2019 NBDA America's Best Bike Shop
Submission Deadline09/15/2019

The 2019 NBDA America's Best Bike Shop application contains a list of weighted questions designed to explain the culture of a bicycle shop. We have designed the application in a way that makes you look into your business and that we hope you can use as a productive tool for you and your staff. We highly encourage you to walk through your shop with your staff as you answer the questions to show them what you expect and what you want to achieve.

The questions cover topics such as:

  • Customer service
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Operational excellence
  • Marketing excellence
  • Community involvement
  • Local bicycle advocacy
  • National bicycle advocacy
  • Shop appearance
  • and a Mystery Shopper visit

A mystery-shopper will be sent to visit each location of our applicants to analyze customer service, web presence, phone etiquette, and store appearance.

The NBDA sees the mystery shopper report as a valuable training tool for shops to understand a customer's first impression of a store and experience with the employees. Your Secret Shopper Report purchase is required for the application to be considered for the America’s Best Bike Shop Program.

By signing into the America's Best Bike Shop application software with a password, you can visit your application as often as necessary before "submitting" it for review by the NBDA judges.


To be considered, a store representative (owner or manager) must apply by filling out a detailed application, as well as agreeing to be mystery shopped by an outside company. Applicants are awarded points based on the application and shopping results, with only the highest performers being selected.

Applicants must be independent bicycle stores with a physical store open to the public that sells bicycles, parts, accessories, and has a service department. 50% of a store's total sales must be related to bicycles, and be from a physical store location.

The on-line application asks shop owners to explain what sets them apart from the competition, how they develop customer loyalty, and what they are doing to make their corner of the globe more bicycle friendly.

In order to be considered, you must:

  • Pay for shopper (REQUIRED: Information below)
  • Complete all questions
  • Upload pictures
  • Click “Submit” on your application

Payment for Application & Mystery Shopper Report (Required):

The NBDA will be sending Mystery Shoppers to all America's Best Bike Shop applicants to check out store appearance, merchandising excellence, customer service, phone courtesy, and overall customer experience.

This information is valuable for a shop to use as a training tool for continuous improvement in understanding a new customer's experience in their store.

Mystery shopper visits cost $125 per store. You may have more than one location shopped. If you do elect to have more than one location visited by a mystery shopper, we will use the highest score from your shopper reports and add it to your written application score for your final total. Payment is required for your submission to be considered. If you have not paid yet, please do so on our website here.

*If you do choose to have multiple locations visited by a mystery shopper, you only have to submit ONE written application.

Your application must be received no later than August 31, 2019.

The NBDA's America's Best Bike Shops program is designed to identify and reward bicycle stores in North America against the highest performance standards in the industry.

Your application score and secret shopper score will be combined to create your final score total for the program. If you elected to have more than one location shopped by a mystery shopper, we will use the highest score from your shopper reports as your shopper score.

Application Grading:

There are several sections of the application. You will receive points for your answers on processes and items you already have in place, but you will also receive points if you share your plan to improve on those items that you don’t have or don’t do enough of yet.

Section 1: General Information - 10 Points

Section 2: Photos - 10 Points

Section 3: Shop Layout - 20 Points

Section 4: Staff and Management - 20 Points

Section 5: Marketing - 20 Points

Section 6: Community - 20 Points

Total Online Application Score - 100 Points

Secret Shopper Score - 100 Points


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