3 Day Startup Spring 2017
Submission Deadline03/01/2017

Welcome to 3DS Aggieland —

The idea of 3 Day Startup is simple: start a new venture over the course of three days. 3 Day Startup takes over Startup Aggieland for an entire weekend, caters food and drinks and invites top-notch entrepreneurs and investors, while participants brainstorm ideas, conduct market validation, devise business models, build prototypes, and pitch to investors and successful entrepreneurs. The result is an experience that challenges participants to actually innovate, build and launch companies.

Students progress through a series of modules in a learning-by-doing environment that include:

  • Ideation
  • Team Formation
  • Customer Discovery
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Pitch Workshops

Applications close Tuesday, February 28th at 5pm!


Eligibility Requirements:

We are looking for passionate students with an entrepreneurial drive, including Computer Science (PhD, MS, undergraduate), MBAs, law students, graphic designers, PR, business undergraduates, etc. Candidates that strongly resemble the following roles will do well in this program:

  • Software Engineer
  • Business (Finance, Marketing, Biz Dev)
  • Graphic Design (Web, Print)
  • Advertising, PR
  • Legal
  • Other: Wildcards, Raw Passion

You must attend the Bootcamp on March 21st in order to participate in 3DS. Only university excused absences will be accepted.

You must also be available to attend the entire weekend of March 31st, 2017. No excuses will be accepted.

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