Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (NYC) l Mixpanel celebrates the differences that make us unique every day.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | project44 is revolutionizing a massive, important industry with exciting automation and visibility technology that will improve the lives of everyone it touches, including shipping companies, retailers, truckers, logistics companies, and most importantly, the everyday consumer.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | Diversity is more than the percentage breakdown of gender and culture groups; at TribalScale, we set ourselves apart with diversity of ideas and promotion of creative and innovative methods.
Best Tech Startup (Boston) | GreatHorn is solving one of most dangerous problems facing today’s modern organizations: targeted phishing — the single most effective cyberattack type in the world, and one which has caused over $400M in damages as of the most recent FBI studies.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | Pixability’s inclusive environment emphasizes transparency, collaboration and innovation, bringing together and empowering the entire team to work toward solving our customers’ key pain points.
Best Tech Startup (NYC) | We are using innovative technology to fix a $300 billion problem in our society: mental health.
Best Tech Work Place for Diversity (Philadelphia) | The Tactile Group's empathy-based culture has allowed them to harness the friction of diversity to spark magic.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | At Cisco, we encourage individuality and allowing each person to be their unique self, so they can bring their talents together with other thought leaders and as a team, see their work become a reality that changes the way the internet changes the world.
Best Tech Work Culture (Washington DC) | Appian takes pride on investing in employees rather than squeezing everything possible out of them – stressing true care and concern, we provide a culture where people can thrive both professionally and personally.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | Avant proactively promotes a diverse and inclusive culture where all our employees’ contributions are valued.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Nimisha is a passionate, authentic and inspiring female tech leader with a focus on enabling a powerful mission.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Brazen is a chat-event candidate engagement platform, connecting recruiters to candidates through personal online interaction, eliminating the 'resume black hole' experience.
Best Tech Startup (Los Angeles) | MentorMint is bridging the path for explorers and mentors to come together.
Best Tech Work Culture (Philadelphia) | Think Company walks the walk in providing a creative, innovative, and educational technology culture where team members are encouraged to experiment, work towards excellence in our work, and push out of our own comfort zones in order to do so.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | Diversity is an important cornerstone to the Nulogy's founding story, as the company was founded by a group of Canadian minorities. Diversity has been ingrained in the way we work from the first day we started the company in 2002.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Paul leads by example to promote a unique culture by fostering the curiosity and innovation ingrained in our identity.
Best Tech Manager (Silicon Valley) | Vijay is a serious player when it comes to building a world class product team to work on a world class product; someone who is intuitive, a true thought leader, while also being highly analytical and technical, he is extremely invested in the team's success and possesses a rare combination of both unparalleled product expertise while also being a strong go-to leader.
Best Tech Work Place for Diversity (Philadelphia) | We strive to create a Healthcare product that touches the lives of many types of people; therefore, we believe our team should reflect the diverse modes of thought, beliefs, and backgrounds to ensure a successful product.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | Pixability’s inclusive environment emphasizes transparency, collaboration and innovation, bringing together and empowering the entire team to work toward solving our customers’ key pain points.
Best Tech Startup (NYC) | Voodoo Manufacturing deserves to win best tech startup 2017 because we embody the Brooklyn Tech Startup community, we have raised the as much money this year as any startup in the borough, and we have visionary leaders who are disrupting a major market in an innovative and exciting way!
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | With company BBQs, food truck visits, free snacks/drinks in the break room, corporate sponsored team-building events, and Paid-Time-Off for volunteering service, Teletrac Navman not only provides extensive opportunities for professional growth but does so in a fun and fast-paced manner while promoting an environment that fosters genuine curiosity regarding how we approach teamwork and continuous growth.
Best Tech Manager (Silicon Valley) | Phil deserves to win “Best Tech Manager” because of his insistence on creating an open, transparent and dynamic work culture by inspiring and being inspired by Liftoff’s employees, and investing personally in their career growth.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Washington DC) | mHelpDesk deserves to win “Best Tech Workplace for Diversity” because of our inclusive workplace which starts at our hiring practices and evolves with our culture; we celebrate individuals talents and ideas to move our company forward.
