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Bioengineers without Borders is a student organization with the mission to develop low-cost, sustainable medical technologies while providing students with engineering design experience and professional development. The project focuses on the prosthetic socket which is the most important part of a lower limb prosthesis. Above-knee amputees experience large daily and long-term residual limb volume fluctuations that impact socket fit. Current sockets are rigid and do not allow for adjustments as limb changes cause discomfort and disuse over time. Our goal is to translate adjustable socket technology to low-resource settings.
My name is Steven and I'm an R&D Program Manager at Fluke Networks. I specialize in product development projects and outside partnerships/sourcing. I have worked in manufacturing for 3 years as a process engineer and have been in R&D for the last 2 years as a program manager. I graduated from UW with an undergrad in materials science, a masters in industrial engineering, and am currently pursuing a TMMBA.
I am a linear thinker and I can provide a systematic way to structure all the information so that we can grasp a good understanding of complex situations. I am also a big-picture thinker since I am studying Classical Studies and International Studies, which offer me a perspective in a large time-frame. I am passionate about figuring out how the world works in a deeper level and I am very interested in business, especially on strategy, consulting, marketing, etc. I am good at starting conversations with people, so I am also a reporter for the Daily, and I enjoy learning about others' stories. I am also taking classes about accounting, economics, and consulting next quarter to enhance my business background.
I am looking to get involved with the local startup community. My expertise is in biotech and pharma but I am interested in various healthcare related applications. My current job is a Regional Business Manager at Agilent, a large biotech company and I have worked in both development and commercial roles during my 10 years in the professional world. I would like to work with a team and help them develop a commercial strategy, using what I know from sales and information I learn during my MBA.
I am a first year MPA - Environmental Studies/Natural Resource Management candidate at the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance. Work experience includes: two years in non-profit fundraising and two years teaching high school math as a Teach for America corps member. I am interested in translating my fundraising skills - strategic planning, major donors, corporate relations, government partnerships - into helping connect a start-up with potential investors. I am a passionate storyteller, driven connector, and strong partnership builder. Am interested in joining any team, but especially interested in: education technology and environmental sustainability related projects.
I'm a senior at Foster, studying Finance and Entrepreneurship. After graduation, I'd like to start a career in corporate finance for tech startups and relocate to Silicon Valley. I have experience in financial and business strategy, as well as technical training in programming. While I'm in no way an expert in Computer Science, I feel my foundational knowledge helps me to more effectively analyze business decisions that require understanding of technologies. In addition to my schoolwork, I've interned at a couple of startups, and have real world experience. If you're looking for someone to do capital budgeting, capital structure, pricing strategies, or any other function of FP&A, I'd love to help out.
My company OTOGEAR’s idea OTOTECH is revolutionizing the way you wear hearing protection. Our patent pending technology turns reusable Hearing protection into a wearable device that records the world around you and lights up according to the sound! This technology works great in many different backgrounds whether that be industry settings, music festivals, or live events! We recently won second and best market strategy in the SEBA Science and Technology Showcase and plan to enter the HIC, EIC, BPC, Jones Foster Accelerator program as well as the Social Venture Partners Fast Pitch competition. OTOGEARs original MVP won third n the Hear and Now Noise and Safety Challenge held by OSHA, NIOSH, and MSHA as well as winning second in the regional #INNOVATEHER2017 pitch competition held by Ignite Washington. The original MVP was also featured by Geekwire after our Hear and Now Noise and Safety Challenge win.
Do you remember picking up an educational video game only to have your expectations met with mediocrity? We do too. Adie Studios wants to change that. We believe that education and video games can and should have a lot in common. Both are chances to achieve excellence through challenges and rewards. Our product, Project Acolyte is an old school RPG style game that teaches players write code as they explore a detailed universe of legacy, mystery, political intrigue, and rediscovery. Adie Studios is in the process of creating our first software product that is foremost an engaging game with driven story line in a detailed universe. And second, a curiosity-driven educational experience.
