Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | 1871 works tirelessly each day -- along with corporate partners, local universities, members and civic organizations -- to make the rich ecosystem it has built completely reflective of the city of Chicago.
Best Tech Work Culture (Silicon Valley) | Accedo deserves to win best technology culture not just for the advancements in tech that it accomplishes, but also because of the strong, healthy environment that it breeds in each office.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Adam Zaulyczny (or Adam Z as Kronites fondly refer to him) deserves to win the Best Tech Manager award because through his inspirational ability to build a positive culture of caring within the IT Service organization at Kronos, his team members feel taken care of, appreciated, and valued, which in turn inspires his team members to take incredible care of the rest of the Kronos population.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Adrian Fletcher is an industry leader who inspires us with his integrity and vision and empowers us to work towards a better tomorrow.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | o At Advantech, we thoroughly embrace diversity because we understand that differences ignite a passion for what’s possible and can serve to inspire entirely new avenues of exploration. Diversification is a necessary ingredient for our company goal of creating intelligent planet for all.
Best Tech Manager (Los Angeles) | Perservance, Optimism, Recruitment of Talent and the Commitment to make it happen, defines Ajay Arora and just some of the reasons he deserves Best Tech Manger.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Boston) | Diversity is the very lifeblood which has fueled Akamai's innovation, growth, and community.
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Alex Oakley is a natural managerial talent who leads his team by exemplifying an enthusiastic, can-do spirit, an openness to hearing and sharing ideas, and a cheerful temperament in the face of heavy workloads full of tight deadlines and tough technological challenges.
Best Tech Work Culture (Los Angeles) | Amper hires brilliant individuals, sets audacious goals, trusts our team to invent solutions, celebrates our successes together, and thinks of our team not as employees but as family.
Best Tech Startup (NYC) | Amper Music is leading a fundamental revolution in creative expression that will define how musicians and creators across the world make music in the 21st century.
Best Tech Work Culture (Philadelphia) | AGI's culture is really defined by some truly incredible people that inspire and motivate each other to always go bigger, better, and farther than thought possible.
Best Tech Manager (NYC) | Andrew has proven himself to be a great leader in the world of technology by trusting his team to do what they do best, while shielding them from the things they shouldn't have to worry about.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | Without diversity in our workplace and in our hearts, App Annie would not be able to serve the diversity that is our app economy, spanning every culture, lifestyle, and view.
Best Tech Work Culture (Washington DC) | Appian takes pride on investing in employees rather than squeezing everything possible out of them – stressing true care and concern, we provide a culture where people can thrive both professionally and personally.
Best Tech Startup (Los Angeles) | appliedVR is the first the bring therapeutic VR pain and anxiety relief to the market, demonstrating through clinical trials at Cedars-Sinai and Children's Hospital Los Angeles reductions of pain of 24% and reductions of anxiety of 31%, and demonstrating that VR could be an easy and practical tool to improve patient lives.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | We give people a great tech work culture that’s about more than pingpong tables, a modern office space and a relaxed dress code – we empower people to pursue work they find personally and professionally fulfilling as they pioneer solutions that work toward a shared mission of making personal transportation – and people’s lives – better.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | Artveoli Air Panels create fresh air indoors, providing healthier, safer, more productive environment for people.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | AutoGravity celebrates its diverse array of employees and has integrated diversity hiring into its strategy and all human resource activities.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Washington DC) | Diversity for us is like water to a fish; we were a diverse company at our creation, and we've only become more diverse as we've grown.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | Avant proactively promotes a diverse and inclusive culture where all our employees’ contributions are valued.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | Avenue Code offers professionals the chance to work with world-famous clients as full-time employees with excellent benefits, competitive compensation, and resources for personal and professional development, in a high-trust environment that centers our people as the heart of what we do.
Best Tech Work Culture (Philadelphia) | Azavea fosters an environment where employees embrace challenging technical problems for the sake of learning and sharing what they learn with others.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Because our tech is focused on answering the question of why too many women die in pregnancy.
Best Tech Work Place for Diversity (Philadelphia) | Bandwave provides a family-style team environment which thrives in a workplace rich in diversity.
