Best Tech Work Culture (Toronto) | One of the top qualities that every employee at ACTO possesses, without a doubt, is the desire to learn. Every employee is encouraged to find ways to develop and grow within their roles, as well as share their vision of what success means to them, so that the company can identify paths, facilitate and empower them to reach their goals. As an organization in the unique space of technology and the life sciences industry, ACTO provides a space for employees to learn and grow steadily. In this environment, employees feel welcomed, engaged, and inspired to be their best selves.
Best Tech Work Culture (Toronto) | Art & Science is a digital agency whose brand and name are born from the belief that art and science are not opposite ends of a spectrum but are rather two sides of the same coin. We say that our designers are as analytical as our developers and our developers as creative as our designers. We have a number of “rules” that are laid out in our company philosophy that informs our company culture, and how we approach all our work: Utilization, Education Fund, Creating Forums for Expressions, Celebrating our Team, and It’s Good for Business.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | We have built a diverse and inclusive team that has shaped the foundation of our company and culture from our very core throughout our entire organization. Diversity at Betterez represents diversity of thought, cultural background and abilities. We speak nearly 10 languages and strive to attract talented people from diverse backgrounds during our hiring process; people who represent the vast clientele that we have from around the world. Together, our employees are building and shaping the foundational core of our business through their own perspectives.
Best Tech Work Culture (Toronto) | With respect to the Toronto tech community, BrainStation promotes innovation by providing the community with an avenue to explore and create creative solutions in data, marketing, product, design, and development. In turn, this creates a network of innovators who are able to bounce ideas off one another, contributing to an ever-growing tech community. As a Digital Learning Company, BrainStation embodies all the values of a learner. The company understands that learning is not one-dimensional, but rather multi-faceted. Learning requires different approaches (in-campus, online), flexibility (weekdays nights, weekends), and different areas of knowledge. BrainStation is able to address all of these while ensuring the best content for its students.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | Having recognized that diversity is a pillar of this success, CMiC actively participates in global hiring practices by sourcing talent from all over the world to find the essential competencies, professional experience and demonstrated success necessary to fuel the company’s ‘innovation engine.’ CMiC believes that by leveraging Canada’s growing pool of highly skilled immigrants, it can leverage the fresh perspectives they bring to enhance our approach to creating new products, bringing them to market and deploying them in partnership with hundreds of customers.
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | Coinsquare employs forward-thinking tech leaders by embracing the fact that the digital currency/cryptocurrency space is just getting started. The most important thing is everyone has been given permission to make mistakes because there are very few companies that have grown this quickly in an industry that is brand new, the are no playbooks to look through, we're given the authority and trust to do what we think is best and have succeeded so far because of that.
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | Collage was founded in 2016 and has grown into a creative and hardworking company with a loyal, engaged. As a proudly Canadian company, Collage is uniquely positioned to help the underserved Canadian SMB market with nationwide payroll and benefits integrations and affordable pricing for companies from 3 to 150+ employees. Through the many challenges of growing a startup, Collage’s founders have consistently shared their vision and helped each employee understand their place in the company’s future. As a result, the half of our employees have been with the company since its first very first year.
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | Corl is committed to becoming one of the world’s most prolific and profitable revenue sharing companies. Upon successful completion of the token sale, CORL will become one of the only tokens that enables investors to participate in the growth of emerging technology companies, without the constraints associated with traditional financing. By leveraging automation and advanced risk management practices, Corl will be a catalyst for small business expansion and contribute to the growth of the global technology ecosystem.
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | DarwinAI is one of the leading Artificial Intelligence startups in Canada. Founded by leading academics at the University of Waterloo, our technology leverages AI itself to generate highly optimized deep neural networks without sacrificing functional accuracy. Moreover, this IP enables ‘explainable’ deep learning – the ability to understand why a neural network reaches the conclusions it does (critical in highly regulated industries).
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Dave promotes career growth within his team by allowing members of his team to take turns hosting weekly lunch and learns to the organization. The goals of these lunch and learns vary from demonstrating what specific employees are working to providing visibility to the organization. They also serve as a way to expose his team members to potential areas of interest they may not have known much about. He is very involved in encouraging his team to take courses and attend workshops outside of the office that can strengthen their skills as leaders themselves and push them out of their comfort zones to learn new skills. He empowers his team on a daily basis by always making sure the company vision and strategy is well articulated while not micromanaging or becoming stressed when under pressure.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Debbie Gamble, VP of Digital Products and Platforms at Interac, has made a significant impact on the fintech industry, and her work has not gone unnoticed. In 2018, she was named one of the Most Influential Women in Payments, earned the ACT Canada Champion’s Award, and at the time of this submission, is shortlisted for the Distinguished Payments Professional award by Women in Payments, accolades she deserves, but never asks for. Instead of vying for recognition, she works vigorously, championing innovative digital solutions alongside the award-winning team she has built. She inspires the creation and growth of products that impact millions of Canadians every day.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | Destiny Solutions hire employees based on skills and qualifications and are not biased against gender and/or ethnicity. During our hiring process, we focus on the candidate’s cultural fit and their alignment with our core values, which allows us to build a diverse team. Our team composition is 40% female and 60% male and our employees also come from different cultural and social backgrounds which cultivates different opinions and views. We also actively hire students and new graduates to help evolve our company with new ideas.