I am an MBA student at Foster School of Business UW Seattle that has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering also from UW Seattle. For the last couple of years, I have worked in business development and business strategy roles for a cannabis marketing agency and now with a pharmaceutical start-up company. My strengths are taking cool ideas and finding ways to commercialize them with sustainable business model that looks at the industry's economics (demand vs. supply), market and consumer purchasing trends, segmentation, computing total addressable market, building a go-to-market plan, writing business plans, presenting business cases for making decisions, and much more. Prior to entering the MBA program, I designed and managed airplane interior development projects, specifically with airplane galleys and bars. These customer touch points led me to conducting market research to understand passenger and flight attendant user experiences on-board an airplane. Through this, I discovered that understanding the demand-side for a product and/or service can help increase consumers' willingness to pay, increasing the overall value of a product/service and the company's brand. Sorry for the long description, but please reach out to me for a phone call, coffee talk, etc. I'm a laid back person, that really wants to help the STEM community grow their ideas into a reality. --Sincerely, Kenneth
I am a creative guy with many cool ideas. Experience: China, Singapore,USA.
DermaDot is a mobile device application that allows for identifying potential causes of topical skin reactions in addition to facilitating the selection process of new products.
Water, the blood of plants, must not be taken for granted when attempting to solve the global food crisis. 4th-Phase Water Technology aims to improve crops yield with a modular turnkey device compatible with existing indoor farm operations. Our technology is focused on maximizing waters ability to fuel plant growth and is the only water-enhancing technology of its kind.
I am a third-year student majoring in Human-Centered Design and Engineering and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Informatics. The skills I can offer are mobile and web design, user experience design, visual design, and user research. I have been involved in numerous multi-disciplinary teams both in academic and professional settings.
I am currently enrolled in TMMBA program, I work at Nintendo as a Sr. Software Engineer. I am passionate about Entrepreneurship, I have started on working on several pet projects in software but have a guilt of not caring them through due to lack of support or motivation. I would like to discuss/validate my ideas with peers and be part of an innovative team to create something awesome!
I am a MBA candidate in the 2020 MBA Evening program. I have a Mechanical/Aerospace engineering background and 5.5 years of professional experience at an airplane manufacturing company. I am passionate about engineering, clean technology and women-empowering consumer products.
Our project aims to elevate owners' experiences with their pets through an innovative goggle. These goggles will be secured to your dog's head with plenty of soft paddings. In addition, our goggles come with a video camera that allows the users to record their favorite outdoor activities through their dogs' perspectives. These will also be fashionable as we hope to develop interchangeable pieces of accessories that could be swapped easily. We also hope to develop a smartphone app that would retrieve the videos from the goggles instantly.
We are a startup that was created through Creating a Company Fall 2016/Winter 2017. GolfScope is a golf training aid that provides a discreet, visual guide that golfers look through during the swing to provide a natural, subconscious way to correct head movement problems and promote a consistent spine angle during the swing to reduce golf injuries, improve accuracy, and lower scores. We have been featured on Kiro, the Seattle Golf & Travel Show, the Washington State Golf Association, and even got a purchase from Jermaine Kearse. Based on the feedback on our current model of GolfScope, and we have plans to create a second model to further expand our customer base but are looking for additional team members to help with this.
I am an Electrical Engineer and leading a Product at Intel's Fabrication plant in Oregon. I am a current student at UW TMMBA program and graduating this summer. As a part of my MBA, I have taken many critical courses that can help build a good startup team. Some of the courses are Marketing, Leadership, Managerial accounting, Finance etc. I have participated in BPC last year. I want to join a team looking for somebody who can do market research and use learnings from my MBA classes so far.
