5th Annual WCU Business Idea Competition
Submission Deadline03/07/2017

Co-hosted by the Dr. Edwin Cottrell Entrepreneurial Leadership Center and the Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic, the 5th Annual West Chester University (WCU) Business Idea Competition promotes creativity and idea generation by recognizing innovative ideas for new products, services, and technology. The goals of the competition are to foster idea generation and commercialization.

Ideas will be reviewed by members of the Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic and regional business leaders. The most promising ideas will be presented at the 2017 Business Idea Pitch on April 19th. 

Four separate competitive tracks are available: 

  • Undergraduate: WCU Undergraduate Students
  • Graduate and Alumni: WCU Alumni and WCU Graduate Students
  • WCASD: Students of Henderson, East, Rustin and TCHS Brandywine High Schools
  • Professional: SCORE Clients, WCU Faculty, WCU Staff, and GWCC Members


  • Ideas submitted to the competition remain the property of the submitter. 
  • Ideas submitted will be held in strict confidence.
  • Ideas selected for presentation at the Business Idea Pitch, however, will be presented to the public.

Individuals and teams may enter the competition.  

Multiple ideas may be submitted as separate entries.

Ideas for new products, services, or technologies which have not yet been commercialized are eligible. The required content includes the following three items:

  • Product, service, or technology description - Describe your product, service, or technology  (e.g., your initial product, service, technology).  Explain what your product, service, or technology does and the problem(s) your business addresses and/or the need(s) it fills.
  • Uniqueness - Describe how your product, service, or technology is unique and how it differs from what is currently available to solve the problem(s) or fulfill the need(s) you are addressing. List the direct and/or indirect competition for your product, service, or technology.
  • Target market - Identify and describe who or what will buy your product, service, or technology.  
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