories of successes and failures to learn from others' lives. I consider myself strong in pattern recognition and foreseeing potential outcomes. I am a team player and advocate for team satisfaction, and I can step into leadership positions if we get stuck.
We want to democratize the early venture investment process by offering seed funding of new startups for small investors.
I have a computer engineering degree from Purdue University and have 3+ years of experience as a software developer working fulltime at Amazon. I am proficient in programming in languages like Java, C++ etc. and have some experience with web/app development as well. Currently, I am a first year MBA student at Foster Business school trying to learn some business concepts in order to launch my startup.
DemocracyLab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization creating and curating open source tools that help communities frame problems, deliberate solutions, make decisions and take collective action. The specific project we're recruiting for is the construction and marketing of a Civic Tech Exchange, which will create an efficient marketplace for projects that use technology for the public good by accelerating the flow of information between citizens, leaders, developers and donors.
I am highly involved in software development and love solving problems faced on a day to day life.
Hi there! My name is Eric. I'm a senior studying Finance, Information Systems, and Human Resources at the UW Foster School of Business. I have additional coursework in Marketing and Leadership Development. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to flex my skills to assist a team in a entrepreneurship competition. One of my greatest strengths is my organization--and that can range from anything (scheduling, coordinating, and following-up). I also describe myself as multi-skilled, both quantitatively and qualitatively. I've had the opportunity to work on various Excel models throughout my internships but also synthesize information to compile into a PowerPoint presentation. Thanks for reading! You can feel free to send me a message at (408) 564-2098 or ericch3n@uw.edu.
The DASO Soccer Smart Wall is a rebounder with lights that tell you where to kick and sensors that analyze performance. We currently determine speed, accuracy, and rebound control time and we are looking to integrate trajectory and the user's distance from the Smart Wall when striking the ball. This information is calculated into a score that is displayed for the user next to their training session countdown timer. We will use this information to create detailed training histories of player development. With enough players we can put their scores online to create an online hub of training, scouting, and competition. We have two prototypes we are demoing for relevant players in the northwest soccer community - All-American Nate Boatright has said "It kicks a**! I'd recommend it." Most notably we have a demo with the President & CEO of Starfire Sports, the home of the Seattle Sounders and the epicenter of soccer in the northwest. We have patent pending status and our current survey data shows players giving the unit a 4.9/5 stars. For more information go to www.soccersmartwall.com
Analytical MBA student with a background in engineering. Previous work centered around cleantech/energy sectors. Focusing on applying data analytics to improve the built environment. Consulted across a wide range of industries from healthcare/biotech to education.
I am an engineer with a broad range of skills, and I have just started an MBA program at foster. I am not joining a team this year for BPC because I am acting as MBA co-chair, but I can't wait to see all of the ideas this year!
I am a business leader with 11+ years of tech industry experience. In my current role, in a B2B setup, I help telecom service providers to successfully integrate Ericsson Radio products into their network. I am known for effectively leading large-scale projects, building collaborative partnerships between cross-functional teams, and consistently delivering results. I hold a master’s degree in electrical engineering and am completing my Technology Management MBA at the UW Foster School of Business. I’m continuing to develop my business skills, evolve as a leader, and position myself for the next challenging role. Expertise - Program Management, Customer Engagement, Vendor Management, Pre sales, Data Analytics, Wireless Technologies\IoT Connectivity, Project Transformation, Process Improvement. Areas of Interest - IoT (Internet of things), Cloud, Product Management, XaaS, Business Consulting, 5G Wireless Systems.
• Strong quantitative and problem-solving skills • Clear minded analyzing data and looking for pattern • Interpret issue from multiple perspectives • Expert working in multicultural environment • Meticulous, detail-oriented, and hardworking • Talk friendly with good communication skills • Bilingual: English and Chinese
Battery technology will enable greater penetration of renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and other energy efficiency solutions. However, battery testing infrastructure used for research and product development is both expensive and compromised by 15-year-old software packages. The limited functionality of these data processing tools wastes time. Therefore, manufacturers cannot catch defects in time. For Samsung and its Galaxy Note 7, this failure has been a $17 billion liability!
In order to solve micro nutrient deficiency, we want to provide non-risky and health beneficial packaged products used super-foods and herbs’ by approachable way (using a APP and a website). We need tech person, nutritionist and naturaphatic. If you interested innovate new products, please contact with me by email.
Driven MBA student with a background in human resources and finance. United States Navy veteran with strong leadership and public speaking/presentation abilities and international experience in Asia and Europe. Representative of Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club and close relationship with Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship. Bonus 1: Will be working inside venture capital firm during Winter/Spring quarters. Bonus 2: Certificated paralegal with intellectual property experience.