SauceBox is a convenient and personalized service connecting hot sauce lovers with high quality samples. Vision: Yes, there is a burgeoning craft hot sauce scene in the United States, but it is expensive and time-consuming for spice lovers to discover their favorite hot sauces from the crowd. So we want to make this process easier and cheaper for consumers. Mission: Your next favorite hot sauce is just waiting to be discovered. Hot sauce as an industry is mimicking the developments in the beer industry in recent years. Small hot sauce companies making craft products from high quality ingredients are becoming more and more successful, and more and more prevalent. Hot sauce has an even lower barrier to entry than brewing beer, which means that consumers have to sort through a lot of low-quality products to find the gems. With SauceBox, we hope to improve that process by making samples of craft hot sauces widely available for a cheap price. SauceBox will offer a subscription box full of samples that are personalized to each user’s tastes. It is a Birchbox for hot sauce. Current offerings are “hot sauce of the month” clubs, and do not take individual users tastes into account. Additionally, they send full-sized bottles which may or may not end up being used. By sending targeted samples, SauceBox can be cheaper, still achieve the same effect for manufacturers (consumers have sampled, and will now buy more of my product), and create an engaging tasting experience for customers.
I am a second-year evening MBA student with over 20+ years working on/leading Business Intelligence teams and as such have been exposed to numerous functions across an organization. I know some SQL, Tableau, Business Objects and presently working at SAP Concur. I am known to "take care of what needs doing" by my previous managers. I am looking to become part of a team to dig in and drive your business idea forward.
I am interested in business and technology. I read a lot of books about the history of silicon valley and the revolution of high-tech companies. I am also a fan of Elon Musk and interested in the application of AI.
I have many years work experience in IT, including application development cycle, project management, startup businesses, and GIS (Mapping). I would like to join a team to provide my years of experience on business and IT. I am working in City of Seattle and currently is in TMMBA program. Please contact me if you need further detail information about me and we can discuss possibility to work together on the startup.
Academically and professionally, I am a Electronics undergrad who worked in Sony as a Senior Software Engineer and now I am pursuing my Masters in Information Systems. I love to read, cook and play drums(on my smartphone). I have a huge interest for technology products(apps, devices and websites) and aspiring to be a build and manage at least a product in future. I consider myself a listener and a learner.
I am a first year evening MBA student with an interest in the Health Care industry as a whole. My undergrad majors were biology and economics with biomedical studies as a focus and I was able to intern with the Mayo Clinic and Swedish Hospital during that time. Most recently I have worked in electronic medical records at EPIC and focused on long-term implementation of Radiology, Mammography and Cardiology software at hospitals around the nation. I am familiar with many 3rd party healthcare vendors and have knowledge in HL7 and DICOM standard integrations. I now work a startup in Bellevue where I focus on new partner alliances and implementations with customers and do some work in process improvement for my organization.
I'm currently in the Technology Management MBA program at the Foster School of Business. My background is in product management & design. I'm passionate about solving real-world issues and innovating to make people's lives better.
I offer 10+ years Sales and Marketing experience in multiple industrial technology segments including medical, aerospace, energy, automotive, and consumer electronics. I have launched numerous new products and built sales teams and campaigns from scratch. I also have extensive success in business development and capturing new large Fortune 500 accounts. The companies I have done this for are in niche technology spaces that utilize sensors for data collection (3D Dimensional Imaging) and then use that sensor data in software for manufacturing and engineering applications.
Hello! My name is Alfred Mugho and my goal is to major in Business Administration at the Michael G. Foster School of Business. I am a charismatic leader and confident individual who believes that I make my own luck - nothing will be handed to me. Having lived in 3 countries, my life has been full of diversity. I have persevered through hardships and difficulties to achieve the success I have today. I am passionate about everything I put my mind to and have extremely high expectations for myself and my work. I am looking to network with people who share the same drive and commitment to excellence just as I do myself. I truly want to grow my outreach and my expand my goals.
I am third year, mechanical engineering student that recently transferred to UW from Whatcom Community College. I have experience with AutoCAD and MATLAB. I also have experience with programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP.
Informatics major studying people + technology + information with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Approaches problem solving with conscientiousness and creativity. Eager to analyze innovative information technology in business ventures and reengineering how we resolve contemporary social justice issues. Currently thinking about: Immigrants in Politics, Girls in Tech, and the Green Economy.
