2017 Attman Competitive Business Prize Competition

The Leonard and Phyllis Attman Competitive Business Prize Competition provides seed funding for Innovative New Business Ventures. A total of $3,250 in seed funding, up to $16,000 gifts-in-kind professional services and rent free office space will be awarded.



General Requirements:

     1.  Open to all current University of Baltimore students or recent alumni:

  • Undergraduate or graduate currently enrolled and in good standing.
  • Alumni participants must a degree awarded between 2011 and 2017.

     2.  All applicants must have equal or majority equity stake in the company.

     3.  The judges reserve the right to disqualify entries at their discretion.

     4.  No entry fee and only one category.

     5.  Entrants can be an individual or team.

     6.  Participants can have only one entry (as an individual or a member of a team).

     7.  Application revisions accepted until deadline (Oct. 17, 2017, 11:55 p.m.).

     8.  Businesses have to be:  (a) Good financial standing with the State of Maryland; and, (b) Hold a Federal ID (EIN) number.  (Apply here if you need one.)

     9.  Application consists of: (a) the online entry application (via Reviewr); (b) a one minute pitch YouTube video; and, (d) an executive summary (not more than four pages).


  • No more than five (5) members.

  • Entrants may not join more than one team.

  • All teams must be formed on or before the time of entry.

  • Number of team members may not decrease or increase after application deadline.

  • Teams can consist of a combination of students, alumni, and others (combo teams); however, a combo team and team members can have only one entry and the principal must be a UB student or UB alumni holding equal or majority equity stake in the company.

  • Cash prizes will be evenly divided and paid to each individual team member.

Prize Package - Competition Prizes Breakdown

Competition Prizes Breakdown

Group                         Cash

First Place                  $2,500

Second Place              $500

Crowd Favorite             $250

  • ​The prize awards, in total, will consist of cash, furnished office space and "in-kind" business development services.
  • First place will receive $2,500 in seed money, rent free office space located in the CEI office suite, office furniture, and phone equipment and service for twelve (12) consecutive months during the 2015-2016 time period, and four professional business development services (provided by CEI business partners).
  • Second place will receive $500 cash seed money and three professional business development services (provided by CEI business partners).
  • Crowd Favorite will receive $250 in seed money and one professional business development service (provided by CEI business partners).

Application Process

  1. All entrants must apply using the application form on Reviewr.com. The application form can be accessed by clicking Reviewr.
  2. Upon registering, entrants will be able to edit, track and access their submission.
  3. Electronic submission through Reviewr on or before 11:55 p.m., October 17, 2017.  The following two items will be submitted:  (I) A one minute video pitch via YouTube (videos more than one minute may be disqualified); and (II) An executive summary not more than four pages formatted using Microsoft Word Perfect software.

Judging Process

  • The competition will consist of two rounds: 1) The preliminary/qualifying round; and, 2) Final Live competition.
  • Entries that do not meet the requirements under the rules and application sections or are incomplete will automatically be disqualified.
  • No contestant may contact judges, from any round, and judges are not to contact any contestant, during the course of the competition.
  • In the event of a tie, the CEI Director will cast the deciding vote.

Round One (Qualifying Round)

  • Each first round submission will be reviewed and judged according to:
    • Market opportunities and competition.
    • Product/Service viability.
    • Business model sustainability.
    • Overall attractiveness of the opportunity.
  • Six entries will be selected to advance to the final round - notifications will be provided by October 25, 2017.
  • The six (6) finalists will have the option to submit a revised executive summary of not more than six pages and a PowerPoint for their presentation the day of the live event on or before 11:55 p.m., November 8, 2017.

Final Round (Live Pitch)

  • Judges will review revised Executive Summary prior to the “Live” event.

  • Each finalist is required to pitch their New Business Ventures before a panel of judges on November 14, 2017. This constitutes the Final Presentation.

  • Finalists that do not present at the live pitch final round will automatically be disqualified.

  • The judge’s decisions are final. The audience, at the live competition, will select the winner of the Crowd Favorite award by a straw vote.

  • The value of in-kind business services, incubator space and equipment cannot be redeemed for cash value.

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