Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | While Shiftgig has many of the traditional trappings you’ll find in the Chicago tech scene (you know the drill — ping pong tables, in-office kegerators, and weekly office challenges) at our core, Shiftgig employees are deeply passionate about building an incredible product that drives our company’s vision — creating financial opportunity for the hourly workforce.
Best Tech Work Culture (Washington DC) | this sums it up perfectly. :)
Best Tech Manager (Los Angeles) | Tony Medrano brings the ideal mix of in-the-trenches-with-your-team leadership of a veteran military officer, a truly caring individual who lacks a substantial ego, a broad spectrum of interests, and a deep, unrelenting desire to support those who follow him to achieve greater heights. Tony’s teams tend to bond tightly and stay together for a long time and across multiple companies.
Best Tech Work Place for Diversity (Philadelphia) | Bandwave provides a family-style team environment which thrives in a workplace rich in diversity.
Best Tech Work Culture (Los Angeles | We answer business needs with the optimal technology solutions by using an innovative hybrid-agile methodology and empowering our cross-functional team to become even better healthcare technologists.
Best Tech Startup (Silicon Valley) | DataVisor uses a combination of the latest artificial intelligence and big data technologies to protect companies, and their more than two billion users around the globe, from mass registrations, account takeovers, fraudulent transactions, identity theft, fake reviews, spam, fake app installation, and more.
Best Tech Manager (NYC) | Andrew has proven himself to be a great leader in the world of technology by trusting his team to do what they do best, while shielding them from the things they shouldn't have to worry about.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | Cie Digital Labs is driven by passionate individuals who love solving problems that have real-world impact and scale - It's driven by passion, who can beat that?
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | We don't have 1 person working on Culture, Or 2. Or 5. Company culture has become a top priority for the entire employee base, and we've evolved into a company we are incredibly proud of. You would not be rewarding the work of 1, but rather, 60 =)
Best Tech Work Culture (NYC) l We happen to be a team of tech nerds who value working with cutting edge technologies, intellectual curiosity, and holding ourselves to a high standard while being respectful, inclusive, and collaborative.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Boston) | Diversity is the very lifeblood which has fueled Akamai's innovation, growth, and community.
Best Tech Work Culture (Philadelphia) | At Monetate, we hire incredibly talented and passionate people. Our employees want to make a difference and we share a sense of optimism and dedication which is, frankly, unprecedented in any other company I have worked for, or with. We are a team and we support and challenge each other each day to tackle incredibly difficult problems and push the limits of current technology and our own abilities.
Best Tech Manager (NYC) | As an extremely hard-working and creative leader and passionate proponent for diversity and inclusion, Camilla Velasquez helps employees actualize goals and Justworks produce products that hold up to its high standards.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | When you walk through the door and spend time at Eight Bit Studios, it doesn’t take long to get the sense that people love what they do, where they work and who they work with.
Best Tech Work Culture (Silicon Valley) | Leadership starts from the top, and at Mojio every single person is engaged, responsible for employee happiness, and steps in to help people out – no job or function is beneath anyone in this company.
Best Tech Manager (Silicon Valley) | Vijay is a serious player when it comes to building a world class product team to work on a world class product; someone who is intuitive, a true thought leader, while also being highly analytical and technical, he is extremely invested in the team's success and possesses a rare combination of both unparalleled product expertise while also being a strong go-to leader.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Karl Dionne deserves to win Best Tech Manager because he is an effective leader and possesses key elements managers should embody. He motivates his team daily by promoting growth through his natural ability to inspire a harmonious and fun tech environment conducive to achieving greatness.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | We give people a great tech work culture that’s about more than pingpong tables, a modern office space and a relaxed dress code – we empower people to pursue work they find personally and professionally fulfilling as they pioneer solutions that work toward a shared mission of making personal transportation – and people’s lives – better.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | ThoughtWorks deserves to win Best Tech Workplace for Diversity, because diversity and inclusion is not just a business case for us. We know there is a business case for diversity and inclusion, but our focus has been on righting some historical wrongs, particularly as it related to underrepresented minorities. Besides, we simply believe it is the right things to do!
Best Tech Startup (NYC) | If you were ever stumped trying to figure out the perfect thing to say to convince someone to do something, you’ll appreciate that Persado created an astounding AI technology that does just that --powered by people who love the company and feel like they’re doing some of the best work of their lives.
Best Tech Startup (Silicon Valley) | Rubrik is the fastest growing tech company (both revenue and headcount) in Silicon Valley, a Forbes Billion Dollar Startup, and the biggest innovation in our $50 billion market in the last 20 years.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | Everyone knows tech could be more diverse—we're building products that actually empower Companies to deliver on diversity and connect teams all across the globe.