I am a second year student at Foster. I have been in the work field for nearly 18 years, spanning both the field of biology (4 years) and the field of retail/fashion (14 years). I currently work for Nordstrom in the private label division doing merchandise planning and finance. I am exposed to supply chain and product development, but do mostly budgeting, forecasting and business analytics. On my free time, I love to snowboard, hike, and watch all my favorite sports teams. I frequent the coffee shop to do my deepest and most introspective thinking.
I am currently a senior in the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) department at the UW Seattle campus. Next year, I will be pursuing my master’s degree in MSE here as well. I have research experience from UW's Bioengineering and MSE departments and from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and have always been interested in the intersection between healthcare and engineering. Long term, I would like to do my part in improving the healthcare experience and related technology. In order to do this, I would like to gain experience in developing and promoting innovative products to increase accessibility and in turn change the face of the field.
My name's Carl, and I'm a 2nd year Evening MBA student at Foster with a passion for sustainability, environmental stewardship, and clean energy. During the day, I work at a nonprofit that invests in entrepreneurs that can't get bank financing. And here at Foster, I'm interested in general management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and finance. Craft3 ( is a nonprofit loan fund with about $200 million under management in Oregon and Washington. We make business loans from $50,000 to $10 million, generally to businesses or projects that aren't bankable today, but will be in 3 to 5 years. Because we're unregulated (unlike a bank), we have a greater deal of lending flexibility and can finance emerging industries (including clean energy), startups, and in situations where there is limited/no collateral, storied credit, or external factors that have negatively impacted the business. For Craft3, I handle external/government affairs, media relations, communications, and marketing. Because we're a mission-aligned nonprofit, we focus our investments on businesses and projects that make the greatest impacts in the community we serve. Prior to Craft3, I worked for seven years for U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell in Washington, DC managing small business, transportation, and federal appropriations policy.
I am a learner who is open- minded and original. I am passionate about helping people live a balanced lifestyle. I am interested in the factors contributing to holistic health on mental, physical and spiritual levels. I aspire to work in innovative fields to create communities for positive changes.
Hi I'm Albert, graduate student by day, aspiring biomedical entrepreneur by night. Throughout my studies in the Applied Bioengineering program at UW, I have developed strong skills in project management, business, and mentorship as well as a captivation towards entrepreneurship. In this program I joined a team a students in designing clinical solutions in the biomedical sphere and even entered UW's Health Innovation Challenge with them. Analyzing consumer needs and making professional connections are among my greatest passions and I am excited to perform these tasks in the workplace.
I am a physician and a MS student at UW, working to improve healthcare delivery by leveraging the power of technology, design and empathy. Patient Engagement, entrepreneurship and digital health tools excite me. As a consultant, I work with leading healthcare organizations on their patient engagement strategies. Leveraging deep functional and industry expertise, I provide insights to help clients identify key issue areas, reach practical recommendations and build digital capabilities. In my free time I organize health camps to improve the health of the community. In the past I have volunteered as a tutor.
I am a software engineer with 10+ years industry experience. I have contributed the building and release of many great products in the past years. Currently, I am a TMMBA student at UW Foster School of Business to equip myself with business side of knowledge. I have a dream and passion for entrepreneurship and hope to team with some other great and ambitious people to work on that.
I am a junior studying mechanical engineering at UW. As a part of UW EcoCar Team, I have skills in computer aided design using Solidworks, data analysis using Matlab and programming skills in C++ and Python. I am looking to join team with great ideas!!
Glimpse Wearables is a brand of activity-based wearable devices that let users look up at the world around them, not down at their screens. We launched our first product in January on Kickstarter and raised $25,000 in 25 days, with 180 pre-orders at $130 each. Our next product in the works, Glimpse Cam, is a concert based wearable that will enable users to capture their experience without staring at a screen. Expected launch is May 2018. Check out the kickstarter at
By day I work at Amazon building a B2B software marketplace, by night I am getting my MBA at the Foster School of Business. I have a deep marketing background, with a specific focus on website UX, analytics, and traffic. I transitioned into a Senior Business Development role and am managing a team that works through contract negotiations, API integrations, and marketing programs to grow integrated partners. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, running, and sports.
