Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Joshua has excelled in creatively addressing the needs of building and managing a world-class team in an emerging technology segment, demonstrating second-to-none mentorship and leadership abilities.
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | Bitvore has won the hearts of a large and growing number of the biggest, toughest customers in the world - UBS, AIG, S&P, USAA, T Rowe Price, Moody's, Blackrock and many others. Our cutting edge AI delivers simple, effective intelligence to help our customers outperform and they give us praise like "I love Bitvore" and "Bitvore is my favorite tool!". We love making them happy and successful.
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Joe's decades of experience together with his fun-loving and gracious attitude, his sense of solidarity and how he looks out for his team, his clients and those who invest in him creates a lasting loyalty with and among his team, many of whom have worked with him at multiple companies.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | o At Advantech, we thoroughly embrace diversity because we understand that differences ignite a passion for what’s possible and can serve to inspire entirely new avenues of exploration. Diversification is a necessary ingredient for our company goal of creating intelligent planet for all.
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Tom is a rare breed of top-level executive who takes a personal interest in his employees’ success – both in business and in life. Although technology is intrinsic to his business DNA, he recognizes that people and relationships matter most, and he has made a career out of putting employees and culture first. With connections that span the world’s largest technology companies, Tom remains humble and grateful for his success, and instills these same qualities in his employees. Through positivity, enthusiasm and generosity, he fuels employee motivation and has earned the respect of all those fortunate enough to work with him.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | We create content, products, and experiences that help individuals pursue fulfilling and meaningful careers, as well as defining their own roads in life!
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | TribalScale is creating a new era of innovation, empowering brands in all industry verticals through crafting world-class digital products, digital transformation, and venture services.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | The company has truly built a culture filled with comradery. Allowing employee's to connect to a personal level, providing events and ability to work in an environment with a healthy workload and work lifestyle.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | Kofax cares for our physical and emotional health; giving us an environment to succeed in the workplace, encouraging team bonding, trainer led fitness training sessions in our gym, allows flexible work hours. It is really a great place to work!
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | Grok proactively resolves IT incidents and application downtime using industry-leading machine learning, generating real, measurable value for any company.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | “There’s a great balance here at PriceSpider; our company makes a conscious effort to not just create an environment of fun and innovation, but to live it—it doesn’t matter what department you’re in or what position you hold, everyone here is welcoming and tries their best to be inclusive.” – Travis Wulff, Product Support Specialist at PriceSpider.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | SendGrid embodies its 4H culture of being Happy, Humble, Hungry and Honest; it is a critical key to SendGrid’s continued success.
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | Meridiun has captured industry and enterprise attention through delivering solution- focused AaaP’s. We combine mixed-reality, Intelligent computing and IoT Cloud Technology to create branded mobile business, marketing and sale experiences that are intelligent actionable and drive revenue.
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Sohrob is a fantastic manager with humanistic values and allows for free / out of the box thinking with his engineering team.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | By leveraging varied characteristics and individual differences, MeridianLink’s diverse workplace empowers team members and customers to achieve what matters most.
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Alex Oakley is a natural managerial talent who leads his team by exemplifying an enthusiastic, can-do spirit, an openness to hearing and sharing ideas, and a cheerful temperament in the face of heavy workloads full of tight deadlines and tough technological challenges.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | More than half of GlobeChat employees were not born in the United States! We are a global company encouraging and celebrating diversity with a goal of connecting the world!
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | AutoGravity celebrates its diverse array of employees and has integrated diversity hiring into its strategy and all human resource activities.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | FoxTales is proud of the diverse individuals that have come together to form our team and bring their unique abilities to improve the visual experience platform.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | Diversity is more than the percentage breakdown of gender and culture groups; at TribalScale, we set ourselves apart with diversity of ideas and promotion of creative and innovative methods.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | Illuminate Education is an equity-driven, forward-thinking company leading the charge for diversity in tech.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | With company BBQs, food truck visits, free snacks/drinks in the break room, corporate sponsored team-building events, and Paid-Time-Off for volunteering service, Teletrac Navman not only provides extensive opportunities for professional growth but does so in a fun and fast-paced manner while promoting an environment that fosters genuine curiosity regarding how we approach teamwork and continuous growth.
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | Insellerate enables mortgage professionals to close more loans every day with dynamic lead management and communication tools accessed through a powerful, yet simple user interface.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | Cie Digital Labs is driven by passionate individuals who love solving problems that have real-world impact and scale - It's driven by passion, who can beat that?
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | Monet Content Analytics Platform uses Data Science and AI by analyzing viewer audio & video data at scale to deliver metrics for improving Video Marketing ROI for brands.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Orange County) | Cylance deliberately focuses on increasing diversity while appreciating creative thought by implementing proactive outreach recruitment efforts, hosting events that promote collaboration and diverse thinking, which increase involvement and company-wide diversity engagement
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Michael is a mentor, teacher, connector, encourager, and a great example for our MEDL Mobile team!
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | Dude deserves this award as their company saw the opportunity to service the Interior Design industry and were nimble enough to take it on and have since reached out to other industries to add value in other areas.
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Doug is a visionary in his field who understands how to connect the past and present to deliver innovative technology solutions, while inspiring his team to make the impossible... possible.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | The tech industry has always been pushed by gaming – phones, computers, hardware components, and battery technology are good examples – and Razer is the embodiment of the gaming culture, and we make sure that passion permeates to every employee and every department at the company.,
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Nik is incredibly passionate about his work , team and helping customers overcome barriers to achieve their goals.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) |SYSPRO employees take pride in their accomplishments, including leading ERP technology, a 98% customer retention rate and a host of awards, the latest of which is the Network Products Guide naming SYSPRO 'Hot Company of the Year." SYSPRO was also named a Gold winner in two categories by the Golden Bridge Awards this year for: “Best Deployment of the Year,” and a Gold Award for “Customer Service Department of the Year –Category Information Technology.
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | Not only is the culture at Ytel natural, it is genuine. We have an undeniable passion for technology and the people we work with.
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | GlobeChat has created the world's first truly global communications platform allowing people to send instantly translated messages to anyone in the world! In Q4 2017 we will launch GlobeDate... the world's first truly global dating app!
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | In the past 4 years, 30 industry awards including 3 R&D 100’s (2 granted and 1 finalist to be decided 11/17), both the most in the Computer Aided Engineering industry and numerous patent awards are the result of our great tech culture that is always on the edge in making planes, cars and machines safer, more reliable, more energy efficient, autonomous, pleasurable, and simply cooler!
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Jon has proven experience motivating teams to deliver software through developing a common understanding of products being developed and removing roadblocks that are encountered.
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | FoxTales is a team of driven innovators who are unafraid to fail and moved to create the most immersive visual experiences, leading to one-of-a-kind opportunities and partners Microsoft, Canon, Facebook/Instagram, Disney, and Viacom.
Best Tech Manager (Orange County) | Management is about doing things the right way, leadership is about doing what's right for the team; as well, he has perfected the art of taking problems and making them engaging and interesting, so that everyone wants to jump in and tackle them!
Best Tech Work Culture (Orange County) | We make fun for a living ... and we have even more fun doing it!
Best Tech Startup (Orange County) | Redwood Code Academy is an Orange County born and raised startup looking to create the next generation of job ready software developer talent, while giving opportunities for our employees to pursue their aspirations in a fun and supportive environment.