Best Tech Work Place for Diversity (Philadelphia) | Zeeno is defined as the smallest measurable amount of human interaction and while time spent traveling may be fleeting, we seek to give it a lasting impact through authentic connections between travelers and locals from all backgrounds.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | As a high-tech company with strong core values, Ellie Mae’s unique culture empowers employees to innovate for the company, impact the mortgage industry, and ultimately make a difference for homeowners across the country.
Best Tech Work Place for Diversity (Philadelphia) | VEA organizational culture encourage openness and make culture must make everyone feel valued.
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | Boris has a gift of reordering his team’s priorities so each individual empowers their co-workers’ own productivity.
Best Tech Manager (Chicago) | Under the leadership of Elizabeth Harz, Sittercity is accelerating its path to innovation and growth -- and is building a culture that advances greater opportunities for women in technology.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | By celebrating and leveraging each other's diverse expertise, personalities, and cultures, we've cultivated an open-door, innovative workplace that has resulted in out-of-the-box solutions that change our clients' lives every day.
Best Tech Startup (NYC) | Voodoo Manufacturing deserves to win best tech startup 2017 because we embody the Brooklyn Tech Startup community, we have raised the as much money this year as any startup in the borough, and we have visionary leaders who are disrupting a major market in an innovative and exciting way!
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | The company has truly built a culture filled with comradery. Allowing employee's to connect to a personal level, providing events and ability to work in an environment with a healthy workload and work lifestyle.
Best Tech Manager (San Francisco) | Craig possesses a mind that is energized by new technology and software development, coupled with a soul that is passionate about talent development and educational uplift in diverse communities; he has molded these elements of himself together to build One World Solutions--a team that not only builds new global solutions, but indeed, embodies a groundbreaking global talent solution, in and of itself.
Best Tech Startup (Silicon Valley) | At Treasure Data we like to think of ourselves as a diamond in the rough (pun intended) and we push ourselves every day to disrupt the market, but not at the risk of sacrificing a satisfying work environment.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | In the past 4 years, 30 industry awards including 3 R&D 100’s (2 granted and 1 finalist to be decided 11/17), both the most in the Computer Aided Engineering industry and numerous patent awards are the result of our great tech culture that is always on the edge in making planes, cars and machines safer, more reliable, more energy efficient, autonomous, pleasurable, and simply cooler!
Best Tech Work Culture (Washington DC) | Capterra is a results-driven organization, whose culture and team members emphasize performance and cross-team collaboration as much as they do trivia, games, and fun.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Los Angeles) | One World was founded with the goal of empowering diversity for the last 6 years.
Best Tech Work Culture (Washington DC) | We believe in hiring the best in the industry and providing an atmosphere where innovation and team collaboration are paramount.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Ostendio deserves to win 'Best Tech Startup' because we're tackling a growing problem - cybersecurity in healthcare - in an industry which hesitates to embrace digital innovation, yet we continue to continue to grow quickly without venture funding.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | Not only is the culture at Ytel natural, it is genuine. We have an undeniable passion for technology and the people we work with.
Best Tech Work Culture (NYC) | Because Work & Co values diverse backgrounds – the team hails from more than 30 countries, and is comprised of everyone from data scientists and former designers to self-taught coders – employees get to work alongside the best product teams on the most complex digital challenges in the industry.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | BenchPrep’s employees are outspoken champions of diversity, fully recognizing and embracing how powerful it can be to have widely varied perspectives represented in every decision that we make.
Best Tech Startup (NYC) | Compass combines innovative technology, best-in-industry talent and a culture of support to transform an industry that has been devoid of innovation for far too long.
Best Tech Manager (Philadelphia) | Charlie Darney has a passion and drive for creating top notch web products, resource management, and most importantly, ensuring the wellbeing and professional growth of each member of his team. Whether helping them work through complex code issues or determining their next career move, Charlie aims to help his team reach their goals, give feedback whenever needed, and strive to lead by example.
Best Tech Manager (Philadelphia) | Chris' ability to provide critical feedback and actively support his team, while being incredibly humble, empathetic, and passionate, make him the "Best Tech Manager" around.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Adrian Fletcher is an industry leader who inspires us with his integrity and vision and empowers us to work towards a better tomorrow.