Best Tech Work Culture (Los Angeles) | Belkin deserves to win Best Tech Work Culture because we promote a healthy, energetic and collaborative culture that is conducive toward creating cutting-edge tech products.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | BenchPrep’s employees are outspoken champions of diversity, fully recognizing and embracing how powerful it can be to have widely varied perspectives represented in every decision that we make.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Beth's inspiring relationship-centered approach to management, deep experience, professionalism, and relentless positivity even in times of stress cause her to deserve Best Tech Manager recognition.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Bill Konrad deserves to win “Best Tech Manager” as his forward-thinking leadership has supported Konrad Group from the very beginning, enabling the company to grow and become a leading digital consulting agency, designing and implementing innovative technology solutions.
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | Bitvore has won the hearts of a large and growing number of the biggest, toughest customers in the world - UBS, AIG, S&P, USAA, T Rowe Price, Moody's, Blackrock and many others. Our cutting edge AI delivers simple, effective intelligence to help our customers outperform and they give us praise like "I love Bitvore" and "Bitvore is my favorite tool!". We love making them happy and successful.
Best Tech Work Culture (Los Angeles) | Working at Boingo comes with more perks than a paycheck—from team Hackathons and equity in the company to tuition reimbursement and subsidized electronic devices, Boingo brings together the brightest minds in tech, the best in wireless innovation and a work environment where people can and want to succeed.
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | Boris has a gift of reordering his team’s priorities so each individual empowers their co-workers’ own productivity.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | Brad’s Deals isn’t just devoted to helping to cultivate female tech talent both internally and in the broader Chicago community, but walks the walk – women comprise 50% of the executive leadership team, 66% of senior leadership, 69% of management, and 56% of all employees.
Best Tech Work Culture (Philadelphia) | BrainDo maintains a supportive, family-like work culture that solves technical challenges as a team, fosters innovation and values team morale as an integral part of company success.
Best Tech Workplace For Diversity (Silicon Valley) | Branch is committed to moving the tech industry, not just as a solution for better mobile experiences and attribution, but also as a leading example for diversity and inclusion.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Brazen is a chat-event candidate engagement platform, connecting recruiters to candidates through personal online interaction, eliminating the 'resume black hole' experience.
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | The knowledge, patience, and encouragement Brian provides is so generous and consistent that it’s almost impossible NOT to overachieve when you're on his team.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | Buildout is solving real-world commercial real estate challenges, and in the process, completely revolutionizing an industry in desperate need of tech solutions.
Best Tech Manager (Los Angeles) | Cambron Carter has brought expertise in execution (with sensitivity for career growth) and a clear, consistent purpose to the ever changing product lifecycle of computer vision and AI -- two of the pillars in GumGum’s innovative technology.
Best Tech Manager (NYC) | As an extremely hard-working and creative leader and passionate proponent for diversity and inclusion, Camilla Velasquez helps employees actualize goals and Justworks produce products that hold up to its high standards.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | Recognized as one of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2016 and 2017 and as a Fortune 500 company for the past 18 years, Capital One bolsters a work culture for associates to be inspired and encouraged as the driving force being a tech-first financial provider. A hub for diversity of thought and of people, Capital One celebrates the individual and the community by providing innovative workspace, engagement programs, and an immersive company spirit.
Best Tech Work Culture (Washington DC) | Capitol Post, a co-working space for military veterans and spouses, is the proud home to Bunker Labs DC, a national 501(c)(3) organization located in fifteen cities that empowers military veterans as leaders in entrepreneurship and innovation; our goal is to be DC’s best business and personal incubator for military veterans and their spouses.
Best Tech Work Culture (Washington DC) | Capterra is a results-driven organization, whose culture and team members emphasize performance and cross-team collaboration as much as they do trivia, games, and fun.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | Carbon Black's people truly make their organization a wonderful place to work and they believe they should be recognized for the amazing things they do every day.
Best Tech Manager (NYC) | Caren's high sense of empathy makes her a great leader, and her growth oriented mindset is constantly putting Nestio in a place to succeed.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | Veracode’s “hacker” culture encourages a spirit of innovation, creativity, and individual striving for excellence, embodied by our employee Hackathons.
Best Tech Startup (NYC) | Perseverance, our tech is dynamic because our customers need products that solves problems, not just temporary fixes.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | Cetaris promotes an all-inclusive, multi-cultural team through its Core Value of ‘Respect the Individual’, its hiring and recognition practices, collaborative Agile approaches and tools, and most of all the way they celebrate together – all key to its 25+ years of success as a leader in Enterprise Asset Management software development!