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | DNAstack is a software company that develops cutting-edge technologies that help scientists discover and treat the causes of genetic diseases. Its main product, the Canadian Genomics Cloud, is an integrated platform to manage, analyze and share genome sequence and clinical data. This public cloud computing platform, the first of its kind in Canada, gives every scientist in the country unfettered access to award-winning technology empowering precision medicine and other applications in genome research. By building infrastructure that better shares data, tools, and compute resources nationally, we stand to vastly increase the value of each genome sequenced and the power for those data to drive new insights that will help improve and save the lives of people affected by genetic diseases.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Hima, Lead, Quality Assurance at Climax sees an opportunities and jumps at them, constantly pushing boundaries and trying to improve. Hima believes in the good kind of failure, the small but significant mistakes; the kind she and her team can learn from. This alone inspires innovation across her team; encouraging team members to speak up, share ideas, and ask questions. Hima consistently goes above and beyond for her team. She is a wonderful role model for young women getting into the technology industry.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | Indellient deserves the Best Tech Workplace for Diversity award because of their efforts to incorporate inclusion in all facets of their business. This begins from the hiring process, where the HR reps search for candidates based on more than the required skills for the job, but what makes them stand out, their hobbies, interests, what languages they speak and their hidden talents. They use resources like Unbiasify to reduce unconscious bias during the hiring process. They also pride themselves in being an equal opportunity employer and eliminating the gender bias in our field. See for yourself:
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | Diversity, inclusion, and belonging is a big focus for us at Intelex and our CEO said it himself "I spend 30% of my day thinking about it, at least". During our company-wide meetings, he talks about the importance of diversity and how it impacts the workplace. This past year, we had a company-wide survey about how as employees, we felt about diversity, inclusion, and belonging.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Jeff, President at Prodigy, gives his team the freedom to make their job as big as they want. Working at a startup means there’s always things to do and improve, and he gives the team the opportunity to be proactive and take more responsibility. For example, a team member could start taking the responsibilities of a position that isn’t defined yet, and be rewarded for it. Jeff uses his experience to personally guide and provide sound advice to any and all team members, should they require direction. His open door policy showcases his hands on approach to Prodigy. His passion shines through when he speaks of the direction of the company, he is truly invested and wants every team member to achieve their own personal career goals.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | We strive to have an inclusive, open, and diverse culture. We hope to create a kind place to work; one in which everyone feels valued, free to speak their mind, and be who they are. We strive to invest in people first and give back where we can. We are dedicated to being a diverse and equal place of employment and for our people to support each other wherever and whenever possible. Klick is fortunate to be headquartered in one of the most diverse cities in the world and we take full advantage of it. Klick’s workforce is culturally diverse and always has been, and we love to celebrate it. Our people speak at least 18 different languages. Two of our three partners are 1st generation immigrants, and Klick is active in supporting employees who are applying for permanent resident or citizenship status.
Best Tech Work Culture (Toronto) | Localcoin provides an open-space work environment that allows their employees to collaborate on ideas and work together in a free setting. With food provided every day, along with complimentary coffee and drinks to recharge, Localcoin accommodates their employees with the necessary supplies for a successful day. In addition, the directors are very hands-on with their employees, providing guidance whenever necessary as well as the freedom to pursue projects without micro-management.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Mark, Director, Interface Development to Symbility Intersect is incredibly passionate about every project and goal he immerses himself into. He inspires innovation by keeping an open line of communication to all employees. He stays up to date in modern technology and processes and is able to contribute and provide support to all departments within the organization. He is collaborative and encourages innovative thinking and participation from all individuals. Mark also spearheads many of INTERSECT's community initiatives with a focus on empowerment and making technology available and accessible to everyone regardless of geographic or social circumstances. Beyond this, Mark's is a respected and passionate voice in the tech community, delivering workshops and lectures across the globe covering a wide spectrum of topics like Web Development, Infrastructure, Product Development, Workplace Culture
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | BEACON exemplifies passion and innovation by delivering the valuable resource of mental healthcare in a completely unique format. Cognitive-behavioural therapy, or CBT, is considered the gold standard of mental health therapy. Unfortunately, systemic barriers like location, finances, and scheduling often prevent people from receiving the help they need.