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | Monet Content Analytics Platform uses Data Science and AI by analyzing viewer audio & video data at scale to deliver metrics for improving Video Marketing ROI for brands.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | Productive Edge is a place where ideas abound and tomorrow's possibilities are today's reality - we work hard, play hard, and relentlessly seek ways to make better happen.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | ThoughtWorks deserves to win Best Tech Workplace for Diversity, because diversity and inclusion is not just a business case for us. We know there is a business case for diversity and inclusion, but our focus has been on righting some historical wrongs, particularly as it related to underrepresented minorities. Besides, we simply believe it is the right things to do!
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | SendGrid embodies its 4H culture of being Happy, Humble, Hungry and Honest; it is a critical key to SendGrid’s continued success.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | We provide an environment full of opportunity for those looking to grow within their career - one simply needs to take advantage of that to succeed.
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | Grok proactively resolves IT incidents and application downtime using industry-leading machine learning, generating real, measurable value for any company.
Best Tech Manager (NYC) | Simon is a genius at what he does, and appreciates the people who work for him so much. He truly makes Viventium a great place to work.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Mike understands that an exceptional product comes from exceptional employees, and he is committed to creating a workplace where each and every team member feels appropriately challenged, and valued for their work.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (NYC) l We happen to be a team of tech nerds who value working with cutting edge technologies, intellectual curiosity, and holding ourselves to a high standard while being respectful, inclusive, and collaborative.
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | GlobeChat has created the world's first truly global communications platform allowing people to send instantly translated messages to anyone in the world! In Q4 2017 we will launch GlobeDate... the world's first truly global dating app!
Best Tech Work Culture (Los Angeles) | Velocify has become a sought after environment among LA's top technology talent, thanks largely to a culture that celebrates wins, champions customers, and provides opportunities for just plain fun at events like the annual family day, chili cook-offs and weekly social hours.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | 1871 works tirelessly each day -- along with corporate partners, local universities, members and civic organizations -- to make the rich ecosystem it has built completely reflective of the city of Chicago.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Bill Konrad deserves to win “Best Tech Manager” as his forward-thinking leadership has supported Konrad Group from the very beginning, enabling the company to grow and become a leading digital consulting agency, designing and implementing innovative technology solutions.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | We don't have 1 person working on Culture, Or 2. Or 5. Company culture has become a top priority for the entire employee base, and we've evolved into a company we are incredibly proud of. You would not be rewarding the work of 1, but rather, 60 =)
Best Tech Manager (Washington DC) | Paul exemplifies the FME mission. He works hard to to ensure the entire company understands and can advocate for our important mission. He is FME's MVP.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | Whether it's through their yearly "Think Week" program or quarterly awards, CrowdStrike is constantly encouraging employee collaboration and provides a great work culture.
Best Tech Work Place for Diversity (Philadelphia) | Zeeno is defined as the smallest measurable amount of human interaction and while time spent traveling may be fleeting, we seek to give it a lasting impact through authentic connections between travelers and locals from all backgrounds.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | A visionary, focused and inspirational leader who goes to bat for his team and ensures an atmosphere of education, elevation and empowerment - in a bleeding edge industry - Artificial Intelligence.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Adam Zaulyczny (or Adam Z as Kronites fondly refer to him) deserves to win the Best Tech Manager award because through his inspirational ability to build a positive culture of caring within the IT Service organization at Kronos, his team members feel taken care of, appreciated, and valued, which in turn inspires his team members to take incredible care of the rest of the Kronos population.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | TradeRev’s biggest strength is its diverse and welcoming staff, who celebrate differences and recognize that varied backgrounds and experiences make us a stronger, smarter company.
Best Tech Manager (Philadelphia) | John has applied 21st century technology, innovation and leadership to transform the way he and his team create flexible physical and virtual public access to over 21 million artifacts of American History, delivering the Historical Society of PA’s mission to ‘inspire people to create a better future through historical understanding.'
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | Our company's purpose is to fearlessly invent the future. We think that we are in a unique position, given our work in machine learning and data science, to understand the complexity of human behaviour. Technology is about creative problem solving and our vision is to breakdown complex problems with technology and to help to make the world a better place.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | At RhinoDox, our principled and passionate 'Rhinos' deliver an innovative work experience to our customers by allowing them to search content across the enterprise by 'What It Is" not "Where It Is".