While in the Foster School of Business Evening MBA Program, I work for the University of Washington’s Department of Global Health as a Senior Program Manager. I focus primarily on health systems strengthening interventions in Haiti including clinical mentoring, health information systems for improved patient care and health workforce development. Since I served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, I have been compelled to make health systems work better: to serve more people, more efficiently; to provide a better quality service; and, to ultimately improve health outcomes in low resource settings. I have worked at different levels of implementation: from directly interacting in the local language with the communities served to working for the donor and informing strategic funding decisions. These experiences have enriched my approaches to health systems management and enabled me to understand the impact of programs from multiple perspectives. I have seen health systems fail patients unnecessarily due to inefficient services, poor management of staff and resources, and lack of protocol. I am driven to preventing needless suffering and death through innovated health delivery models, better planning and management, and patient advocacy.
The project is a free food application aimed for students at the University of Washington. The app informs students about the events on campus that serve free food. The app also acts as a place for RSO Organizers to publicize their events and provide food as an incentive to gain more members. The project is handled only by two of us so far and is scheduled to launch the beginning of spring quarter.
A sophomore in electrical engineering with EIC experience and skill set on marketing and research.
We create indoor maps based around accessibility and using that data we are creating the first ever accessibility API
I'm an experienced software professional working as a Software Development Engineer with Amazon Kindle Products group. I'm interested in cloud-based networking apps, online study platforms and VR. I have some interesting ideas but haven't formalized them yet.
Goal - Build or be part of a early stage startup team. Why - Want to understand the process of getting an idea into an actual product/service. Experience - Microsoft Consumer Marketing Intern (Bing, Internet Explorer) (2014) - Concur IT Project Management Intern (2015) - EY Launch Intern (2016) - Apple Finance Intern - This coming summer
The problem(s): 1) Since there is a lack of storage solutions for marijuana stuff, most people still keep their marijuana smoking items in random things like mason jars, tupperware, and shoeboxes. 2) When people first start smoking marijuana, they have difficulty figuring out what it is they need to buy. The solution: StacheBox is a customizable carry-all stoner's starter kit. You select the pipe, grinder, lighter, and jar that fit best to your needs/budget. It becomes a better value buy when you buy everything together rather than separate, and it is also a aesthetically pleasing and convenient way to store all of your stuff.
I’m passionate about human-centric approaches to problem solving and leading people with empathy. People who know me recognize my drive, commitment, and a passion for building a better tomorrow – hard work, persistence, and positivity. Most recently, I volunteered abroad in Costa Rica with UBELONG, and provided caregiving services at a local non-profit. Additionally I’ll be working on a legacy project with Chief Seattle Club and Pike Place Market this school year, 2016 - 2017.
I am a 22-year-old, native Washingtonian burn survivor. A senior at the University of WA-Seattle majoring in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts. I come from an underprivileged/represented background whose mission is to be the change I wish to see in the world. To start a small business in selling consumer products (phone cases) to save/raise money to start-up another business to create a clothing line for all shapes and sizes, that will, in turn, make money to create a non-profit organization to help end homelessness in America in the near future.
As a bioengineering major student, I have experience in various fields. I am an expert in CAD design and Matlab programming, and I also have some experience in Java, Python, as well as C++. I always have passion about new technology, and at the same time I also quite enjoy talking with people. With many experience in teaching and public speaking, I could communicate technology efficiently and clearly with people from various fields.
Hello! My name is Alfred Mugho. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, backed by cultivating cultural experiences after living in 3 different countries throughout my life. I am a freshmen and recent admit to Lavin and my goal is to major in Business Administration with a focus in Supply Chain Information Systems. I am a charismatic leader and confident individual who believes in the power of learning and tenacity. I am passionate about everything I put my mind to and have extremely high expectations for myself and my work.
I am an Engineering Manager at Boeing working on 777X Primary Flight Control Laws. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering and am now halfway through my evening MBA degree. I have many years of experience designing, developing, and testing complex technical products for market. I also have a strong interest in team development and organizational behavior.
Math major at the University of Washington. Know some coding.
We are building a platform that supports proximity media that will lead to advancements in social automation and Artificial intelligence. Our conservative interpretation of internetworking systems can be viewed as an internet of places. This network of physical locals will allow our users to interact with one another through an AR supported Social media.
I just completed a PhD in pharmacology and am working as a post-doctoral fellow at UW in the health sciences. My past research was in pharmacology/cancer biology/bone biology. Currently I'm working in muscular dystrophy/gene therapy research. I'm taking courses in the Foster School of Business as a "non-matriculated student" in preparation of applying to full-time MBA programs for Fall 2017 or 18. These courses revolve around the US healthcare space and innovation in this space.