Best Tech Startup (Los Angeles) | Having identified solutions for pain points with YouTube before they even became a reality, Channel Factory continuously strives towards innovation, with an ethos to be the pioneers within the Social Video advertising space.
Best Tech Manager (Philadelphia) | Charlie Darney has a passion and drive for creating top notch web products, resource management, and most importantly, ensuring the wellbeing and professional growth of each member of his team. Whether helping them work through complex code issues or determining their next career move, Charlie aims to help his team reach their goals, give feedback whenever needed, and strive to lead by example.
Best Tech Workplace For Diversity (Silicon Valley) | Chegg is all about students and demonstrates how a diverse culture can achieve and serve its customer community.
Best Tech Manager (Philadelphia) | Chris leads by example and inspires his CoreDial team to be innovative and creative to change the future of cloud communications.
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Management is about doing things the right way, leadership is about doing what's right for the team; as well, he has perfected the art of taking problems and making them engaging and interesting, so that everyone wants to jump in and tackle them!
Best Tech Manager (Philadelphia) | Chris' ability to provide critical feedback and actively support his team, while being incredibly humble, empathetic, and passionate, make him the "Best Tech Manager" around.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | Cie Digital Labs is driven by passionate individuals who love solving problems that have real-world impact and scale - It's driven by passion, who can beat that?
Best Tech Startup (Boston) | Circle believes they deserve to win "Best Tech Startup" because their products will disrupt the financial industry and allow consumers to exchange value between currencies (free of charge), across boarders and between platforms.
Best Tech Work Culture (Silicon Valley) | At Cisco, we encourage individuality and allowing each person to be their unique self, so they can bring their talents together with other thought leaders and as a team, see their work become a reality that changes the way the internet changes the world.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | At Cisco, we encourage individuality and allowing each person to be their unique self, so they can bring their talents together with other thought leaders and as a team, see their work become a reality that changes the way the internet changes the world.
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | CleanSlateUV is a growing tech startup led by dedicated, goal-oriented team members who push their team to solve problems associated with healthcare acquired infections through innovative and disruptive solutions, thus reducing the burden of healthcare expenses and improving patient outcomes.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | cleverbridge provides unlimited opportunities to learn new things, advance in your career and make things happen professionally, personally and socially.
Best Tech Work Culture (Toronto) |Climax Media hires entrepreneurial, passionate people who are excited about what they do & want to create something worth sharing. Through mentorship and learning allowances, we encourage our employees to try new things, never stop learning, and teach others to help build a stronger community.
Best Tech Work Culture (Philadelphia) | CloudMine’s success is a by-product of the growth of our team members’ skills and abilities. We support their ongoing personal career development and a healthy life/work balance that cultivates fuller engagement. We are a culture that celebrates our accomplishments as a company and as individuals, along with those we have helped our customers and partners to achieve.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | Clover believes that the best ideas come from a team with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and we strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone is empowered to do their best work.
Best Tech Workplace For Diversity (Silicon Valley) | Codefresh supports diversity by hiring employees with diverse backgrounds, and supporting them with tools and mentorship they need to succeed and be the best they can be.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | Codefresh supports diversity by hiring employees with diverse backgrounds, and supporting them with tools and mentorship they need to succeed and be the best they can be.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | By celebrating and leveraging each other's diverse expertise, personalities, and cultures, we've cultivated an open-door, innovative workplace that has resulted in out-of-the-box solutions that change our clients' lives every day.
Best Tech Startup (Philadelphia) | COSY is transforming the way that retail works.
Best Tech Work Place for Diversity (Philadelphia) | We strive to create a Healthcare product that touches the lives of many types of people; therefore, we believe our team should reflect the diverse modes of thought, beliefs, and backgrounds to ensure a successful product.
Best Tech Startup (NYC) | Compass combines innovative technology, best-in-industry talent and a culture of support to transform an industry that has been devoid of innovation for far too long.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (NYC) l We happen to be a team of tech nerds who value working with cutting edge technologies, intellectual curiosity, and holding ourselves to a high standard while being respectful, inclusive, and collaborative.
Best Tech Work Culture (NYC) l We happen to be a team of tech nerds who value working with cutting edge technologies, intellectual curiosity, and holding ourselves to a high standard while being respectful, inclusive, and collaborative.
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