Best Tech Work Culture (Toronto) | At, each employee receives an annual $2000 learning allowance for conferences/professional development. Rangle also encourages employees to participate in Guilds & ongoing learning opportunities. In guilds, employees team up with fellow innovators on topics that are close to their heart. Our active groups include the Accessibility Guild, Design Guild, Diversity Guild, IoT, AI, Quality Guild, and more. As Rangle grows, so do the opportunities to get to know more talented colleagues. Friday social happy hour and catered lunch and learns are just a few of the ways we grow relationships each week.
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | Ritual saw significant opportunity to transform the restaurant industry and digitize local commerce, following in the footsteps of the way the retail industry was transformed. After seeing large companies, like Starbucks, heavily investing in their digital solutions, they knew there was opportunity to help local restaurants compete. While this opportunity is open to many industries including restaurants, health and beauty and other non-retail categories, Ritual Founder, Ray Reddy, determined that the right starting point was Quick Service Restaurants. Not only is it a trillion-dollar market globally, but there is no other vertical outside of quick service restaurants that people transact with on a daily basis.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | Diversity is a goal Rubikloud prides itself on achieving; our senior leadership team sets an example by achieving a 50% women executive ratio and spans diverse backgrounds and experience. Our diverse teams fill different gaps in different ways - when we find the right “fit” we have to have that person because of who they are and what they bring to the table in regards to skills, experience, fit, talent, stamina, etc. It’s Rubikloud’s belief that, when building a team of the “collective best” people to create a high potential team, then diversity has to be integral to that strategy to fill all the gaps by thinkers who together, use all sides of the brain and bring diverse backgrounds & life experiences that inform their perspectives.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Sean, Senior R&D Architect and Lead Engineer at Mapsted, actively promotes and encourages professional growth by showing his team that he cares about their progress and future, thus inspiring loyalty and trust. Through the cross-training of employees, Sean engages and shows his team how to value their work enough to give them additional opportunities towards career advancements. It makes good business sense to develop and enable employees to perform a variety of roles, especially in a start-up environment and Sean clearly understands this concept.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | "Sensibill believes we are stronger as individuals and as a company when we work together in an environment that is inclusive and respectful of all our differences. We welcome the range of viewpoints and perspectives expressed by a diverse group of individuals, which in turn leads to collaboration in building an excellent product for our clients." - Mission Statement, Sensibill Diversity Policy. Want to learn more? Hear from some of our Sensibillians.
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | Shorcan requires top tech talent to operate on the cutting edge since their hybrid model allows traders to access the marketplace via voice or electronically. It is a known fact that cryptocurrency is tied tightly to technology so without seeking the best talent it would nearly be impossible to maintain competitive in the market. As a startup, it is vital to remain competitive by demonstrating cutting edge talent and understanding the technological needs of what the market requires especially since traders would have access to our marketplace electronically.
Best Tech Work Culture (Toronto) | What makes the Slalom Delivery Center different? The answer is a common one across Slalom: Our People, Our Values and Our Culture. Who we are in the delivery center is the fabric of our being, and the people that sit in our Delivery Centers are the soul of what happens here. So what makes the Slalom Delivery Center different? We start with the Slalom Core Values, focus on skill, curiosity and collaboration, and then mix in a true affection for our client’s best interests and what emerges is a dynamic, energetic place where writing software becomes a joy, and delivering excellence for our clients becomes commonplace.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Steph Director, UI/UX at Coinsquare provides autonomy to her team by holding team bonding meals/exercises/get-togethers, where growth is discussed with external mentors as well as herself. She provides lunch and learns and open dialogue. Steph supports the teams ideas, test pilots them, and frequently encouragers new ideas. She fosters a culture of bringing new ideas to the table, failing quick and iterating to inspire innovation.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Steven, Senior Vice President Of Global Sales at Clio completely transformed his department and the industry when he incepted and executed the creation of a new type of sales representative in order to help foster and grow new sales SaaS individual contributors. He also collaborated with Clio's talent team on a dedicated management training initiative to grow and develop new management professionals.
Best Tech Work Culture (Toronto) | Top Hat strives to create and maintain a workplace that captures, shares and acts upon learning. For example, high-impact continuous learning is part of the corporate culture where the company invests in training to solidify and certify new skills and add still more to its employees’ toolboxes. Workspaces at Top Hat encourage collaborative learning amongst everyone from interns up to C-suite execs, to enable planned collaboration and serendipitous collisions. Because the company comprises smart, engaged continuous learners, employees are full of ideas about how to make teams work better, and they are given the latitude to enact them.