Skilled in full-stack, looking for challenges developing end-2-end solutions
SafeFlame aims to tackle a glut of high profile issues effecting people in developing nations. First among these is the potent issue of indoor pollutants. Globally, more than 3 billion people cook using biomass (wood, animal dung, crop waste, or charcoal). The indoor pollution created by burning these fuels results in over 4.3 million deaths annually with deaths particularly high among women and young children, who spend the most time within the home. Additionally, many of these solid fuels are gathered in an unsustainable manner by local communities causing severe deforestation. SafeFlame’s service – which we call an untethered utility – is provided through biodigesters which SafeFlame technicians install directly into customers’ households. These digesters, which are serviced regularly by the team, break down organic content to produce biogas which customers can use to prepare meals on a standard gas cookstove. “Think of it like your water heater at home”, says CEO and current Foster MBA student Kevin Cussen, “Someone installs it somewhere in your house and as long as you pay your electricity bill you reap the benefits of hot water. Once we install a digester, all our customers need to do is pay their bill and they have access to clean burning gas at the turn of a knob.” Those interested in learning more or getting involved are encouraged to check out SafeFlame’s Facebook page or reach out directly to Kevin Cussen at kcussen@safeflamellc.com!
Hello! I now have a team this year. I'm still happy to meet and talk about your business idea, because I love meeting people and talking about business ideas, but I am no longer looking for a team. Good luck!
Greetings, my name is Kathryn Campos. I was born weighing 1 pound 3 ounces at U of WA Medical Center. I lost my twin brother at birth, received open heart surgery at 3 weeks old with no anesthia, was in Neonatal ICU care for 5 months and was on steroids for over a year. I am just one of millions of babies born to soon. I'm the founder of The Neonatal Womb Foundation. We are interested in gaining team-members with experience in business, nonprofit/social enterprise, marketing, legal, finance, software application development, global/public health, pre-med/medicine, nursing, and community healthcare worker training development/business development. 15 million babies are born early each year, access to care-providers is critical to the prevention and reduction of preterm births and related fatalities. In the USA 1 in 10 infants are born early, and we have an international ranking of a C-grade level. This is an international crisis that demands recognition, acknowledgement and solution building Our mission is to create a Community Healthcare Worker Certified Training Program for premature infants, we seek to develop a pilot project of the program and have it accessible via APP for potential community healthcare workers to gain access to educational training, resources, and support materials. This program is meant to be utilize both domestically and internationally and will contain locally based information pertinent for healthcare workers and what is accessible to them.
I am a high energy individual with over 12 years of experience in software development and a student in the TMMBA program at Foster business school.
An online private real estate fund with no minimum buy-in. Allows everybody to invest in real estate.
We are upgrading everyday items to serve a second function- generate electricity. Our goal is to make an inexpensive, safe, easy to install, easy to fix product.
Moo Young Baek is currently in her final year of her Master of Health Administration (MHA) program in the Department of Health Services in the School of Public Health. She is currently an Administrative Intern with Group Health working on projects that include repatriating specialty services by building communication toolkits for providers and increasing patient experience survey scores through the use of nationally recognized communication tools. Before joining the MHA program, she was a team coordinator for the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance where she coordinated care for hematology oncology patients and served as a super user for the Computerized Provider Order Entry electronic health record implementation. She has experiences with workflow layouts, strategy, and change management. Baek's interests are in health informatics, population management strategies, and combating the rising costs of healthcare. She enjoys the outdoors and cooking.
I am a driven student who is currently a freshman at University of Washington Seattle. I plan to major in business administration and plan to become an entrepreneur. I am a hard worker and look forward to joining an entrepreneurial team and doing my best to contribute to the team.
Hello! My name is Kenneth and I am an Evening MBA student at Foster School of Business (UW. I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from UW (Class 2007) and have experience designing and program managing Boeing 767, 777, and 787 cabin interiors, with my most recent experience working directly with airline design teams and cabin crew to improve usability and increase functionality of bars and galleys. I am currently working as a business developer for a start-up marketing agency with emphasis on creating targeted sales strategy using customer relationship management (CRM). I have owned two small businesses related to music instruction, and project consulting, which was for a customer survey mobile app company. I'd like to learn more about developing business plans and working with other technical and business-mindset entrepreneurs who are interested bringing to market a product or service that brings value to people and communities (returning in growing market share and top line revenue growth).
Hi I'm Woosung Jung. I'm from Korea as an exchange students and my purpose of exchange is to participate in this health innovation challenge. I worked as an intern in Harvard Business Review Korea, Private equity, and Consulting company. The reason why I have interest in healthcare is below; At past, my dream is athlete. But unfortunately, I was injured so bad that I had to have 11 screws in my body. After successfully undergoing a rehabilitation that seemed impossible, I came to realize the importance of healthcare.