MedsForAll is developing an affordable universal autoinjector for emergency rescue medicines that can save lives during life threatening situations such as severe allergy attacks, chemical or biological contamination, opioid overdoses and many more uses by increasing accessibility & lowering costs while leveraging an existing medical infrastructure.
Common Good Property Management brings together two trends in property management, the shift towards community-centered design and the conversion to cooperative ownership to counter displacement and build rooted ownership in urban communities.
Health Informatician with experience in statistical programing, big data research, and information management. R, SQL > Python, C# Data visualization, Report Generation, Project Documentation Health Data Management, Information Management Research Evaluation, Project Evaluation Project Management Information Systems Design Continual Quality Improvement
Hi, my name is Yui and I am from Japan. I studied ecnomics in Japan and now I am studying global business in UW. I am interested in starting business and want to learn how. I don't really have specific idea so hope I can meet someone who has idea to share!
PhD student in Aero/Astro. Focus on energetics, high-speed flows, numerical methods, and high-performance computing.
Austin is passionate about driving growth at early stage companies. Prior to Foster, he worked as a consultant primarily in the Health Care and Financial Service industries where he was responsible for defining and executing his clients’ technology strategy. As part of that experience, Austin spent two years on the product team at an early stage startup leveraging big data analytics to decrease the cost and increase the quality of health care. That role catalyzed his interest in technology innovation and business development in high growth organizations. A native Minnesotan, Austin has called Maine, Boston, Greater New York City, Lake Tahoe, and Seattle home at different points in his life. Outside of school, he is an avid cyclist, enjoys backcountry skiing with his dog, and has a deep love for all things outdoors. Austin holds a B.S. in Physics from Bates College.
My education and background are in architecture and building construction. I am currently getting my MS in Human Centered Design & Engineering. I have also started a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the recent past. This quarter I developed a project for one of my classes and I am interested in pursuing more information about developing it further and competing in the HIC.
Sophomore studying Industrial Design. I have an interest in wearable technology, medical devices and soft goods.
DemocracyLab is building a platform connecting skilled volunteers to technology projects that serve the public good. Our theory is that by making this connection more efficient, more civic tech projects will launch successfully, resulting in greater adoption by government and nonprofit institutions. This will empower greater engagement by citizens, resulting in more accountable and efficient institutions, and ultimately in a better quality of life for everyone. We have interviewed more than 20 civic tech volunteers and project leads to inform the design of our platform. We have built project onboarding functionality, and are hard at work on building volunteer onboarding and matching capabilities in preparation for a end of March MVP release. To view our work in progress, visit:
Global business leader with 15+ years of enterprise experience in the tech industry. Results-driven, energetic, loves challenges and has a diverse skillset. Lead dynamic teams to help C-suite decision makers at Fortune 500 companies solve business problems. Proven ability to learn quickly, deal with ambiguity and make data-driven decisions to deliver innovation and impact. Key Skills and Strengths • Proven record of effective Program and Account Management for large Enterprise customers • Proven ability to develop and maintain strong customer/partner relationships • Excellent interpersonal awareness and communication skills at an executive level • Effective cross team collaboration with various functional groups and regional teams • Strong technical background, problem solving skills and data driven business acumen
This project is to build a platform that local photographer can demonstrate one's talent to promote sales of their works. There are so many talented amateur photographers around us. Unfortunately, most of their talents just end up as a 'hobby'. Their pictures can be the great artwork to decorate one's space, from house to business space. In this project, we will develop subscription-based business that delivers the picture that customers picked from the catalog for leasing, so they can test if they are going to order it or try different pictures.
I am an exchange student from Japan. My major in my University is International Business. I am a junior. I was working by using a web programming. I take Economics, Accounting, Computer Science and Informatics in UW. I learn Rails, ruby, Java, Java Script, SQL and python. I will do best if you let me in your group. Thank you.
