Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | Without diversity in our workplace and in our hearts, App Annie would not be able to serve the diversity that is our app economy, spanning every culture, lifestyle, and view.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | Artveoli Air Panels create fresh air indoors, providing healthier, safer, more productive environment for people.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | Avenue Code offers professionals the chance to work with world-famous clients as full-time employees with excellent benefits, competitive compensation, and resources for personal and professional development, in a high-trust environment that centers our people as the heart of what we do.
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | Boris has a gift of reordering his team’s priorities so each individual empowers their co-workers’ own productivity.
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | The knowledge, patience, and encouragement Brian provides is so generous and consistent that it’s almost impossible NOT to overachieve when you're on his team.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | Recognized as one of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2016 and 2017 and as a Fortune 500 company for the past 18 years, Capital One bolsters a work culture for associates to be inspired and encouraged as the driving force being a tech-first financial provider. A hub for diversity of thought and of people, Capital One celebrates the individual and the community by providing innovative workspace, engagement programs, and an immersive company spirit.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | At Cisco, we encourage individuality and allowing each person to be their unique self, so they can bring their talents together with other thought leaders and as a team, see their work become a reality that changes the way the internet changes the world.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | Clover believes that the best ideas come from a team with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and we strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone is empowered to do their best work.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | Codefresh supports diversity by hiring employees with diverse backgrounds, and supporting them with tools and mentorship they need to succeed and be the best they can be.
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | Craig possesses a mind that is energized by new technology and software development, coupled with a soul that is passionate about talent development and educational uplift in diverse communities; he has molded these elements of himself together to build One World Solutions--a team that not only builds new global solutions, but indeed, embodies a groundbreaking global talent solution, in and of itself.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | Whether it's through their yearly "Think Week" program or quarterly awards, CrowdStrike is constantly encouraging employee collaboration and provides a great work culture.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | DesignMap is diverse by design: 61% of our staff is female, and 46% are minorities.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | Everyone knows tech could be more diverse—we're building products that actually empower Companies to deliver on diversity and connect teams all across the globe.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | As a high-tech company with strong core values, Ellie Mae’s unique culture empowers employees to innovate for the company, impact the mortgage industry, and ultimately make a difference for homeowners across the country.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | GitLab has a unique approach to arming the modern developer with the necessary tools to keep pace with the rapidly evolving demands of software development today by allowing developers to quickly go from idea to production, seamlessly, resulting in exceptional code and the delivery of great software.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | We don't have 1 person working on Culture, Or 2. Or 5. Company culture has become a top priority for the entire employee base, and we've evolved into a company we are incredibly proud of. You would not be rewarding the work of 1, but rather, 60 =)
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | Ian deserves to be named Best Tech Manager of the year because of his dedication to his employee’s career growth, his inclusivity and ability to foster a great team culture and his overwhelming success to produce a great team and product that will grow Branch for years to come.
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | Jayesh is on a mission to do all he can to develop engineering careers and make sure the team is building a great product while learning and having fun.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | Leanplum’s humble leadership and people-first principles foster a genuine culture of collaboration and product innovation that propels exponential growth.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | Lever is 50% women, 40% non-white, and 100% committed to cultivating a diverse, inclusive workplace at Lever and beyond, as discussed on our Diversity and Inclusion hub (
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | Lili leads with substance and authenticity, proving that "real" wins over "hype" in creating a truly high-performing team.
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | Melanie enables our team to work together at our highest capacity through her stellar product sense and awesome character.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | We're changing an industry that few other San Francisco startups are tackling- car insurance-, making car insurance more affordable and fair through our pay-per-mile product, taking away the hassles of owning a car in the city and having fun doing it!
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | Mixpanel celebrates the differences that make us unique every day.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | We're passionate about solving the biggest problem in IT by hiring exceptional people who want to build a great company together—smart people who love technology and are builders at heart are what every Muley embodies and what has helped us create a workplace where everyone is inspired to do their best work.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | npm, Inc. considers a healthy work-life balance to be paramount to any project, goal, or scheduled release.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | At NS1, we are committed to improving and modernizing the deep, underlying technologies that power the internet to help make your favorite websites and applications better, faster, and more reliable.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | At PagerDuty, inclusion is woven into the fabric of the company through the elevation of employees’ diverse voices, constant support from the leadership staff and unlimited opportunities to bring the important conversations into the community.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | Pixability’s inclusive environment emphasizes transparency, collaboration and innovation, bringing together and empowering the entire team to work toward solving our customers’ key pain points.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | From the product we're developing to the team we are hiring, relationships make up the building blocks of Pixlee's innovation. We're revolutionalizing the relationship between people and brands by helping marketers to celebrate their customers and market with user-generated content.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | Ridecell has been successful helping companies like BMW, VW and AAA quickly set up carsharing and ridesharing services, helping people in the world live more easily without owning their own vehicle.
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | A manager that has strong Technical chops, has your back, your best interest at heart, and pushes ahead of you so you can do your best work is clearly the best manager I have ever had and I feel should win "Best Tech Manager".
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | Sara has created a different kind of company where employees are trusted and empowered to make decisions big and small, bought into the ultimate success of Winnie, and encouraged to take risks.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | Sauce Labs was designed from day one to deliver next-level test automation at scale for all modern software development pipelines.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | Scoot is changing the urban mobility landscape for everyday people to get around.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | Scribd is changing the way the world reads by bringing the best books, audiobooks, news, and magazines together in one amazing subscription that is designed to help readers become their best and most informed selves.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | With SourceClear modern enterprises can trust that they will find any security issues or vulnerabilities in the open source code they are using in a timely manner and can remediate any issues fast - great people, company culture and office in the heart of SF included.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | The Meet Group puts their full trust into their diverse team, affording them the freedom to solve problems and work on projects in their own style, with smart teams from coast to coast.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | ThoughtWorks deserves to win “Best Tech Workplace for Diversity,” because diversity and inclusion is not just a business case for us. We know there is a business case for diversity and inclusion, but our focus has been on righting some historical wrongs, particularly as it related to underrepresented minorities. Besides, we simply believe it is the right things to do!
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | Tim believes that technology can be more inclusive and socially available by removing barriers to entry and encouraging collaboration.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | Treasure Data would be nothing without our talented, dedicated, and supportive team members.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | Trulia goes beyond fun and snacks (although we have those too), and fosters creativity, innovation, learning, and collaboration across all departments, allowing inclusion for everyone in both technical and non-technical roles.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | WalkMe works hard, we work together and we celebrate together.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | We at Zendrive have united a world class team of mission driven minds to collaboratively develop a technological solution to make global transportation safer.