Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Adrian Fletcher is an industry leader who inspires us with his integrity and vision and empowers us to work towards a better tomorrow.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Bill Konrad deserves to win “Best Tech Manager” as his forward-thinking leadership has supported Konrad Group from the very beginning, enabling the company to grow and become a leading digital consulting agency, designing and implementing innovative technology solutions.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | Cetaris promotes an all-inclusive, multi-cultural team through its Core Value of ‘Respect the Individual’, its hiring and recognition practices, collaborative Agile approaches and tools, and most of all the way they celebrate together – all key to its 25+ years of success as a leader in Enterprise Asset Management software development!
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | CleanSlateUV is a growing tech startup led by dedicated, goal-oriented team members who push their team to solve problems associated with healthcare acquired infections through innovative and disruptive solutions, thus reducing the burden of healthcare expenses and improving patient outcomes.
Best Tech Work Culture (Toronto) |Climax Media hires entrepreneurial, passionate people who are excited about what they do & want to create something worth sharing. Through mentorship and learning allowances, we encourage our employees to try new things, never stop learning, and teach others to help build a stronger community.
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