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | At NS1, we are committed to improving and modernizing the deep, underlying technologies that power the internet to help make your favorite websites and applications better, faster, and more reliable.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Los Angeles) | The success of .xyz as one of the most popular domains in the world is a testament to the XYZ’s celebration of diversity, with a team made up of individuals from over a dozen different countries that are fluent in over 15 languages.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | The tech industry has always been pushed by gaming – phones, computers, hardware components, and battery technology are good examples – and Razer is the embodiment of the gaming culture, and we make sure that passion permeates to every employee and every department at the company.,
Best Tech Startup (Philadelphia) | Widget Brain is passionate about creating smart solutions that have a real impact on daily life: algorithms that lower CO2, improve recycling rates, deliver faster, prevent critical failures and decide autonomously.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | When you walk through the door and spend time at Eight Bit Studios, it doesn’t take long to get the sense that people love what they do, where they work and who they work with.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | Hireology offers a transparent, inclusive environment where all ideas are heard.
Best Tech Startup (Silicon Valley) | Rubrik is the fastest growing tech company (both revenue and headcount) in Silicon Valley, a Forbes Billion Dollar Startup, and the biggest innovation in our $50 billion market in the last 20 years.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | npm, Inc. considers a healthy work-life balance to be paramount to any project, goal, or scheduled release.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | Kofax cares for our physical and emotional health; giving us an environment to succeed in the workplace, encouraging team bonding, trainer led fitness training sessions in our gym, allows flexible work hours. It is really a great place to work!
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Doug is a visionary in his field who understands how to connect the past and present to deliver innovative technology solutions, while inspiring his team to make the impossible... possible.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Gwen is the kind of manager that inspires not just her team members, but all other team-mates around her. Her work ethic, dedication, upbeat attitude, and her amazing capacity to get things done is awe-inspiring.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | We give people a great tech work culture that’s about more than pingpong tables, a modern office space and a relaxed dress code – we empower people to pursue work they find personally and professionally fulfilling as they pioneer solutions that work toward a shared mission of making personal transportation – and people’s lives – better.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Washington DC) | FIN Digital is the best tech workplace for diversity because of it's mission to be an example of inclusion in technology
Best Tech Manager (Los Angeles) | Perservance, Optimism, Recruitment of Talent and the Commitment to make it happen, defines Ajay Arora and just some of the reasons he deserves Best Tech Manger.
Best Tech Startup (NYC) | Compass combines innovative technology, best-in-industry talent and a culture of support to transform an industry that has been devoid of innovation for far too long.
Best Tech Work Culture (Washington DC) | This year we have been voted the top Web Design Firm in DC by Clutch, as well as one of the Coolest Companies in DC by DCInno - these accolades happened because of our incredible work culture and the desire to come in and do our best work everyday!
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | Ridecell has been successful helping companies like BMW, VW and AAA quickly set up carsharing and ridesharing services, helping people in the world live more easily without owning their own vehicle.
Best Tech Startup (Silicon Valley) | Software-defined storage (SDS) startup Hedvig delivers software that serves as the foundation for how enterprises and service providers around the world store, protect and manage data in a digital business environment.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | With SourceClear modern enterprises can trust that they will find any security issues or vulnerabilities in the open source code they are using in a timely manner and can remediate any issues fast - great people, company culture and office in the heart of SF included.
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Michael is a mentor, teacher, connector, encourager, and a great example for our MEDL Mobile team!
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | Scribd is changing the way the world reads by bringing the best books, audiobooks, news, and magazines together in one amazing subscription that is designed to help readers become their best and most informed selves.
Best Tech Manager (NYC) | Andrew has proven himself to be a great leader in the world of technology by trusting his team to do what they do best, while shielding them from the things they shouldn't have to worry about.
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | Endy is revolutionizing the way people sleep, through their ridiculously comfortable, supportive and 100% Canadian-made mattress, shaking up the Canadian sleep industry by selling directly to consumers and successfully fending off challenges from their much larger US competitors.
Best Tech Manager (Philadelphia) | A decade ago, Srinath took a base model software package and assembled a team of software engineers that have built a premier panel management platform that is installed, applied and positively enjoyed by some of the largest corporations in America.
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