Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Through their development of augmented reality technology, the team at Upskill is creating a positive impact on the hands-on workforce and bridging the skills gap to transform businesses and make them more agile and competitive.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Virgil Security's rapid growth and market penetration literally around the world (now including resellers in China and Russia) is cementing the Washington, DC, area's reputation as the epicenter of Internet-related security technologies while continuing to redefine what it means to be a Tech Startup on the East Coast.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Brazen is a chat-event candidate engagement platform, connecting recruiters to candidates through personal online interaction, eliminating the 'resume black hole' experience.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | By connecting the dots between clients and their purchases, Venga unlocks the data that the hospitality and fitness industries have never been able to put to use, providing tools to increase both client satisfaction and frequency.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Decisiv was recently named to the Inc 5000 list for fastest-growing companies in America. Being recognized demonstrates our growth and reflects that our customers understand the importance of transforming service relationships and strengthening the link between asset users, service providers, and manufacturers. With their support we are now able to create new opportunities across new market segments and around the world.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Hatch is a platform that empowers anyone, regardless of technical ability, to launch their own software.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Ostendio deserves to win 'Best Tech Startup' because we're tackling a growing problem - cybersecurity in healthcare - in an industry which hesitates to embrace digital innovation, yet we continue to continue to grow quickly without venture funding.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Because our tech is focused on answering the question of why too many women die in pregnancy.
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | At Upside, we believe in engineering freedom, a strong will to push into the tech future, embracing the bleeding edge and a fun work culture!
Best Tech Startup (Washington DC) | Syncurity has entered, and rapidly gained market share, within a crowded cybersecurity field with its security operations platform that helps organizations prevail in the “race” against cyber threats by optimizing and integrating people, processes and technology to realize better outcomes