Best Tech Startup (Boston) | Wasabi's mission is to make cloud storage a utility so that other start-ups can build their next great application or product without worrying about the insane cost of storing the data that powers them.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | LogMeIn embraces a culture of striving to deliver the best possible experience to customers which is reflected both in the employees the company attracts and recruits, and the working environment it provides them.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Nimisha is a passionate, authentic and inspiring female tech leader with a focus on enabling a powerful mission.
Best Tech Startup (Boston) | Circle believes they deserve to win "Best Tech Startup" because their products will disrupt the financial industry and allow consumers to exchange value between currencies (free of charge), across boarders and between platforms.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | To create a strong and growing company, Quantopian was created with an understanding that it needed a culture that allowed employees to grow personally and professionally along with the company.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | Klaviyo is incredibly proud of our roots and is laser focused on being one of the best companies in Boston; working at Klaviyo means you’re going to be set up to do the best work of your career, as we have a culture that's fundamentally centered around productive collaboration and helping one another do the impossible.
Best Tech Startup (Boston) | GreatHorn is solving one of most dangerous problems facing today’s modern organizations: targeted phishing — the single most effective cyberattack type in the world, and one which has caused over $400M in damages as of the most recent FBI studies.
Best Tech Startup (Boston) | Payfactors is obsessed with building the best compensation solution on the planet. They’re poised to take over the industry as we know it, and they’re just getting started. They have decades of compensation experience, and by staying in constant sync with users, audience, and the industry, they’re building the best possible product in an area that desperately needs innovation.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Beth's inspiring relationship-centered approach to management, deep experience, professionalism, and relentless positivity even in times of stress cause her to deserve Best Tech Manager recognition.
Best Tech Startup (Boston) | Promoboxx is an extremely passionate and hard-working team that is dedicated to helping retailers become better marketers every day, and are constantly identifying and implementing opportunities to enhance their product and help customers increase local brand engagement, loyalty, and sales.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | Pegasystems has the Best Tech Work Culture because everything centers around the team; we work together to succeed as one.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | With its continuous dedication to its employees, LogicManager has created a truly innovative, mission-driven and fun-loving company that deserves to be recognized as the “Best Tech Work Culture” in Boston.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Boston) | Amazing platform, inclusive culture
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Boston) | Cybereason strives to solve some of the world’s most complex technology challenges. We can only do this by unlocking the full talents of ALL our people. When we have a spectrum of voices and perspectives at the table, the best ideas flourish - and we win.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Raj combines being a technological visionary and trailblazer with thoughtful, remarkably effective management skills that elevate his projects as much as his team, resulting in exceptional outcomes – the most recent being his success in bringing the popular MileUp app to market in record time, quickly and reliably generating millions of miles of raw driving data to test and validate new driver safety technology.
Best Tech Startup (Boston) | Owl Labs is proud to take on the video conferencing industry with its 360° intelligent video conferencing device because all employees, remote and in-office, deserve a seat at the table.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Adam Zaulyczny (or Adam Z as Kronites fondly refer to him) deserves to win the Best Tech Manager award because through his inspirational ability to build a positive culture of caring within the IT Service organization at Kronos, his team members feel taken care of, appreciated, and valued, which in turn inspires his team members to take incredible care of the rest of the Kronos population.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Boston) | Neurala promotes open hiring from a variety of backgrounds. Each resume is regarded equally and they are very focused on hiring well-balanced teams that not only compliment each others skillsets but also come from a variety of background, hobbies, and cultures.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | Turbonomic deserves to win "Best Tech Work Culture" because they are challenging the status quo, the tech "jargon" that most companies rant about and foster a workplace of purpose/mission/vision which in today's tech space comes far too infrequently.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Gwen is the kind of manager that inspires not just her team members, but all other team-mates around her. Her work ethic, dedication, upbeat attitude, and her amazing capacity to get things done is awe-inspiring.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Mike understands that an exceptional product comes from exceptional employees, and he is committed to creating a workplace where each and every team member feels appropriately challenged, and valued for their work.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Boston) | As a leading healthcare company in America, we recognize that diversity and innovation need to go hand in hand to achieve and maintain our continued success because only when we leverage everyone’s voices can we deliver breakthrough innovation in products and services that help individuals, families, clients and communities achieve their path to better health.
Best Tech Startup (Boston) | Jebbit is a startup with a team-first mentality that has built the world’s first declared data platform, disrupting Big Data and having fun while doing it.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | In building a successful organization, John Fawcett recognizes the people and the culture of the company are the keys to success.
Best Tech Startup (Boston) | PatientPing has an incredibly mission-driven team committed to achieving more optimal patient outcomes through the Power of a Ping.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Boston) | Diversity is the very lifeblood which has fueled Akamai's innovation, growth, and community.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | Whether it’s the annual “Hackathon” or the daily challenge to be technically creative in developing the best adaptive learning materials for students nationwide, Curriculum Associates focuses heavily on its tech team’s growth and well-being and strives to create a culture in which employees find balance and purpose to thrive.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Tacita is an dynamic engineering leader who is passionate about the environment being great for engineers, who catalyzes great culture in engineering and across Salsify, and who drives solid engineering results by aligning vision, focusing and communicating execution, and celebrating the team’s wins.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Rebecca is truly the Best Tech Manager because of the way she rallies her team and helps them shine while creating incredible education products that bring financial literacy to all. Her passion, drive, and hustle are unmatched, and she knows how to motivate everyone around her (Especially on Mondays).
Best Tech Workplace Diversity (Boston) | You need to let the world know that your organization embraces difference and welcomes all, and the best way of doing so is by making diversity a part of your brand.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | Veracode’s “hacker” culture encourages a spirit of innovation, creativity, and individual striving for excellence, embodied by our employee Hackathons.
Best Tech Startup (Boston) | SnapApp is changing the way marketers think about content by empowering them to easily create personalized interactive experiences that accelerates leads through the funnel and unleashes growth.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | Pixability’s inclusive environment emphasizes transparency, collaboration and innovation, bringing together and empowering the entire team to work toward solving our customers’ key pain points.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Boston) | Ellevation is a mission-driven software company with an entrepreneurial and fast-growing culture and our team loves to learn, innovate, solve complex challenges and have fun.
Best Tech Startup (Boston) | TrueMotion turns the smartphone, the cause of increased crashes and deaths on our roads, into the solution through its app that reduces distracted driving.
Best Tech Work Culture (Boston) | Carbon Black's people truly make their organization a wonderful place to work and they believe they should be recognized for the amazing things they do every day.
Best Tech Manager (Boston) | Margaret deserves to win Best Tech Manager as she is leading a team of individuals to deliver cutting edge artificial intelligence technology that helps people live happier more productive lives. Margaret's goals based approach and her ability to lead by example ensures her cross-functional team works in close collaboration with one another to deliver great technology and help each other grow their careers.