Best Tech Work Place for Diversity (Philadelphia) | People from marginalized communities can't sit and wait to be invited the table, we need to build the table ourselves; we combat the diversity in tech problem by becoming part of the solution.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | By connecting the dots between clients and their purchases, Venga unlocks the data that the hospitality and fitness industries have never been able to put to use, providing tools to increase both client satisfaction and frequency.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Los Angeles) | FloQast empowers its employees to help shape and define company culture, our values are directly built by employees allowing the values to be genuine and straight from the heart. We give employees the space to be themselves and express their diversity in a safe space.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | Recognized as one of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2016 and 2017 and as a Fortune 500 company for the past 18 years, Capital One bolsters a work culture for associates to be inspired and encouraged as the driving force being a tech-first financial provider. A hub for diversity of thought and of people, Capital One celebrates the individual and the community by providing innovative workspace, engagement programs, and an immersive company spirit.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | Strike Social is developing AI tech to help advertisers plan, optimize and report on their YouTube campaigns in a smarter, more scalable way — increasing output by 25x and performance by 30–70%.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | We provide an environment full of opportunity for those looking to grow within their career - one simply needs to take advantage of that to succeed.
Best Tech Work Culture (Philadelphia) | BrainDo maintains a supportive, family-like work culture that solves technical challenges as a team, fosters innovation and values team morale as an integral part of company success.
Best Tech Work Culture (San Francisco) | At Cisco, we encourage individuality and allowing each person to be their unique self, so they can bring their talents together with other thought leaders and as a team, see their work become a reality that changes the way the internet changes the world.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Los Angeles) | Initiative promotes diversity knowing that diversity promotes unique ideas and solutions in a market where being unique is key to success.
Best Tech Manager (NYC) | Simon is a genius at what he does, and appreciates the people who work for him so much. He truly makes Viventium a great place to work.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Hatch is a platform that empowers anyone, regardless of technical ability, to launch their own software.
Best Tech Manager (Los Angeles) | Steve Malony deserves to win Best Tech Manager because he is the backbone of Belkin’s positive and enriching company culture and nurtures global cross-functional teams of passionate, determined individuals, creating a hotbed for technological innovation to strike.
Best Tech Startup (San Francisco) | Sauce Labs was designed from day one to deliver next-level test automation at scale for all modern software development pipelines.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | Buildout is solving real-world commercial real estate challenges, and in the process, completely revolutionizing an industry in desperate need of tech solutions.
Best Tech Startup (Silicon Valley) | Our vision is to change driving into being by giving people their time back in order to make life better for billions of people.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Bill Konrad deserves to win “Best Tech Manager” as his forward-thinking leadership has supported Konrad Group from the very beginning, enabling the company to grow and become a leading digital consulting agency, designing and implementing innovative technology solutions.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | Label Insight is a high-growth, innovative technology company founded with the mission of applying data science to help consumers understand what’s in the products they use and consume by enabling CPG companies and retailers to easily understand and share their product data.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (NYC) l ThoughtWorks deserves to win “Best Tech Workplace for Diversity,” because diversity and inclusion is not just a business case for us. We know there is a business case for diversity and inclusion, but our focus has been on righting some historical wrongs, particularly as it related to underrepresented minorities. Besides, we simply believe it is the right things to do!
Best Tech Manager (Los Angeles) | Dave’s goal is for all of his engineering staff to be worth more in the marketplace during and after their time at VideoAmp by creating an environment conducive to continuous improvement and to establish rituals and practices which support this.
Best Tech Manager (NYC) | Caren's high sense of empathy makes her a great leader, and her growth oriented mindset is constantly putting Nestio in a place to succeed.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Robert Burko is someone who cares about his employees and encourages honest and transparent communication throughout the agency.
Best Tech Manager (Chicago) | An industry veteran with a six-year career at Backstop, Kim Greuling has risen to her position as head of engineering by working hard, always learning and inspiring others to join her on her journey, and inspiring women both within Backstop and in the broader Chicago tech scene to reach higher and achieve more.
Best Tech Manager (Washington DC) | Under Julia's leadership,'s employees are encouraged and empowered to deliver their best work, connecting clients with their audiences around the world, ensuring that language is a bridge, not a wall.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (San Francisco) | ThoughtWorks deserves to win “Best Tech Workplace for Diversity,” because diversity and inclusion is not just a business case for us. We know there is a business case for diversity and inclusion, but our focus has been on righting some historical wrongs, particularly as it related to underrepresented minorities. Besides, we simply believe it is the right things to do!
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | With company BBQs, food truck visits, free snacks/drinks in the break room, corporate sponsored team-building events, and Paid-Time-Off for volunteering service, Teletrac Navman not only provides extensive opportunities for professional growth but does so in a fun and fast-paced manner while promoting an environment that fosters genuine curiosity regarding how we approach teamwork and continuous growth.
Best Tech Manager (NYC) l Because Work & Co values diverse backgrounds – the team hails from more than 30 countries, and is comprised of everyone from data scientists and former designers to self-taught coders – employees get to work alongside the best product teams on the most complex digital challenges in the industry.
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