Best Tech Manager (Los Angeles) | Perservance, Optimism, Recruitment of Talent and the Commitment to make it happen, defines Ajay Arora and just some of the reasons he deserves Best Tech Manger.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Los Angeles) | One World was founded with the goal of empowering diversity for the last 6 years.
Best Tech Startup (Los Angeles) | Having identified solutions for pain points with YouTube before they even became a reality, Channel Factory continuously strives towards innovation, with an ethos to be the pioneers within the Social Video advertising space.
Best Tech Startup (Los Angeles) | appliedVR is the first the bring therapeutic VR pain and anxiety relief to the market, demonstrating through clinical trials at Cedars-Sinai and Children's Hospital Los Angeles reductions of pain of 24% and reductions of anxiety of 31%, and demonstrating that VR could be an easy and practical tool to improve patient lives.
Best Tech Work Culture (Los Angeles) | Belkin deserves to win Best Tech Work Culture because we promote a healthy, energetic and collaborative culture that is conducive toward creating cutting-edge tech products.
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