Best Tech Work Culture (Toronto) | TradeRev embraces innovation, disruption and staying ahead of emerging trends - we consider ourselves forward thinking and daring. With that mindset we encourage employees to push their creative boundaries by providing an exciting and rewarding experience. This comes from both management and our culture. We pride ourselves on the culture we have built on the idea of FHAB - Fun, Honest, Accountable and Brave. Our FHAB mentality enables the team to speak freely, take risks and make mistakes without judgement or consequence. Our management also knows that an innovative idea can come from anywhere and have seen firsthand what an open and collaborative environment can produce.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | TWG is committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We follow hiring best practices and have launched initiatives designed to ensure that workforce is diverse. In May of 2015, TechGirls Canada and TWG launched a year-long pilot project to explore, test and report on a set of strategies for boosting gender and racial diversity, equity and inclusion. We are also huge supporters of the LGBTQ+ community, sponsoring such events as Venture Out. TWG had a booth at this year’s conference and supported one of our employees, who spoke. In the area of recruitment, we have developed a close working relationship with Global Skills, a company dedicated to pairing the world’s top technical talent with Canadian companies using the new federal Global Skills Strategy.
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | Vena Solutions was founded 7 years ago by 3 guys in a coffee shop who recognized that Excel was pervasively used by medium and large businesses to do financial planning and analysis but had severe limitations when it came to collaboration, data integrity, auditability and the data volumes large companies generate. The initial product prototype connected Excel to a database in the cloud so that Excel becomes a window onto your financial data but the data is securely stored online
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Vikram Singh, Head of Engineering at Architech, promotes innovation, strives for professional growth within his team and has an amazing eye for fantastic products. Vikram is known for working very closely with his team, understanding their skills-sets and career aspirations. Vikram has an open-door policy as a Manager - his team feels comfortable talking to him about their professional and personal hurdles as they arise. His team looks up to him not only as a leader, but a friend, and describes him as a person who is intelligent, kind, always curious about new technologies, and constantly looking for exciting projects & products to work on.
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Toronto) | At Wattpad, we’ve long recognized that diversity is our strength. Our company culture, our teams, our ability to innovate, and ultimately our product, are all made stronger by the variety of perspectives, experiences, and voices that make up Wattpad. Wattpad’s commitment to diversity has been established since Day 1. The fact that we were founded by two people of colour (one of whom is an immigrant), in Canada (one of the most diverse countries in the world), has helped us maintain a more diverse perspective than most technology companies. In fact, one of our core values is #Inclusive. Today, we’re proud to say that a majority--56%--of Wattpad employees are women and for a more intersectional look at our team composition, we’re proud to say that People of Colour make up close to half (45%) of all Wattpad employees and 41% of our Leadership Team. Company-wide, 21% of Wattpad employees are Women of Colour, 15% are non-native English speakers, 8% identify as having a disability, 13% identify as LGBTQ+, and 3% are transgender.
Best Tech Work Culture (Toronto) | Wave's exceptional culture is the result of efforts from across the organization. At all levels, the Wave team works to create an environment that inspires, motivates, stimulates and provides opportunities for people in all parts of the organization to succeed and do the best work of their careers, while having the best time of their working life. A focus on culture is a critical part of our DNA, rather than a top-down mandate. As a result, a winning culture is something all Wavers own and contribute to.
Best Tech Work Culture (Toronto) | Company Culture thrives at WorkTango. Each day begins with the Daily Tango, where the team aligns, shares their progress from the previous day and their focus for the current day. We include a Daily Recognition moment to say thank you to our passionate employees. On Friday evenings, the team enjoys a Friday Social, getting to know each other and celebrating work well done.
Best Tech Startup (Toronto) | Xesto is building a machine learning platform to change the way creators and developers think about interaction – they can now leverage natural user interaction in their creations. Using Xesto’s patented IP creators will be able to prototype & build experiences with integrated gesture recognition interfaces through an API in minutes. Similar to how NLP was a catalyst for speech recognition, the machine learning engineers at Xesto are applying spatial analysis for gesture recognition. They enable gesture recognition & interaction on current hardware (iPhone X, VR headsets, smartphones coming out, etc..) allowing creators to prototype and build exciting experiences across industries and technologies. Their tracking technology can be leveraged in AR & VR from both a shopping perspective (try on experiences) to interaction with virtual objects on smartphones.
Best Tech Manager (Toronto) | Yasmim, Director of DevOps Capital Markets at RBC was able to provide direction for the team in a remarkable way. She consistently meets with her team to discuss what she envisioned and makes each employee feel their opinion is important. She empowers her team to take our own approach in whatever way they saw fit to solve any issues. She enabled them to seek out problems and find solutions.