Mission: To avoid climate disaster, we need to switch from gasoline to electric vehicles, and from coal and natural gas to grid-scale wind and solar. Better batteries enable both of these transformations. Our mission is to accelerate battery development. We will do this by serving as the de facto IT department for the battery industry. Problem: Cloud Instr. has grown out of a pain point in my PhD research as a battery scientist - the software used to analyze battery test data consists of clunky Excel macros or obsolete legacy software. In industry, tedious data analysis can take 25-50% of an engineer's time. Product: Our first product is a software platform for battery data. We feed it test results and in 1 click I can generate plots that used to take an entire afternoon. The draw of this tool is its ability to save time for routine analysis, and future developments will add more sophisticated analysis tools. Traction: We have been using an Amazon Catalyst award to finance freelance development of the platform. This summer we onboarded our first industry client in Oregon and we are working to add the next batch in the near future.
I'm a junior at the University of Washington majoring in Business Administration with a focus in marketing and information systems. I was born in Michigan, but spent most of my life in Taiwan. I'm seeking a career in data science and have held past internships in multiple marketing analytics positions in companies such as KPMG.
A carpooling app that uses location tracking and Facebook to pair people that share similar commutes. The app offers solutions to the three main reasons people don't currently carpool. First, it uses location tracking to record your schedule for you and then match you with other's sharing your commute. That way you don't have to spend countless hours trying to explain and match up your schedule with different people. Second, the app uses Facebook to pair you with only your friends. That way you don't have to deal with the "awkward silence" in the car, and your safe! And third, there's a backup On-Demand ride feature to ensure you aren't stranded if your carpool leaves without you. All these features are put in place to make sure there is no excuse for people to not carpool. Also, think of it as socially saving the environment!
I'm a MBA candidate at evening MBA 2020 program at Foster School of Business. I work as a Sr. Systems Analyst with T-Mobile in the IT side of consumer finance team. Prior to that i have worked with Accenture for 7 years as a consultant in various capacities across different industries and domains. Originally, i was born and brought up in India, and pursued B.Tech. in Electronics Engineering from India. Since i started working in IT, i have had the chance to travel to Europe and visit a few countries in EU. I came to the states 5 years ago for best buy client and have been fascinated by the work culture, enthusiasm and diversity here in states. I want to start my own firm some day in future, and be very happy to participate and hone my entrepreneurship skills here at Foster and part of this great community.
I'm Matt Marshel, an honors finance student at UW. I have a keen interest in business, finance, and technology. I like discovering problems and creating efficient solutions to those problems. I'm a constant learner who strives to understand all aspects of situations to better improve them using logic and teamwork. I also have extensive student leadership experience with various organizations across campus. My previous internship was computer science related. I'm looking to participate with teams in various competitions to improve my business strategy skill set. I'm also open to joining groups/teams/companies doing cool stuff who need a finance student.
I am an IT professional with ~4 years of experience in the areas of Information Management. I have experience in database development, administration and testing of cutting-edge SQL and NoSQL offerings. I have designed database design-standard guideline, Reference Architecture and product life cycle for Microsoft SQL Server and MongoDB for global clients across banking and financial services sector. As a self directed individual, I have a passion for using data analytic tools(R, Excel, Python, Tableau, SQL and SSRS) to identify and tell compelling stories from the available data. At work, I like to take on challenging roles, own projects and see them through completion. Currently, I am pursuing Master's degree in Business Information Systems, with a focus towards helping businesses make data driven decisions. As such, I am looking for opportunity to work with a project team and help provide business knowledge, market research, product and data analysis.
I grew up in the mountains of rural Northern California before moving to the beach to study Economics and Linguistics at the University California Santa Cruz. After graduation, I joined the United States Navy and served four years overseas in South Korea where I directed a team responsible for the tracking of time-critical North Korean provocation events including nuclear detonations and peninsula-wide ballistic missile warnings. I've done several consulting projects with startups and nonprofits in the Seattle area as well as a fellowship with Ignition Partners venture capital firm.
