Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | Here at SkinIO We want to save lives by making sure every American has access to routine skin monitoring overseen by a qualified medical professional. Through our mobile app we build a visual history of your skin while tracking any changes that are reviewed by a licensed professional.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | By celebrating and leveraging each other's diverse expertise, personalities, and cultures, we've cultivated an open-door, innovative workplace that has resulted in out-of-the-box solutions that change our clients' lives every day.
Best Tech Manager (Chicago) | Though his relentless focus on Insureon's customers, Yuri is able to motivate and inspire his team to consistently deliver world-class experiences that make the lives of our customers better.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | 1871 works tirelessly each day -- along with corporate partners, local universities, members and civic organizations -- to make the rich ecosystem it has built completely reflective of the city of Chicago.
Best Tech Manager (Chicago) | Remember the difference between a boss and a leader; a boss says "Go!" - a leader says "Let's go!" -- E.M. Kelly
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | cleverbridge provides unlimited opportunities to learn new things, advance in your career and make things happen professionally, personally and socially.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | Since its inception, Solstice has empowered its strategists, researchers, designers and engineers to learn and discover emerging technologies, providing the autonomy and resources to successfully innovate and create daily.
Best Tech Manager (Chicago) | An industry veteran with a six-year career at Backstop, Kim Greuling has risen to her position as head of engineering by working hard, always learning and inspiring others to join her on her journey, and inspiring women both within Backstop and in the broader Chicago tech scene to reach higher and achieve more.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | When you walk through the door and spend time at Eight Bit Studios, it doesn’t take long to get the sense that people love what they do, where they work and who they work with.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | We give people a great tech work culture that’s about more than pingpong tables, a modern office space and a relaxed dress code – we empower people to pursue work they find personally and professionally fulfilling as they pioneer solutions that work toward a shared mission of making personal transportation – and people’s lives – better.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | BenchPrep’s employees are outspoken champions of diversity, fully recognizing and embracing how powerful it can be to have widely varied perspectives represented in every decision that we make.
Best Tech Manager (Chicago) | Sairam Rangachari deserves to win "Best Tech Manager" because he is helping lead a team of people and a Chicago Tech community to challenge and disrupt the way we are thinking and innovating for our customers.
Best Tech Manager (Chicago) | Under the leadership of Elizabeth Harz, Sittercity is accelerating its path to innovation and growth -- and is building a culture that advances greater opportunities for women in technology.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | ThoughtWorks deserves to win Best Tech Workplace for Diversity, because diversity and inclusion is not just a business case for us. We know there is a business case for diversity and inclusion, but our focus has been on righting some historical wrongs, particularly as it related to underrepresented minorities. Besides, we simply believe it is the right things to do!
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | Buildout is solving real-world commercial real estate challenges, and in the process, completely revolutionizing an industry in desperate need of tech solutions.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | Productive Edge is a place where ideas abound and tomorrow's possibilities are today's reality - we work hard, play hard, and relentlessly seek ways to make better happen.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | RedShelf deserves to win “Best Tech Startup” because they have crafted an industry-changing product for the higher education space while growing at an astronomically fast rate and still maintaining the culture that they hold dearly at their core.
Best Tech Manager (Chicago) | Dr. Choudhary, chief scientist and founder at 4C and Northwestern University professor, is shaping an industry and the young minds that will one day lead it by inspiring data scientists with diverse backgrounds.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | Brad’s Deals isn’t just devoted to helping to cultivate female tech talent both internally and in the broader Chicago community, but walks the walk – women comprise 50% of the executive leadership team, 66% of senior leadership, 69% of management, and 56% of all employees.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | A globally-recognized leader in the exciting field of wireless power, NuCurrent provides employees access to cutting-edge technology tools, mentorship and formal training programs – a large reason we’ve attracted not only some of the best, young talent coming out of school, but also experienced alumni of 3COM, Motorola, Blackberry, Intel, Analog Devices and Freescale Semiconductor.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | Label Insight is a high-growth, innovative technology company founded with the mission of applying data science to help consumers understand what’s in the products they use and consume by enabling CPG companies and retailers to easily understand and share their product data.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | Strike Social is developing AI tech to help advertisers plan, optimize and report on their YouTube campaigns in a smarter, more scalable way — increasing output by 25x and performance by 30–70%.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | Jellyvision makes employees feel accepted from day one, because the culture is based on celebrating what makes us all different.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | We're building the best places to work in Philly and Chicago, where our impact to the market is real as we hire the best talent to do the best work of their lives. We're one of the only companies crazy enough to compete directly with Amazon Prime.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | While Shiftgig has many of the traditional trappings you’ll find in the Chicago tech scene (you know the drill — ping pong tables, in-office kegerators, and weekly office challenges) at our core, Shiftgig employees are deeply passionate about building an incredible product that drives our company’s vision — creating financial opportunity for the hourly workforce.
Best Tech Manager (Chicago) | Mahi Inampudi’s passion for creating disruptive technologies that make a positive impact is contagious and matched only by his passion for growing and developing the people on his team, together they enable Envoy’s mission to make it easier for people to work anywhere in the world.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | "Best Tech Startup" to ItemMaster would mean that we are a shining example of the startup talent and capability to change markets right here in the midwest, and some of the best work in tech is being done on the B2B side!
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | One of Yello’s core values is ‘nothing is impossible’ and through a collaborative environment, ongoing learning and guidance from company leadership, Yello employees are empowered to make the impossible, possible.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | When you blend the music and tech industries and add in some of the most creative and passionate minds in the business, you get meaningful work, endless growth opportunities, and lots of impromptu in-office jam sessions.
Best Tech Manager (Chicago) | Peter is the most important reason why Albert has been successful because of his technical competence, leadership, selflessness, and judgment.
Best Tech Manager (Chicago) | Vadim has a deep understanding of technology while also having a good business sense - brilliant yet approachable, decisive yet thoughtful, driven yet caring.
Best Tech Manager (Chicago) | Jenny is personally invested in each individual on her team, making a point to help them grow professionally and succeed in their current role, while also laser focused on the bigger picture and future of what the team is building.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | project44 is revolutionizing a massive, important industry with exciting automation and visibility technology that will improve the lives of everyone it touches, including shipping companies, retailers, truckers, logistics companies, and most importantly, the everyday consumer.
Best Tech Work Culture (Chicago) | Our people and culture define us at West Monroe. Our technologists call West Monroe home - where people are challenged to grow as individuals, be the best versions of themselves, and a place you can depend on to drive your own career no matter where it takes you.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | Avant proactively promotes a diverse and inclusive culture where all our employees’ contributions are valued.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | A forward-thinking company for personal growth and collaborative success.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | Hireology offers a transparent, inclusive environment where all ideas are heard.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | CRT Labs is an innovation-center building viable products that are transforming Real Estate.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago) | Machinio's global success reflects back to the diversity of its team. It creates the platform that allows us to work towards a common goal.
Best Tech Startup (Chicago) | At RhinoDox, our principled and passionate 'Rhinos' deliver an innovative work experience to our customers by allowing them to search content across the enterprise by 'What It Is" not "Where It Is".