District Teacher of the Year Application 2019-2020

Beaufort County School District
District Teacher of the Year Application 2019-2020

  • Please limit your answers to the number of pages requested in each section.
  • Font style should be Arial or Times New Roman; font size should be 10 point or 12 point.
  • Margins cannot be less than one inch. All pages should be doubled spaced.  
  • Follow the specifications for maximum length allowed. Any additional pages and/or materials submitted will NOT be presented to the Selection Committee.   
  • Sections may be produced using your word processing system but please adhere to the format established in the application.  Number the sections.
  • All questions require an answer, including those in the “Application Information” section.
  • The Selection Committees use a blind scoring system. Please refrain from referencing your name or your current school by name as those items will be need to be redacted.
  • The application package must be submitted NO LATER THAN the close of business on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.
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