2018 Youth Outreach Application

Program Summary

Youth Outreach Grants, which range from $500 to $10,000, are designed to support, youth outreach projects of a chapter/district/other nonprofit organization such as: promoting singing among youth, enhancing choral music programs, and expanding singing to include underserved areas or populations within your community through an event or workshop. All proposed projects must focus on the art of barbershop music/arrangements and a cappella singing. However, applicant organizations are not required to focus exclusively on barbershop music.

Applicants for a Youth Outreach Grant must first undergo a competitive application and review process to maximize the likelihood that grantees will achieve stated outcomes. All sections and subsections of the application must be fully completed. Incomplete or missing information, where required, will result in lower scores from reviewers. Key components of this process include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A detailed application

  • Intensive review and scoring by qualified reviewers

  • Meaningful reporting of key outcomes

  • Proof of organizational commitment via matching funds. The project budget must include at least 20% in matching funds. Vision Grant awards may not exceed 80% of total project expenses

  • A commitment to future mentorship of other chapters/nonprofits

This comprehensive process will help ensure the creation of realistic goals and objectives, better planning for activities, and enhanced sharing of success stories and lessons learned to promote the replication of best-practices across the BHS and beyond.

After undergoing a competitive BHS selection process, most applicants will be well-positioned to utilize the information gathered when competing for other local or regional grant opportunities. Funders may include foundations, trusts, corporate giving programs, corporate sponsorship programs and/or philanthropists whose funding priorities, target populations and service areas correspond to those of the applicant.

Instructions for submitting a Youth Outreach Grant proposal may be accessed online at: www.barbershop.org/grants

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