I'm currently my company's only Arabic-speaking internal auditor. I perform financial audits of my company's financial statements and routinely travel around the world to audit our international branches. I've got experiences in helping new start-ups, as I created financial policy & procedure documents for a brand new non-profit in Bellingham, WA. I'm a Marine veteran, current MBA (evening) student, and looking to join a team to be a part of something new! I'm eager to help and am ambitious to take on new experiences, and I thrive in working with small teams and putting our heads together to accomplish things.
Hi there! I’m a PhD student in marketing at UW Foster School of Business and I have a world-changing business idea. We are developing a revolutionary brand of soap that will help people determine when their hands are *actually* clean. Most people don't wash their hands long enough (15-20 seconds as suggested by the NIH and the Mayo Clinic) and improperly washed hands are a NUMBER ONE reason of infections in hospitals and spread of disease. People die from germs on their hands! This soap would help them not to ;) and would help the rest of us stay healthy. Being a marketer by trade, I already have a wealth of research supporting just how awesome (read - "profit potential") this idea really is. If you join my team, you will be a part of this product from the start - from creating an exciting brand (including choosing a new name!) to being a part in the research and development process, creating a successful pitch, and presenting it to potential investors. I will share more info with potential teammates, including how this soap works, but let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!
Hi all, My name is Ben. I am an exchange student from the university of manchester. My degree is international management and American business study. So far I’m equipped with knowledge about accounting, investment analysis and finance, macro and managerial economics, entrepreneurship, marketing, sociology, environmental innovation, psychology, business communication and supply chain management. I would say I am a very good all rounded business student and I’m eager to show your team how I can help! Outside of school my interests include swimming surfing snowboarding hiking and music
BS/MS Civil Engineer with PE license. Work experience includes 6 years of commercial construction project management experience with buildings ranging in value between $25-$180M. Two projects achieved LEED Gold. As a LEED Accredited Professional, I have extensive management experience consulting with designers, installers and governmental agencies towards developing sustainability design and programming elements for new facilities. See below for a select list of sustainable building elements for which I have management expertise. My prior roles crossed all functional lines including design, construction, cost analysis and commissioning. • Solar photovoltaic arrays • Rainwater capture systems and storm water filtration systems • Green roof planter modules • High power and water efficiency measures • Dynamic glazing (windows that self-tint based on the sun’s position) • Building automation systems (automatic blinds & lights based on occupancy and sun’s position) From an environmental sustainability perspective, I keep abreast of the new technologies and legislation that are being implemented across society. As a result, I will bring practical knowledge of best practices and a first-hand understanding of how to implement new sustainability systems.
The problem that we're looking to solve is how can we get more homeowners/business owners to adopt existing technologies that reduce their water footprint and reliance on grid water. We are building an interactive web tool to precisely evaluate the suitability and financial payback of a particularly technology in their building. After a building owner uses the tool, we would like to provide them an internet-connected water meter to measure actual savings and gamify this progress - people can compete against their neighbors, allocate water bill savings towards their personal financial goals, and visualize the actual environmental benefit.
I am a motivated person with a broad skill set. I work in a fast paced Medical Industry as a clinical physicist. I believe that I have strong quantitative skills along with a ability to connect well with people. I just want to stay hungry and explore opportunities.
I am a third-year law student at UW in the Law, Business & Entrepreneurship concentration, and will also graduate from the Foster School's Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate program. I have also completed a Business Development Certificate program through UW Professional & Continuing Education. The intersection of technology, business, and the law is dynamic and demanding. I am inspired by the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, the analytical mindset of engineers, and the data-driven intuition of business professionals. The opportunity to work in this field is the reason I decided to focus my post graduate work as I have. My main interests are in technology commercialization and startup formation/financing. I have gained practical experience through my time as a law and business school student. I have also worked in sales engineering, project management, and customer support at a startup that provided automation software for national mobile wireless networks. I would love to connect about potential opportunities - feel free to reach out!
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Over 20 years of industry experience as a Microsoft software manager and software engineer. Also past entrepreneurial experiences in PC hardware. Recently left MS. Looking for enlightenment and excitement in creating what matters the most in improving others lifes.
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