Airy provides battery-free, wireless home security solution through sensors that can be mounted on the door or window frame to harvest electrical energy from the mechanical impact in operation. For some more information, check out www.airyliving.com Airy is our second product. Our first product, Hook Smart Home Hub, was 2015 EIC 1st runner-up and BPC 2nd runner up, funded through Kickstarter, and is now available on Amazon. If you have questions or want more information, email us.
I am currently a dual-degree MD/PhD student working on my PhD in Molecular & Cell Biology. My current work largely computational in nature and involves the design of algorithms for genome assembly; I have extensive laboratory experience with genomics. I am also in the Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate Program at the Foster School of Business and will have completed the TEC program by Dec. 2016. In addition to my research, I am the Clinic Manager at a free medical clinic for the urban underserved in the Seattle area and I am a Science Communication Fellow at the Pacific Science Center. I also work at UW CoMotion as a Technology Licensing Fellow (I help evaluate early-stage UW innovations from commercialization and technology readiness perspectives). Before coming to Seattle, I got undergraduate degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and I have experience working in both academic and industrial laboratories.
Hello, My name is Duy K Tran. I am 31 years old. I will be studying the Master of Health Informatics and Health Information Management in University of Washington at Seattle from the Autumn of 2018. I used to be a Software Engineer, Sales Representative, and business owner. Please take a look at my professional profile for more details. I am a active sportsman. I have been jogging, running, swimming, ... since I was 10 years old. I like to do exercises because it can improve my health dramatically, especially with Yoga and Kung fu, Yoga and Kung fu have promoted my health and cured some chronic diseases including severe stomach inflammation, colitis, vestibular disorder, etc.; they can help stress relief immediately and so many more. From experiencing some chronic health problems early in life, my health have been improved dramatically by practicing yoga and kung fu. This project is to spread these wonderful workouts. The aim is not only a healthier life, but to TRANSFORM PEOPLE's LIFE COMPLETELY. These workouts are: - right-at-home without any tools - for people from any level of background - only 30 minutes a day (2 days a week for busy people) If you are interested in this project, please send your Resume to duytkd@gmail.com. Thank you
I am an engineering student who is really interested in applying my engineering skills in solving sustainable problems. I have experience in k-12 education, designing concrete canoe,and have taken sustainability and technology courses online. Really looking forward to make some changes!
I am in the Technology Management MBA program. I work on a recruiting team at Amazon strategizing on how to manage interview processes. I am comfortable analyzing data and thinking critically about business problems.
An app organizes chaors between roommates
Semi-normal guy. Big speaker and plays well with others. Recently left the military (Army) after 10 years as an officer. Experience across GIS analysis, cultural and psychological operations, and communications. I am a current Tech. Management MBA student and corporate consultant in human capital and process development. My skills are primarily in marketing, project management, and operations. My entrepreneurial endeavours include consulting, import/export, and product design. Undergraduate degree in business with a minor in design. In my spare time, I refurbish vintage golf clubs, skateboard, fly fish, and collect type writers. Go Huskies!
I am a PhD candidate in Bioengineering doing research in DNA nanotechnology and next-generation molecular diagnostics. My interests include subfields of multiple disciplines including: synthetic biology, cancer research, machine learning, genomics and POC diagnostics.
Current Work: Program Manager, Google (1 year) Current Degree In-Progress: UW Technology Management MBA Past experience: Software Engineer, Microsoft (4 years) Program Management, Microsoft (2 years) Undergrad degree: Informatics from UW, concentration in HCI (design) and Information Assurance (security) Primary Skills (rough order of relative strength): Program Management, Engineering, Design
Children's Picture Story Books on Computer Science themes
I am a quick learner with an endless curiosity about the natural world. I believe that new technologies can transform our way of life, and that drastic changes are necessary to address the challenge and promise of the future. I have a technical background that allows first-principles thinking for most types of problems. I am an intense worker when needed and easy-going otherwise. I've worked at UW as a graduate researcher, a teaching assistant, and a commercialization fellow with CoMotion.
As the world progresses towards a primarily digital age, the ability to digitize material is more and more in demand. To create an accessible way to digitize documents, our team has developed a printer/scanner. When the PrintaScan is attached to the apple case, it has an elegant look that would complement any mac laptop. The PrintaScan looks much better than the average large box-like printers that one would see in a house, because we allow the user to create their own "skin" [all external sides of the device]. A competitive advantage is that the device is less than .65-inches thick. No other device in the entire industry can print or scan and be as small as ours. Having a portable printer and scanner would solve any problems someone may encounter while traveling, or if a college student needs space in their dorm. Lastly, we can print and scan notes and convert them automatically to a word document. We need the funding to develop this software and build the product’s hardware.
I am Karthika Sundaresan, a software developer with 5 years of Industry experience in product development. I have expertise in building system and application software. I have also worked as Technology consultant in PwC . Currently working in big data analytics in a startup firm and pursuing my graduate studies in Data science and Cybersecurity.
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